Aussie-Flat Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Aussie Flat Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Aussie Flat has its parents as the Flat-Coated Retriever and the Australian Shepherd. It is a relatively new hybrid. This breed is not registered yet with the National Hybrid Registry or the American Canine Hybrid Club. These dogs also serve as guide dogs for the blind.

They are very friendly towards small animals as well as children. The Australian Shepherd parent does have a herding tendency. However, the Retriever’s friendly temperament takes over with this breed. They have a large amount of energy and require lots of exercises.

Aussie-Flat History

The Australian Shepherd parent of this breed was first developed in the United States. They were created as working dogs for the farmland by sheep and cattle herders at the point. The Aussie Flat was designed to be an enduring herding dog that is very agile as well.

This Flat-Coated Retriever, on the other hand, was developed to be a gun dog. Hence, they were given the task of retrieving birds that were shot. In the 1800s, there was a distinction drawn between the flat and the curly-coated retrievers. They are also great family dogs.

Aussie-Flat Characteristics

Each puppy of a littler of the Aussie-Flat litter can look very different. These canines mostly have a flat top at the head. However, some dogs of this breed are instead born with rounded skulls. The eyes, ears, and muzzle of this breed depending on the dominant parent.

How Big to Aussie-Flat Get

The Aussie Flat grows up to a height of 20 to 24 inches. They also achieve weights of about 40 to 75 pounds. Depending on the parent that the Aussie-Flat has taken after, they may be on the heavier or lighter side.

How Long Do Aussie-Flat Live

These dogs have a lifespan of 8 to 11 years. Feed them well and provide these energetic dogs ample exercise so that they live long and healthy lives.

How Much Does an Aussie-Flat Cost?

If you are buying them from a reputed breeder, these dogs cost $600 to $800. You should be cautious if any breeder offers you a puppy for lesser than this average cost. You can also go ahead and adopt an Aussie-Flat puppy by paying just a minimal price.

Aussie-Flat Temperament/Personality

This hybrid is a gentle dog that is calm and well-behaved. Along with this, these pups display high energy and love being active. It is especially true when they are younger puppies. They have a steady temperament and will remain calm even when they are under pressure.

It is one of the reasons why they make excellent dogs for the blind. They are intelligent dogs that tend to think for themselves without any prompting. They also make quick decisions that can be crucial in situations where they lead the blind.

They can, however, be stubborn. However, it is one of the least stubborn dogs among other intelligent breeds. They find that it is more important to keep you content and remain obedient. It trumps their stubborn streak.

These are protective dogs that will take care of their family cautiously. If you are looking for a family dog, it is the perfect option for your home. However, it is best to observe your kids around the Aussie-Flat during the first few interactions.

Go ahead and socialize these dogs when they are puppies. With this, they will quickly get along with other dogs as well as cats. This breed is docile in general and is not aggressive towards smaller animals either. Early socialization will also prepare them as guide dogs.

Caring for Aussie-Flat

By caring for this dog and grooming it right, you will help it grow into a healthy adult. It would be best to adopt the proper feeding and exercise habits to keep your dog happy.

Aussie-Flat Nutrition

These dogs are medium-sized and require about 2 cups of food on average each day. Look for food that is high in protein that can fuel their energetic and busy days. Ensure that treats are only about 10% of their daily weight as they tend to gain excess weight.

How to Groom an Aussie-Flat

The Aussie-Flat sheds moderately and requires adequate grooming. Brush them at least once every week to get rid of excess fur. The shedding tends to increase during months of spring and fall. You can increase the brushing frequency to several times a week then.

Aussie-Flat Activity Levels

These are not extremely energetic dogs but prefer to be moderately active. You can give your Aussie-Flat about 60 minutes of exercise each day. You can take them out for running, hikes, swims, or even long walks. Keep them busy with mental stimulation as well.

Caring for Aussie-Flat

This dog is relatively easy to train and will listen to your commands. They are also rather intelligent, which makes them comprehend any new concepts you teach them with ease. At times, you will see that they are stubborn. However, this is very rare.

It would be best if you showed that you are the leader. However, do not do this with force. This breed tends to respond to positive reinforcement much more quickly. They like a happy owner. Hence, they are looking to please and will do an excellent job to keep you satisfied.

Aussie-Flat Health

This dog is a recent breed, and there are not too many records of its health. However, you can get an idea of their health by looking at their parents. It will also let you know what issues your puppy will inherit. It would help if you got regular checkups with the vet.

This breed may suffer from minor issues like hip dysplasia. They may also suffer from some significant health issues like epilepsy and eye problems. Overfeeding can also lead to obesity in these dogs. Your vet should be able to guide you through the healthiest routine for them.

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