Ariegeois Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Ariegeois Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Ariegeois is a popular scent hound that is commonly found in France. It is moderately large and has an amiable temperament. They descend from a line of pack animals and hence are friendly towards other dogs as well.

This breed makes for great a great family dog and displays high energy levels. They actively partake in any group activity. They need to be engaged in the likes of fetching workouts and long runs. It will keep them stimulated and satisfied.

Ariegeois History

It is a relatively recent breed with ancestry that goes back centuries. It officially originated in France in 1912. It is a mixture of the Briquet, Grand blue de Gascon, and the Grand Gascon-Saintongeois. All three are French scent hounds.

The three breeds have mixed over the years to give us the Ariegeois known for its nose. It was once a trendy pack dog that was used for coursing and hunting. This breed was nearly extinct after World War II. However, breeders helped revive this breed soon enough.

Ariegeois Characteristics

This breed is large and looks highly athletic and trim. These hybrids have a fair amount of leg and shoulder muscles as well as a deep chest. They have slightly domed legs and a muzzle that is long and triangular. It can have a black or even a pink nose as well as long folded ears.

How Big To Ariegeois Get

This hybrid is a large breed of dogs that may weigh anywhere between 60 to 65 pounds. The male Ariegeois may grow to a height of 20 t0 23 inches. The females of this breed may grow to heights of about 20 to 22 inches.

How Long Does Ariegeois Live

The Ariegeois has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. These are highly energetic dogs that will live a healthy life with ample exercise and nutrition to match.

How Much Does an Ariegeois Cost

Depending on the breeder you opt for, your Ariegeois puppy may cost anywhere between $500 to $700. It would help if you were wary of any breeder who offers you the breed at a lower price. You can also go ahead and adopt an Ariegeois.

Ariegeois Temperament/Personality

The Ariegeois is a breed of dogs that are affectionate and friendly. They are very enterprising and extremely friendly as well. They are energetic and playful dogs that will always look forward to group activity. They are good with children as well as other dogs.

They tend to be a little stubborn with training. It is mainly because of the doggo’s hunting and coursing history. However, the dogs are intelligent and will quickly get used to exercising if you establish your authority. These designer doggies love the outdoors and approach it with a lot of energy.

It requires a lot of activity to drain these dogs. They are meant for homes that have ample open space that the Ariegeois can enjoy. However, they also like the indoors and can leisurely lounge with the family. However, excess indoor time could lead to obesity.

Do note that the Ariegeois does not make the best watchdog. They are not suspicious of strangers and will not alert you to their presence unless you train them for this. They are not very friendly with other little animals like cats. It is mainly due to their hunting drive.

These are a popular dog breed that is low-maintenance. These canines will give you very little trouble and will get along well with all your guests. They are highly-adaptable, hard-working, and very trainable as well.

Caring for Ariegeois

These energetic dogs need the right care to let their vibrant personalities shine. Good grooming, nutrition, and exercise will keep these animals at their best.

Ariegeois Nutrition

The Ariegeois dogs require high-quality dry food. You can feed them 2 1/2 to 3 cups of this dry food twice each day. Ensure that you pay adequate attention to the food you purchase to see that there are no toxic ingredients. Feed your dog according to its activity levels.

How to Groom an Ariegeois

An Ariegeois has a smooth short coat that does not require extensive maintenance. They are average shedders, and brushing them is necessary to get rid of any loose hair. You can use a brush with firm bristles to spread the coat’s natural oils as you are brushing.

Ariegeois Activity Levels

This breed is not an apartment dog and has high activity levels. While they don’t mind an inactive life, this is not great for their health. You can allow the dog to roam freely around your yard and even run with them. They need about 60 to 90 minutes of exercise each day.

Caring for Ariegeois

When you train your Ariegeois dog, it is best to use positive reinforcement. These dogs are obedient and can be very easy to handle as well. It is best to begin training them when they are a puppy. If not, they can become challenging to manage and will be spoiled.

You can begin by socializing them and introducing the Ariegeois to obedience training. Be firm and patient with your training efforts. You may want to tie your dog to a leash as it tends to follow scents around it. It is because the Ariegeois is a scent hound.

Ariegeois Health

The Ariegeois is a relatively healthy breed and does not suffer from too many ailments. It is, however, prone to obesity when it is inactive for an extended period. It would help if you also looked out for ear infections with this dog. They have long drooping ears that need maintenance.

Since they are scent hounds, they tend to collect particles of all the objects they contact. These particles often get trapped in the ear and get lodged very deep. These may even cause hearing loss in the long run. This breed may also suffer from hip dysplasia.

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