Armant Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Armant Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowArmant dog is one of the shaggy mutts you would love to have as a pet. It has got many nicknames and some of the common ones are Egyptian Armant herding dog, Ermenti and Hawara dog. These dogs originated from Egypt where they were used for herding. Although Armants were typically bred to become a part of the working breed, it can prove out to be an affectionate companion. If you were looking for a cute playful dog, then we would suggest you to go for Armant. Armant loves to play with toys and are quite great around children. Therefore, Armant has the capability to be a good family dog.

Armant History

The Armant dog hails from Egypt. It was first seen there in 1900s. You might wonder how it got its name. Well, these dogs were quite densely populated in a town named Armant so, that is how they got their name. Since this breed is extremely rare and is commonly found in Egypt only, it is unrecognized by the major Kennel Clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, some smaller ones do recognize it.

We do not have any robust information regarding its ancestors as the researchers does not know their pedigree. Some of the researchers believe that they were the offspring developed by crossing Briards dogs with several European dogs which were brought to Egypt by Napoleon’s army around 200 years ago. Nevertheless, some of them believe that these dogs have got no influence from the Briards and they developed over several years from the Egyptian farm dogs. A less popular theory suggests that the Bearded Collie breed and Newfoundland breed were crossed with Egyptian farm dogs to produce Armants.

Armant Characteristics

Armants are among those medium-sized dogs which are easier to handle. If you are not interested in giant dogs, then Armants can be a considerable choice. The Armant puppies are around 17 inches tall. However, when they become an adult, their height is around 21-23 inches and weight is roughly 50-65 pounds.

These dogs are found in multiple colors nevertheless, the most common ones are black and tan, grey and yellow and plain black. They are among those dogs who have a shaggy look with long hair that are not gentle. Their color combinations and appearance might not be much eye-pleasing to you. They have a large head that is proportionate to their muzzle. Their eyes are round and brown in color. Their nose can either be brown or black that is wide with broad nostrils. They have a muscular build and powerful legs. All the characteristics helps them to work efficiently as working dogs.

Armant Temperament/Personality

The Armants have been exclusively bred as working dogs therefore, their temperament is quite similar to the other sheepdogs. They love to work and like keeping themselves busy throughout the day. In their free time, Armants love to play with children. Children love them as they are extremely friendly and affectionate. They can build a strong bond with your family quite fast and can prove out to be a devoted and loyal companion. These dogs are not aggressive at all and are quite friendly with other animals too. Armants love to socialize and it would be better if you promote that as early as possible.

Caring for Armant

Since Armant dogs are really active you have to take care of their health, grooming and nutrition.

Armant Nutrition

Armants are medium-sized dogs so, you have to arrange their meals accordingly. You should make sure that you are not overfeeding them as this can increase their chances of encountering hip dysplasia.

If you wish to keep them healthy and fit, we would suggest you to feed them with some dry dog food. A healthy amount of serving would be around 1.5-2.5 cups of dog food per day or 1.6 cups to be precise. This can cost you around $1.2-$1.4 per day and roughly $34-$45 per month.

Armant Grooming

Since Armants have hair of a medium length usually and tend to shed a lot, they require a lot of grooming. We would suggest you to brush them at least once a week. You can use a natural bristle brush or pin brush, a slicker brush and a metal comb in this regard. Those Armants who have longer hair requires regular brushing to avoid matting. Ensure that you clean their ear every week. You have to clip their nails as well when necessary, typically we would advise you to check that after every few weeks.

Armant Activity Levels

Armant is quite an active dog breed and require higher activity levels. These dogs have spent a lot of time outdoors and love to go for hiking and walks. They require around 45 minutes walk on a daily basis and if you want to know how many miles they want to walk per week so it is typically 10 miles.

They like staying active and would love to play with you in your backyard. You can arrange activities like fetching to keep them busy as they love them. They work best when you give them treats while training.

Armant Maintenance

When you are petting an Armant, there are few things which you have to keep in mind to maintain them well. You should know that these dogs have a coarse coat and if you are bathing them, then you are required to use a shampoo that is for coarse coats only. Furthermore, we would advise you to not bathe it much frequently as this can turn their skin flaky and dry. As far as the maintenance of their play area is concerned, we would suggest you to enclose your yard with some tough fence.

Armant Health

As far as their health is concerned Armant are known to be a healthy breed. Although they might get some minor ear infections. We would advise you to get a complete physical check at least once a year.

On average a healthy Armant sleeps around 12-14 hours a day, this means these dogs are not among those lazy dogs. If they do not encounter any serious disease like hip dysplasia or Osteochondritis Dissecans, they can be your companion for around 13-14 years.

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