Auss-Tzu Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

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If you are gearing up to some pet store and adopt a new pet that is cute, little and friendly, then you should read a bit details regarding Auss-Tzu to understand how perfectly it suits your demand. We have done a detailed search for you so that you do not get confused in the vast breeding market that offers thousands of breeds.

Auss-Tzu is a hybrid which is developed by crossing Shih-Tzu with miniature Australian Shepherd. These cheerful fluffy dogs can be a great addition to your family.

Auss-Tzu History

Auss Tzu Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAuss-Tzu is a recent designer breed. We can say that it has joined the breeding world around 1980s or 1990s which was the time when breeders first started developing designer breeds. To understand the reason behind developing this designer breed it would be better if you first understand the pedigree of its parents.

Shih-Tzu originated from China and has a long history. It is known to be developed by crossing a tiny guard dog of Tibet named Lhasa Apso with Pekingnese, a Chinese miniature dog. They were famous for their hypoallergenic coats and affability. The other parent, i.e. miniature Australian Shepherd, as most of you already know, hails from Western America. It is known for its protective nature. The two breeds were crossed to produce a dog that was sweet and friendly in nature and had fewer health issues.

Auss-Tzu Characteristics

Since Auss-Tzu is a relatively new breed, it can have a vast degree of variation in appearance. However, usually these dogs are 9-11 inches tall and weigh around 25 pounds as a puppy and 40 pounds when they grow up fully.

The have a slightly round face, large round eyes and medium-sized ears that tend to flop to the sides, forward or hang down from the side of their head. These dogs have a thick silky coat which can either be wavy or straight. Auss-Tzus’ coat generally varies from medium to a long length. It can have various color combinations and patterns which entails the shades of white, tan, grey, black and brown.

Auss-Tzu Temperament/Personality

Auss-Tzu is an alert, active and energetic dog that is really friendly in nature. If you want a companion who is also supposed to guard you well, then we would suggest you to go for some other dog. These dogs are so sweet and friendly that they are not fit for guarding, even though they belong to a shepherd lineage. Auss-Tzus are great with kids and love to play with them. They can be an ideal choice for you if you are an active single or have a family with kids, as kids love them. These dogs usually have no issues in mingling with strangers and other pets like cats and other dogs due to their amiable nature.

Caring for Auss-Tzu

Like other dogs Auss-Tzu also needs your care and attention so, it is your responsibility to look after its health and grooming. We have collected the necessary information that will help you in this regard.

Auss-Tzu Nutrition

Since Auss-Tzu is an active dog, it requires a diet that is rich in fats and proteins. In this way it can have a healthy growth and will also be able to exercise well. Nevertheless, it is necessary that you consult a veterinarian to get the exact diet plan which is suitable for the particular size and age of your Auss-Tzu.

Auss-Tzus are prone to encountering joint issues in their later life. Hence, it is necessary that you keep a check on their food intake to ensure that they are not over fed. We would advise you to feed them fixed portions of kibble at least twice or thrice a day. You should not opt for a food that is low in fillers because such foods may lead to overeating.

Auss-Tzu Grooming

Auss-Tzu requires relatively more grooming than an Australian Shepherd. This is due to their silky coat which can get tangled and matted quite often. It is necessary that you brush them daily. If you will not do so, the underlying skin can get damaged. Since Auss-Tzu is a dog with smaller muzzle, it is more prone to dental problems. Thus, we would advise you to keep a strict check on the cleanliness of their teeth. You are also required to bathe them twice a month to ensure hygiene.

Auss-Tzu Activity Levels

Auss-Tzus are hyperactive dogs. They love to play and have an outgoing nature. We would say, it will be better if you have a house with a small yard where they can play. These dogs usually do not like living in apartments. However, if you can provide them with enough activities at an apartment then you are most welcome to pet them. You can plan some creative activities for them like agility training, trick training and flyball.

Auss-Tzus are often get quite stubborn while trainings due to their Shih-Tzu lineage. So, you have to be slow and gradual. Auss-Tzus love trainings which are based upon rewards. At times Auss-Tzus might herd on children by nipping them. This can be avoided by socializing them at a younger age. Since Auss-Tzus love to go for walks and hiking, this can be a great opportunity to socialize them.

Auss-Tzu Maintenance

Auss-Tzu, being an active dog, requires a lot of maintenance. You have to keep a keen check on their grooming to avoid tangling and matting of their coat. Since these dogs are quite outgoing, you should keep a check on the cleanliness of their coat to avoid mites and ticks to infest there. Apart from that, it is necessary that you maintain a good diet plan for Auss-Tzus and also take them for regular medical checkups to some good veterinarian.

Auss-Tzu Health

Since Auss-Tzu is a designer breed, it is free of most of the chronic health issues which might have affected its parents. These dogs are prone to elbow and hip dysplasia due to weaker joints. They might also encounter patella location.

Auss-Tzu are generally bred to be hypoallergenic, however, most of them are not. If you keep a good care of the health of your Auss-Tzu, they are likely to be your companion for around 12-15 years.

Breeds similar to Auss-Tzu


Best Dog Food For Auss-Tzus

Hill's Science Diet Adult Small Bites Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food

If you are looking for a canine diet to control weight, the best dog food for Auss-Tzus is Hill’s Science Diet Adult Small Bites Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food. This fatty acid-rich dog food is made of cracked barley, corn, soybean, etc. To provide a unique blend of taste, the recipe includes chicken fat, which is preserved by mixed tocopherol.

  • Ideal for a healthy immune system and digestive function, the food contains various vitamin supplements.
  • It contains multiple real fruits like apples, cranberries, etc., to supply anti-oxidant.
  • This high-quality fresh chicken diet promotes healthy muscles, shiny skin, and proper bone growth.

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Best Puppy Food For Auss-Tzus

Wellness Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Auss-Tzus is Wellness Complete Health Puppy Deboned Chicken, Oatmeal & Salmon Meal Recipe Dry Dog Food. This high protein meal combines tomato pomace, flaxseed, spinach, etc., for healthy weight gain in little puppies. This USA made commercial dry puppy food combines prebiotics along with glucosamine and taurine.

  • This vitamin, packed puppy diet is good for overall cognitive development.
  • Apart from some fermentation products, the food also contains rosemary, green tea, and spearmint extracts.
  • This wholesome diet is rich in DHA, which takes care of a healthy brain.

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Best Dog Bed For Auss-Tzus

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed For Large And Extra Large Breed Dogs (headrest Edition)

For comfort and uninterrupted sleep, the best dog bed for Auss-Tzus is the Big Barker 7″ Headrest Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed with Removable Cover. Ideal for senior, arthritic dogs, the bed is designed with orthopedic foam abiding by all the clinical standards. This specially formulated bed also helps the sick dogs to recover fast as with its raised pillow on one side, it supports the back and head.

  • Made of 100% microfiber, the bed retains its original shape after long use.
  • This super-soft easy to clean bed comes in a variety of colors like chocolate, khaki, burgundy, grey, etc.
  • There is a long term warranty of 10 years for this particular bed.

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Best Dog Crate For Auss-Tzus

Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Single Door Dog Crate

For safe and worry-free accommodation, the best dog crate for Auss-Tzus is Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Single Door Dog. This mobile crate is designed with 22 gauge steel rods, and it is pretty difficult for dogs to push their way out. This crate on the wheel features a foot brake also.

  • This durable crate covers height up to 40.9 inches.
  • For convenient installation, the crate comes with an instruction manual.
  • There is welding for all the stress points to provide a sturdy structure. 
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Best Dog Harness For Auss-Tzus

Onetigris Tactical Vest Nylon Front Clip Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Auss-Tzus is OneTigris Tactical Vest Nylon Front Clip Dog Harness for its elegant look and efficiency. Available in three dull colors, the lightweight harness features soft interior padding for superior comfort. This fully adjustable harness has two straps passing through the neck and chest region for a comfortable fit.

  • This heavy-duty nylon harness has a control loop.
  • There is a V-ring for adding leash and tags.
  • This incredibly soft fabric harness features a MOLLE webbing.

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Best Dog Collar For Auss-Tzus

Soft Touch Collars Leather Two Tone Padded Dog Collar

If you are looking for an elegant and handmade dog collar for your pet, the best dog collar for Auss-Tzus is Soft Touch Collars Leather Two-Tone Padded Dog Collar. This durable and thoughtfully engineered collar is made of full grain genuine leather. The collar has sealed edges, and it features brass hardware parts.

  • This tough and hand-stitched dog collar provides ultimate comfort to the dog.
  • There are five color options for the inner layer of the collar.
  • There is a D ring attached to the collar, and it is positioned exactly on the opposite of the buckle.

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Best Dog Muzzle For Auss-Tzus

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

To turn the dogs into a well-mannered one, the best dog muzzle for Auss-Tzus is Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. This grilled muzzle ensures free-breathing, yawning, smiling, drinking, eating, etc. For a secure fit, there is a third strap that passes through the top of the head.

  • The basket muzzle needs to be spot cleaned with a damp cloth only.
  • This ultra muzzle helps the dogs in tackling stressful situations.      
  • This double-duty muzzle is made of thermal resistant rubber material.

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Best Dog Toy For Auss-Tzus

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog To

To provide a good amount of physical and mental stimulation, the best dog toy for Auss-Tzus is Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy. This soft and plush toy animal comes in four-packs for you to choose from. It features a pulsing heartbeat, which runs in AAA batteries and lasts for a fortnight.

  • This plush toy features a disposable heat pack.
  • This snuggle toy is ideal for behavioral modification.
  • This squeezable toy can survive bouncing, tossing, and thrashing.

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Best Dog Brush For Auss-Tzus

Mr. Peanut's Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & Deshedding Aid

The best dog brush for Auss-Tzus is Mr. Peanut’s Hand Gloves Dog & Cat Grooming & Deshedding Aid, 2 count as it creates a magical bonding moment. This blue and black gloves brush has hundreds of blunt teeth, which gently brushes the coat and collects the loose fur balls. You can wear these rubber gloves on both of your hands.

  • There are fastener straps on both gloves to ensure a customized fit.
  • Around 180 silicon bristles are there in the gloves.
  • The black part of the brush is made of durable mesh fabric.

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Best Dog Shampoo For Auss-Tzus

Burt's Bees Puppy 2 In 1 Shampoo

For gentle cleaning and freshness, the best dog shampoo for Auss-Tzus is Burt’s Bees Puppy 2-in-1 Shampoo, 16-oz bottle. This linseed and buttermilk-rich shampoo are perfect for puppies’ soft skin, and it treats redness, irritation, etc., quickly. A liberal amount of this shampoo can deeply nourish and clean the skin.

  • This PH balanced shampoo has been designed in the USA.
  • This 97% of natural shampoo doesn’t combine any colorant or sulfate.
  • This mild shampoo promotes a fluffy coat, glowing skin, and induces fur growth.

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