Aussiedor Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

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The Aussiedor is a hybrid breed that is a cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever. They are medium to large-sized breeds and are very active. They are also smart and playful dogs with a mellow temperament.

The dog has a broad face and a solid built. These dogs have hanging ears and may come in many colors. They also love dogs that get along with familiar people very well. It is also a low-maintenance pup and is increasingly becoming popular due to this.

If you love an adventurous pup with good energy, this is the right breed for you.

Aussiedor History

Aussiedor Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowThis breed is relatively new and does not have an established historical presence. However, its parent breeds have colorful histories. The Australian Shepherd was developed in the United States. It was designed to be a herding dog.

In the 1950s, people saw the Australian Shepherd in many films and rodeos. The Labrador, on the other hand, has its roots in Newfoundland. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed in 1917. It is the right service animal and is used for drug detection as well.

Aussiedor Characteristics

This breed has a broad face and head as well. As they are hybrids, they have different coat colors. It may include black, yellow, red, and chocolate. They may also have tri-color o merle coats. This coat may be straight or slightly wavy and will be dense.

How Big Do Aussiedor Get

An Aussiedor may grow to a height of between 22 to 25 inches. They weigh between 40 to 80 pounds. Because of their size and weight, they classify as medium-sized canines.

How Long Does Aussiedor Live

An Aussiedor has a lifespan of 12.5 years. However, this will differ depending on the parentage of the dog. Many diseases might affect the lifespan of this hybrid dog.

How Much Does an Aussiedor Cost

Depending on the breeder you buy from, you will pay between $600 to $1000 for an Aussiedor. The hefty price is due to the friendly and loyal reputation of this breed. Depending on the vaccination and worming, the price may rise.

Aussiedor Temperament/Personality

This breed is a kind, loyal, and gentle canine that will be friendly with everyone they are familiar with. It will go ahead and form close bonds with family members. However, Aussiedor tends to feel neglected when they are left alone at home.

Please do not leave them alone for too long as they will chew through items at home. They come from parentage that has herding tendencies. Hence, they may confuse fast-moving children for sheep and attempt to herd them.

They may chase them and nip away at their heels. Hence, you should watch your Aussiedor around children. However, they get along very well with children when they are not running around.

They are somewhat shy when strangers are around. They may try to protect your family at this point. They also prefer active homes and love playing. Hence, they thrive in households where someone is continuously keeping them engaged.

They also get bored very quickly and need to be continuously occupied. This characteristic comes from the dog’s Labrador parents, who are hunters. Ensure that they have a proper outlet for their energy and will have no trouble on your hands.

They are also known to give good cuddles. They will snuggle up to you on your couch or bed. Because of their amiable nature, many people prefer Aussiedors as pets. It’s better not to adopt an Aussiedor if you have a busy lifestyle.

Caring for Aussiedor

An Aussiedor will require regular maintenance, and you won’t have to fuss over them too much. It is what you should know about caring for the Aussiedor.

Aussiedor Nutrition

Aussiedors tend to be very active and energetic dogs. Hence, their food needs will depend on how busy you keep them. To keep their oral health good, you should feed your Aussidor dry food. You can opt for veggies and raw meat as part of a frozen diet for good nutrition.

How to Groom an Aussiedor

It depends on the coat that your Aussidor has inherited from its parents. If its skin is similar to the Labrador Retriever, it will be a short double coat. You can then brush the dog once a week. If it has fur identical to Shepherd’s long coat, you can brush the Aussiedor every day.

Aussiedor Activity Levels

You will have to provide your Aussiedor with an hour of playing time each day. You may have to take them out walking a few times each day. If you have a home with a yard, let your Aussiedor play outside, and they will tire themselves out. A dog walker is a good idea, as well.

Caring for Aussiedor

Since Aussiedors tend to have a herding mentality, it is essential to train and socialize when they are young. You can begin when the Aussiedor is still a puppy. They don’t respond well to aggressive methods as they are sensitive dogs. Train them such that they enjoy it.

To socialize them, you can take them for walks around your neighborhood and get them to meet new people. You can also teach them to be obedient and curb their herding tendencies. They also love being occupied, and a good game of fetch will satisfy them.

Aussiedor Health

Aussiedor dogs tend to be very healthy. Since they are cross-breed, they tend to be much healthier than pure breed dogs. However, it is best to keep an eye out for any health issues like cataracts and bloat. It would be best if you also looked out for any nasal solar dermatitis.

They may also suffer from other minor conditions like Pelger- Huet Syndrome and Sebaceous Dermatitis. You should speak to the breeder and take notes on the kinds of diseases the parents suffered from. Let your veterinarian know this history as well.

Breeds Similar to Aussiedor


Best Dog Food for Aussiedors

Purina One Smartblend Lamb And Rice Formula Dog Food

The best dog food for Aussiedors is Purina ONE SmartBlend Lamb and Rice Formula. This savor meal plan is precise and features all nutrients that are required for healthier development. With the presence of lamb meat as its first ingredient, this meal helps maintain the lean physique of your Aussiedor, so it is highly beneficial for Aussiedors.

  • Features a highly digestible recipe
  • Enriched with omega fatty acids to promote healthier skin
  • Helps strengthen the immune response

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Best Puppy Food for Aussiedors

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Puppy Farm Raised Chicken, Brown Rice & Sweet Potato Recipe Dry Dog Food

The best puppy food for Aussiedors is Nutro Wholesome Essentials Large Breed Puppy Food. This meal is specially prepared in a way that is suitable for the sensitive digestive response of a young pup. The recipe only consists of simple ingredients that are the reason behind its rich taste and the apt nutritional value.

  • Features the ideal nutritional value that is demanded by any Aussiedor puppy
  • Features natural farm-raised chicken as its first ingredient
  • The recipe is rich in carbs that provide instant energy.

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Best Dog Crate for Aussiedors

Paws & Pals Oxgord Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

The best dog crate for Aussiedors is Paws & Pals Oxgord Dog Crate. This dog crate features a sturdy structure, as demand for the security of your Aussiedor. The makers have ensured that the design is durable enough for long-term use so that you have to make a one-time investment.

  • Features a well-designed plastic base
  • The doors are securely latched
  • Available in various sizes

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Best Dog Bed for Aussiedors

KOPEKS Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed With Pillow and Waterproof Liner product image

The best dog bed for Aussiedors is KOPEKS Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed. This bed’s ability to provide upholstery-grade orthopedic support is what makes it stand out in the market. The makers have aligned every aspect to ensure greater cleanliness and a better experience for your Aussiedor.

  • Comes with two zippered micro-suede covers for extra protection
  • The covers are water-resistant.
  • Features a relaxing headrest

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Best Dog Harness for Aussiedors

Chai's Choice 3m Reflective Polyester Dog Harness

The best dog harness for Aussiedors is Chai’s Choice 3M Reflective Dog Harness. This dog harness is entirely crafted using a high-density polyester webbing to stay usable for an extended period. The presence of a reflective lining makes this harness visible in low-lit areas as well, so you can take your Aussiedor for a walk whenever you want.

  • Features an adjustable fitting
  • Comes with a dual-clip design
  • The built-in handle offers you extra control.

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Best Dog Collar for Aussiedors

Nite Ize Nighthowl Led Rechargeable Dog Collar

The best dog collar for Aussiedors is Nite Ize NightHowl LED Rechargeable Dog Collar. This dog collar helps you identify your Aussiedor even in the dark. The makers have utilized thermoplastic rubber to its fullest to design this ergonomic dog collar that can be charged conveniently used for extended hours.

  • Features an amazing battery-life
  • Features unique flash modes
  • Can be used for late-night walks

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Best Dog Muzzle for Aussiedors

Four Paws Walk About Quick Fit Dog Muzzle

The best dog muzzle for Aussiedors is Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle. This dog muzzle is appropriate for your Aussiedor’s training sessions. Since it is designed using high-quality nylon webbing and stitched efficiently, this muzzle can be used for several training sessions.

  • Features an open-front design
  • Professionals use this muzzle too
  • Suitable for vet visits

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Best Dog Toys for Aussiedors

Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball Tough Dog Toy

The best dog toy for Aussiedors is Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Tough Ball Dog Toy. This dog toy is ideal for satisfying your Aussiedor’s adrenalin rush as you can use it in water and on the ground. Having an Aussiedor, who loves swimming, this floatable dog toy will help you get the job done.

  • The ball does not get punctured easily.
  • Ideal for fetching games
  • Helps eliminate boredom

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Best Dog Brush for Aussiedors

Jw Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush For Dogs

The best dog brush for Aussiedors is JW Pet Gripsoft Slicker Brush. The design of this brush is thoughtfully crafted to ensure the satisfaction of the user and the pet pal. The stainless steel this slicker brush uses is quite durable for long-term use.

  • Features a gripsoft technology to offer a better grip
  • The pins are angled to avoid any skin damage.
  • Helps remove dead hair from your Aussiedor’s coat, along with removing tangles

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Best Dog Shampoo for Aussiedors

Petag Fresh 'n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo

The best dog shampoo for Aussiedors is PetAg Fresh ‘N Clean Dog Shampoo. This dog shampoo will help you do multiple tasks. These include entails; nourishing your Aussiedor’s coat, cleansing, and deodorizing; all of this is done with the help of natural ingredients.

  • Features a well-balanced pH
  • Helps loosen tangles
  • Bestows your Aussiedors with a long-lasting scent

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