Australian Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need to Know

Australian Bulldog Dog Breed Information – All You Need To KnowAustralian Bulldog, also known as Aussie Bulldog, looks quite similar to its cousin English Bulldog. It has been primarily bred to withstand the climatic conditions of Australia. If you were looking for a cute, friendly and loyal dog at a pet store, then an Aussie Bulldog can prove out to be a great choice. These ferociously loyal dogs are known to be great companions of their owners. Even though they posses all the traits of being great watchdogs, they can not be guard dogs because of their affability.

Australian Bulldog History

Australian Bulldogs have been introduced recently and are known to be originated in Queensland. Kudos to Pib Nobes (Nobes Line) and Noel & Tina Green (Jag Line) to begin this great initiative. It was seen that Bulldogs had difficulties in surviving the harsh climate of Australia. So, to make it easier for them, the breeders started developing this new breed by assorting several related breeds to get the desired traits in one dog.

The breeds that were mixed were Bullmastiff, Boxer, British Bulldog and the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Each parent breed provided some special trait to the offspring. The fantabulous good looks and affection came from the British Bulldogs. On the other hand, the Boxer and Mastiff gave them the traits of alertness, therefore, made them a reliable watchdog. Hence, Aussie Bulldog became a family companion and a watchdog who is always agile and alert.

Australian Bulldog Characteristics

Australian Bulldogs are a medium-sized breed. Even though they look exactly like English Bulldogs, there are some significant differences that make them unique. These dogs are slightly heavier and larger in size as compared to the British Bulldogs. Aussie Bulldogs can grow upto a height of 20 inches and weighs around 50-78 pounds.

They have a box-shaped head, with flews that hangover the lower jaw at sides. They have a comparatively less squished muzzle than other breeds to avoid breathing problems. Australian Bulldogs have a large head, dark brown or amber round eyes and a broad nose. Their ear are average-sized and folds over. The sleek coat on the thick neck and deep chest makes them look robust. Their coat is shorter in length and can have shades of fawn, white, brindle and red. Overall, Aussie Bulldogs have a strong build.

Australian Bulldog Temperament/Personality

Aussie Bulldogs are really affectionate towards families. If you were looking for a dog with immense loyalty, then Aussie Bulldog is the one for you. He can become your best buddy. It is one such dog that loves spending time outdoors and will enjoy going on walks with you. They crave your attention. Separation anxiety is quite common in Aussie Bulldogs if they are left alone for a longer time. They love playing with children, so, your kids can have a great time with them. Although they are sweet in nature, they can get stubborn at times while training. These dogs tend to act dominant around other dogs, however, you can end that by socializing them. They are not known to have any issues with cats and other pets.

Caring for Australian Bulldog

Australian Bulldogs demand your care like other dogs. We did research to help you figure out the ways in which you can take care of an Aussie Bulldog well.

Australian Bulldog Nutrition

Australian Bulldogs are a healthy breed, however, if they will not get the right diet they may encounter several health issues and deficiencies. You are supposed to provide them with an energy rich diet to ensure their healthy growth. We would suggest you to go for a kibble that is of high-quality and have the right proportions of natural ingredients including meat.

You are supposed to feed them 3 cups of kibble every day. Nevertheless, we would suggest you to consult a veterinarian to know the exact proportion that is based upon the particular size of your dog. An Australian Bulldog’s food can cost you around $34-$45 per month.

Australian Bulldog Grooming

An Australian Bulldog is really a low maintenance dog that does not require much time in grooming. These dogs usually look clean and tidy due to their shorter hair. You usually only have to rub their body with a soft damp cloth and they will look amazing. You do not have to bathe them unless you find them stinking. However, you are supposed to clean their teeth almost daily and trim nails when necessary. We would advise you to train these dogs to allow you to brush their teeth and trim nails since puppyhood to avoid any inconvenience later.

Australian Bulldog Activity Levels

Although Australian Bulldogs are quite enthusiastic and playful, they require moderate activity levels. They love playing with family. You are supposed to take them for a walk on a daily basis. On average they need a 14 miles walk per week and roughly 60 minutes of activity daily.

They love to splash in water. We would advise you to train them on a daily basis to improve their behavior. Although they are quite easy to train, Australian Bulldogs can be quite stubborn at times. You have to stay consistent and train them well.

Australian Bulldog Maintenance

One of the plus points of having an Aussie Bulldog is that you do not have to spend a lot of time in grooming them. These tidy looking dogs are quite easy to maintain. However, you have to keep a keen check of their hygiene since they are too outgoing. You have to ensure the cleanliness of their ear to avoid the deposition of any debris. We would also advise you to visit a veterinarian often for checkups.

Australian Bulldog Health

Australian Bulldogs are known to have lesser health concerns then any other bulldog because they have been bred in a way to avoid them. However, there are few health issues which they still have. Although they have a less squished muzzle they still face Brachaecyphalic Syndrome which causes breathing problems. A surgery can surely help in this regard.

There are few other health concerns like Hip Dysplasia and Cherry Eye. However, you can always consult a vet in this regard. On average, an Australian Bulldog lives for around 12-15 years.

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