Aussiedoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Aussiedoodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowAussiedoodle is a mix breed dog that has joined the breeding world recently. These dogs are a result of a cross between Australian Shepherds and Poodles. If you were looking for a companion dog, then this one can prove out to be a great choice. These fun loving dogs are best for families with children and active singles. Aussiedoodles are extremely cute and look like teddy bears that is why they can also be used as therapy dogs.

Aussiedoodle History

It is believed that the Aussiedoodle might have been bred naturally previously as well. Nevertheless, the designer breeders started breeding them intentionally by mixing Australian Shepherd and Poodles in the late 1990s or the early 2000s. It is believed that the Aussiedoodles hail from North America. Both of its parents have a long ancestry and are pure breeds.

These dogs inherited their cuteness from both of the parents. We have shared a brief background about Aussiedoodle’s parents so that you can understand their traits in a better way. The Australian Shepherd was generally bred as a sheep dog so it has a protective nature. On the other hand, Poodle is a non-sporting, companion dog. Both parents are known as canine Einstein and are extremely intelligent. Aussiedoodle has inherited all the good traits from both parents and is a sweet and friendly companion.

Aussiedoodle Characteristics

An Aussiedoodle might look more like an Australian Shepherd or a Poodle as their looks are unpredictable quite often. Since there are two types of Poodles, you can have two types of Aussiedoodles. If the Australian Shepherds are bred with miniature Poodle, then the Aussiedoodle will be small-sized and have a lighter build. These Aussiedoodles are around 12-18 inches tall and weighs around 35 pounds. However, if the breeders breed Australian Shepherds with  standard Poodles then you will get comparatively larger and sturdy Aussiedoodles. These can grow upto 22 inches tall and are around 70 pounds.

Just like their size, you can not be sure of their coat’s texture and color too. They can either be straight or wavy like the Australian parents or be soft and curly like Poodles. These dogs usually have wavy hair. Aussiedoodles can be found in various color combinations which entails black and white, chocolate and white, cream, red and white, black and tan, blue merle, red merle. Cinnamon merle, chocolate and silver.

Aussiedoodle Temperament/Personality

Since these dogs are bred to grow as companions dogs, they are extremely friendly. These dogs are cheerful and enthusiastic. If you are looking for some power packed addition in your life, then we suggest you to go for Aussiedoodle. These dogs are extremely devoted to families and love staying with them. They would like it more if there is someone playing with them round the clock because Aussiedoodles demand attention. If you will not give them the attention they want, they can become destructive. If you have children then this dog is simply the best pet you can go for as they love kids. These dogs are known to have no anger issues with other pets so do not get worried about that.

Caring for Aussiedoodle

Like other dogs, Aussiedoodles also demand your attention and care. Hence, it is necessary that you keep a check on minor details.

Aussiedoodle Nutrition

It is necessary to provide Aussiedoodles with a balanced diet since these dogs have high activity levels. You should also understand that you are not required to over feed them as these dogs are prone to obesity. We would suggest you to buy a high quality dry dog food for Aussiedoodles. You can add some fruits and vegetables in their meals.

You are supposed to feed them twice a day. If it is the mini Aussiedoodle then you are required to serve 1-1.5 cups of kibble per day. However, if you have the standard Aussiedoodle, then you are supposed to feed them 2.5-3.5 cups of kibble per day to ensure that they stay healthy.

Aussiedoodle Grooming

The grooming requirements of the Aussiedoodles are based upon the type of coat that they inherit from their parents. If they inherit them from their Aussie parent, you are required to brush them at least twice a week. However, they will shed their undercoat every spring and fall so, during those days you are required to brush them daily. If your dog has got those Poodle’s hair that are too curly, you are required to trim them after every 10 weeks. Apart from this you are required to trim their nails, clean their ear with a damp cloth and brush their teeth at least once a week.

Aussiedoodle Activity Levels

Aussiedoodles are extremely smart and active dogs. Therefore, they have quite high activity levels. They love going on long walks, so, you have to be a dedicated owner and take them for a walk of around 1 hour daily.

Even though, Aussiedoodles do not belong to the working breed, they love stimulating tasks. They would love it if you reward them with treats during their training sessions. These dogs are playful and fast learners, so if you put in the right amount of efforts you can train them right.

Aussiedoodle Maintenance

To maintain them well and ensure their good health, you are required to take them to a good veterinarian for a regular checkup. You are required to keep a keen check on the amount of food that is being fed to your Aussiedoodle since it gains weight fast and this can lead to health concerns. You have to make sure that you are able to tick all the checkboxes of hygiene including their oral hygiene, since it is very necessary for your dog’s health.

Aussiedoodle Health

Since Aussiedoodles are mix breeds they have a larger gene pool and there is a lesser chance that they inherit any major genetic disorder. However, there are few health issues that you might face while you pet an Aussiedoodle.

They can encounter hip dysplasia due to obesity. Furthermore, Aussiedoodles are prone to epilepsy and several eye infections. They can even get their kneecaps dislodged if you have the miniature Aussiedoodle. However, if they stay healthy, they can live upto 12 years.

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