Arubian Cunucu Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Arubian Cunucu Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Arubian Cunucu belongs to the Caribbean islands of Aruba. They are currently not recognized as an official breed by any kennel or association. However, they are a popular breed among the locals of Aruba. These are energetic dogs and are very athletic.

They are a breed of sighthounds who were once hunting dogs. They are known to be tolerant, loyal, and occasionally enjoy the attention they get. They are also easy to train. The puppies and adult dogs of this breed show a similar temperament.

Arubian Cunucu History

The Arubian Cunucu is a descendant of pariah dogs or dogs known to roam freely around the outskirts of villages. These are domestic dogs that have developed over unrestricted breeding. This breed is a pariah dog from Aruba, from where it gets its name.

Cunucu means countryside, and this is where these dogs are known to reside. The breed is known to be a descendant of either the Portuguese Podengos or Iberian Hounds. The Arawak people have used them during their hunting activities in the area’s interior terrain.

Arubian Cunucu Characteristics

These dogs are bred unrestricted. Hence, you will notice wide variations in the physical characteristics of dogs of this breed. They can be recognized by their thin bodies and long muzzles set in delicate heads. They have long legs, and their eyes are almond-shaped.

How Big to Arubian Cunucu Get

These are medium-sized dogs. They grow to weights of between 25 to 40 pounds. They also have a height of about 16 to 20 inches. However, there might be a slight difference between the size and weight of a male and female Arubian Cunucu.

How Long Does Arubian Cunucu Live

The breed has a lifespan of between 12 to 15 years. If you care well for its general health, you will notice that they will remain healthy for a long time. You should also enquire about the dog’s parents’ health to get an insight into your pup’s life span.

How Much Does an Arubian Cunucu Cost

While the standard cost of an Arubian Cunucu is not known, you can go ahead and adopt the dog. The adoption fee for this breed will cover the veterinary care up to the point of adoption. It will also cover any travel costs and may come up to $325.

Arubian Cunucu Temperament/Personality

This unique breed is known to be very friendly towards everyone. These designer pups are also friendly towards strangers and get along with children very well. Many of these live on the Aruban streets. They are a favorite of tourists that visit the place which tends to spend a lot of time with them.

These hunting dogs have a high prey drive. Hence, they may not get on very well with cats. It would help if you also were careful when introducing them to any other smaller animals at home. They also tend to display hostile behavior towards any critters and lizards that are around.

However, they tend to be very friendly with other dogs. With proper socialization, they will get along well with any puppies you may have at home. These are intelligent dogs that you can train very quickly. Take the time out to teach them when they are puppies.

You can also go ahead and train them as adult dogs with a little effort. The Arubian Cunucu does not prefer spending time alone and is a needy breed. They get bored and even depressed if you leave them alone for long periods.

These dogs are also a very adaptable breed. From the streets to small apartments, they gladly adjust anywhere. Make sure to give them ample exercise if they are living in small apartments. They also need a lot of attention throughout the day.

Caring for Arubian Cunucu

These pariah dogs require little care to keep them strong and healthy. Good grooming and health practices are sure to keep them delighted and satisfied.

Arubian Cunucu Nutrition

These dogs require good nutrition to keep their energy levels high. You can feed them about 2.5 cups of food each day. You can also give them some delicious treats as you train them.

How to Groom an Arubian Cunucu

It is not difficult to groom an Arubian Cunucu as they have a short and smooth coat. You can brush their skin once a week using a slicker brush or even a grooming glove. This grooming schedule will help scheduling controlling the shedding and help keep their coat shiny, free of dirt, and supple.

Arubian Cunucu Activity Levels

These dogs require both physical stimulation and mental activities to keep themselves in their best shape. A lack of this can lead to boredom, and they may exhibit destructive behaviors. They are good sport dogs and are very agile. It is best to engage them in short training sessions.

Caring for Arubian Cunucu

These dogs have ears that fold over are likely to get dirt and other debris trapped in them. Hence, it is essential to check them regularly and keep them clean and dry. These dogs are also not able to handle cold climates too well. Therefore, take care to keep them warm.

You can also engage them in activities like flyball and lure coursing to keep them active throughout the day. They should easily cover a walking distance of about 10 miles each week. Keep them around people so that they remain happy.

Arubian Cunucu Health

These are relatively healthy dogs, and that are no recorded significant health concerns associated with this breed. You should, however, ensure that they get their regular veterinarian check. It is generally a full physical examination. You should also see to it that they are vaccinated.

Keep an eye on their ears as they may develop infections. With the right nutrition and good exercise, they will remain healthy. To keep them mentally healthy, it is essential to shower them with consistent affection and attention.

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