Australian Retriever Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Australian Retriever Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowAustralian Retrievers are quite the definition of loyalty. A mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, these dogs are excellent companions. They are adored for their friendly and intelligent nature- with a sporty streak.

In addition to their rich personality and positive inclination towards children, Australian Shepherds are gorgeous. Both parents of this hybrid are working dogs, giving them an impressive work ethic. Whether you are an outdoorsy person or prefer homely activities, these designer dogs will be happy to tag along with no frustrations!

Are you looking to quench your curiosity about this precious pup before bringing it home? Read on! 

Australian Retriever History

The Australian Retriever is a relatively new member of the mixed-breed family, with the first litter being born in December 2007. It is believed that an Australian breeder bred three Golden Retrievers with her black male Australian Shepherd.

The second and third litters came around in 2008, following which she registered the Australian Retriever with the Australian Canine Hybrid Club.

Australian Retriever Characteristics

You are familiar with the Australian Retriever’s relaxed, hardworking nature- their attractive appearance only adds to the charm. These friendly canines sport coats in a range of colors and hues, ranging from stiff to wavy. They have broad heads with floppy ears and attentive, bright eyes that speak to you.

How Big Do Australian Retrievers Get

Australian Retrievers fall under the category of large dogs, with a well-built and athletic frame. The males typically weigh between 30 lbs. and 60 lbs. The females’ weight can be around 25 lbs. and 52 lbs. The height of both genders is generally the same, coming in at 19 inches to 23 inches.

How Long Does the Australian Retriever Live

Like the parent breeds’ lifespan, Australian Retrievers live to be around 12 to 15 years old. Australian Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are two generally healthy breeds with no distinct vulnerabilities. So, while you must watch out for any medical concerns, you can certainly enjoy a long-lasting bond with your dog!

How Much Does an Australian Retriever Cost

The Australian Retriever may be a reasonably new designer dog, but these dogs’ popularity knows no bounds! It means that you can bring home an Australian Retriever for as little as $200- but it can also cost as much as $1000. Remember to always thoroughly check the legitimacy of a breeder- though adopting rescued dogs is still better!

Australian Retriever Temperament/Personality

If you need a warm, loyal, and easy-going canine companion, the Australian Retriever is an ideal choice. These designer dogs are friendly and energetic, often being a lively shower of wags and brushes! Australian Shepherds are intrinsically working dogs, so they are at their happiest when busy.

These dogs are gentle around children, though they may be slightly cautious with visiting strangers. You must note that despite Australian Retrievers’ relaxed temperament, they are notoriously capable of being possessive. It may require you to be careful around smaller animals and other dogs.

Australian Retrievers are a breeze to train in all fields, be it for herding, obedience, or socialization. They are wise, intelligent, and independent dogs who will not be too anxious if you leave them to be on their own for some time.

Australian Retrievers are not too vocal, so there is a question regarding their suitability as watchdogs. However, with some degree of training, they make beyond excellent guard dogs as well.

Since these dogs focus on being great companions, spending quality time with their family is very important to them. Australian Retrievers can get frustrated and depressed if they do not get enough exercise and attention.

Caring for Australian Retriever

It is always vital to acquaint yourself with the personality of a dog before learning about their care. Now that you have covered the former, read on ahead for insight into Australian Retrievers’ fundamental requirements.

Australian Retriever Nutrition

Due to Australian Retrievers’ size and energy levels, they need to have a healthy intake of food rich in protein. The diet should be well-balanced, with an essential meat ingredient to go with kibble and fresh veggies. While this hybrid is known to consume a decent amount of food with an active routine, make sure you do not overfeed your dog.

How to Groom an Australian Retriever

Australian Retrievers have coarse coats that are usually wavy, though some dogs may even have stiff and straight fur. It would help if you brushed your Australian Retriever’s coat at least thrice a week, giving a bath only a few times each year. To prevent matting, take your dog for occasional trimmings while also cleaning the ears and teeth. The nails of Australian Retrievers must undergo regular clippings to avoid splintering.

Australian Retriever Activity Levels

Australian Retrievers are always full of energy right up to their furry brims! They ideally need two exercise sessions each day if they are not already working as herders. Two or three walks for a minimum of 30 mins every day are necessary to ensure your dog remains satisfied and happy. These dogs love swimming too, along with fetch and hide & seek for mental and physical stimulation.

Caring for Australian Retriever

You must give as much love to your Australian Retriever as your dog gives to you. Monthly visits to the vet are vital. It would be best if you regulated the diet as per your Australian Retriever’s age- the same goes for activity levels. Make sure you spend enough time with your dog, giving proper training and plenty of opportunities for socialization. 

Australian Retriever Health

The Australian Retriever enjoys a generally healthy life. The breed is not particularly prone to many illnesses or diseases. However, the hybrid does share some health concerns with the parent breeds. Australian Retrievers can develop bloat, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy.

Your dog will live a long and healthy life if you look after your companion well. Keep an eye out for any signs of abnormalities, and contact the vet if you notice anything. It will be best to get the occasional hip, vision, and skeletal examinations were done. Thyroid tests are also critical since the Australian Retriever has higher than zero chances of contracting hypothyroidism.

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