How Much Does an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Cost?

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Australian Shepherd Corgi MixIf you’re looking for a herding dog that’s as small and compact as Corgi breeds, then look no further than Australian Shepherd Corgi mix dogs! These loyal, yet hyperactive dogs make for an adorable mix that combines the herding instinct of the Australian Shepherd dog and the adorable and lovable face of the Corgi. In this comprehensive article, we answer the question, “How much does an Australian Shepherd Corgi mix cost,” along with everything you need to know about these dogs.  

What is an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix?

A designer dog won’t always be sold by breeders who believe that crossing breeds will ruin bloodlines, but there are plenty of advantages in choosing a hybrid over pure breed dogs. Australian Shepherd Corgi mixes, also called the Augi, Augie, Auggie, or Aussie Corgi are the hybrid offspring of the Corgi and the Australian Shepherd. Both dogs have been bred for field work, sharing many mutual characteristics. 

While it may sound like a new breed, this hybrid has actually been around since the 1800s and was first developed in America by farmers who mixed Australian Shepherds with stock dogs. The original breeder of this breed remains unknown, but it wasn’t long before people wanted these dogs for their own farms and ranches. However, much like every other crossbreed, these dogs aren’t recognized by either the United Kennel Club (UKC) or the American Kennel Club (AKC).   

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix History

While its name may suggest that it originates from Australia, the Australian Shepherd was actually first introduced in America. Their ancestors were bred by Basque people using Spanish dogs from the region of the Pyrenees; they brought these dogs to the western parts of America and mixed them with other dogs to make the breed known today. It’s unknown why they came to be known as Australian Shepherds; a theory was proposed that Australian immigrants used them to herd cattle and sheep. 

The Australian Shepherd became a favorite among pet parents because they can handle living in high altitudes and are commonly found around the Rocky Mountains. These dogs can survive with thin air around them and will easily handle the work given to them in these environments. However, this breed’s popularity really grew after they were featured in rodeos, exposing them to a wider audience through the television.  

Much like the breed above, the Corgi’s origins are also shrouded in mystery and no one truly knows where they came from. However, they are thought to have originated from Wales; the word “Corgi” is derived from a Welsh word that can be translated to “dwarf dog.” They were then bred for the purpose of cattle herding in Scotland — their short stature keeps cows from reaching them, while their lack of a tail means cattle couldn’t step on them. 

But as the years passed, the Corgi became more of a family dog and was established as an indoor breed when Queen Elizabeth II began breeding them inside Buckingham Palace. But not everyone knows there are actually two breeds of Corgis, known as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. These two can be separated from each other by their coat colors and the absence or presence of a tail; the Cardigans have one while the Pembroke doesn’t.    

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Appearance

This dog can take on the appearance of both parent breeds; your dog may look like a Corgi more and like an Australian Shepherd less and vice versa. As such, picking a mix of these herding breed dogs can result in a wide variety of looks, even in a single litter of pups. When it comes to the size of a hybrid breed, their offspring can grow to the size of either parent. 

Because there’s a wide gap in size between a Corgi and an Australian Shepherd, there are a few things to consider. First of all, the Aussie Shepherd can come in miniature and standard sizes; Australian Shepherd breeders have actually taken the mini version of these dogs and combined them with small Corgis to produce a very rare toy-sized breed. However, the average Australian Shepherd Corgi mix will grow to be around 10 to 13 inches tall with a weight between 20 to 30 pounds.  

The Australian Shepherd Corgi mix will look much like its parents, inheriting their short, yet elongated bodies, and depending on which is the more dominant gene, they can get the short legs of their Corgi parents. At the same time, their ear, muzzle, and head shape will remain unchanged throughout the litter and will display dense, silky, and long double coats that may shed a fair bit. These coats will usually come in three colors, much like their tri-colored Australian Shepherd parents, but can virtually come in any pattern or color, including two-color, merle, and brindle. 

Some dogs will even come with just one color, but their fur will usually come in combinations of black, white, tan, and brown colors. However, one of the most distinctive features of these dogs is their blue eyes, and in some cases, they may even display heterochromia.   

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Temperament 

These energetic dogs come with friendly personalities and will be waiting by the door no matter where you go, making them a favorite among dog lovers throughout the world. Much like Corgis, these dogs are spunky and playful and will love being around people and other pets, making them great companions and the perfect family dogs. However, these dogs are also highly curious about the world around them and will try to assist you in everything you do. 

They’re known for poking their noses where they don’t belong and will show you how things should be done. Your pet dog may also try to act as a guide by barking, which is something they will do a lot. It’s also a good idea to give your pooch proper socialization since they can be wary of strangers; some may become too protective and bark at unfamiliar animals and people. 

This kind of behavior may be improved through socialization to help them understand that a stranger isn’t always bad. However, no dog is the same and some will learn faster than others, and behaviors out of the norm can occur.   

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Health 

Overall, Australian Shepherd Corgi Mixes are relatively healthy dogs; much like many other crossbreeds, their hybrid vigor helps to keep them safe from many genetic defects. As such, these dogs will have an average lifespan of around 12 to 15 years — the same as the average lifespan of a Corgi. This is also a lot longer compared to breeds of the same size, and many other hybrids. 

Even so, this hybrid will still be prone to a few health problems which include the following. 

  • Obesity: Because this dog comes with a voracious appetite, it can add to its weight quite easily. 
  • Blindness and Deafness: Unfortunately, these are commonly found in this breed as a result of the Merle gene. The good news is that they will still live a long and happy life after adjusting to their condition. 
  • Elbow and Hip Dysplasia: No matter what dog breed you have, these are among the most common issues found in canines, but you can decrease your pup’s risk through exercise and a healthy diet. 
  • Back Problems: This mostly occurs in canines with stubby legs like Corgis, and comes from how their spine develops but can be fixed by going on daily walks.
  • Degenerative Myelopathy: This health condition affects the spinal cord of dogs and is more common in old dogs and breeds with longer bodies.
  • Epilepsy: The most commonly encountered neurological issue with dogs, but can thankfully be managed by providing them with medication.
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease: This is a bleeding disorder that comes from a shortage of specific proteins, leading to nosebleeds and excessive bleeding even from a small wound. If untreated, it may lead to death but thankfully, it can be managed through medication.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy: This genetic disease affects the dog’s eyes, and can result in blindness. While there is no cure, it can be delayed using eye drops.    

Even if your dog doesn’t suffer from medical conditions, it’s still important to take them to your vet for annual checkups. Doing this will help you determine early on if your Australian Shepherd Corgi mix has any health issues that need to be addressed. 

Caring for Your Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

When you take a new puppy into your home, make sure that you can give it the necessary care and attention it needs to flourish. In the case of the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix, the best way to care for them is by following the guide below.   

Food and Diet

Your dog’s diet is an important part of its journey toward a healthy and long life; these dogs should be provided with high-quality dog food filled with nutrients. It should also be formulated for small or medium-dog breeds with high levels of energy. Due to their Corgi side, these dogs will keep eating even when they’re full, leading to weight gain and other issues related to their weight. 

You will need to regulate how much food they consume, so be sure to always give them the right food portions to prevent them from over-eating. These dogs may also be sensitive with certain foods, and they may also get food allergies from their Australian Shepherd parents, so take care when introducing them to new food. Just like any other dog breed, their diet should change to accommodate their growing needs starting from puppyhood until they enter their senior years.  

Grooming and Cleaning 

As mentioned, the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix comes with a dense, silky, and long coat that will moderately shed, and may be born with or without a tail depending on the Corgi parent used to breed them. While they usually only need minimal bathing, this can change during summer and winter when it’s shedding season, so expect that you’ll do a lot more grooming. Experts recommend giving these dogs a bath once every few months along with daily brushing.      

Training and Exercise

Because they come from intelligent breeds, the offspring also possess high intelligence, which comes with independence and stubbornness. As such, the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix will need structure and guidance during training sessions. These smart dogs can be given early training, and are best suited for people with an active lifestyle that can provide them with hours of exercise. 

They shouldn’t take too long to train, and with a bit of patience and some effort, you should be able to teach them the right way to behave around family members. It’s important to understand that these dogs will spend as much time as possible with you and will want to participate in all your daily activities. Unfortunately, being away from them for a long time will give them separation anxiety, so be sure to give your dog positive reinforcement during the training process

Make the time to take your dog out for a good walk around the block then supplement this with a minimum of 30 minutes to play games like frisbee or fetch every day. 

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix Price 

An unregistered dog will usually cost less compared to a purebred dog but designer dogs will cost more compared to their parents. When you think about purebred Corgi prices which is around $1,000 to $3,000, you’d think that their kids will be even more expensive. Luckily, the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix falls around a price range between $800 to $1,200, making them more affordable than their parents which is rare among crossbreeds. 

Just keep in mind that some colors will be more unique than others and will therefore cost more, but overall this working dog is more affordable than others. Because they’re quite healthy, the costs for their maintenance should be fairly cheap. Chances are that you’ll spend more on giving them professional grooming to keep their coat smooth and manageable.  

Purchasing an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix 

Because these dogs are a common crossbreed, you can get your hands on a second-, third-, or fourth-generation pup, which can be quite rare with other mixed breeds. Most of the time, these dogs will be created using an Aussie mom and a Corgi dad. Doing it the other way around will result in birthing complications for a Corgi mom when it tries to give birth to big puppies. 

Be sure to choose a reputable breeder who will carefully choose the dogs for mating and will look for the right features to pass on to their puppies. Look for a responsible breeder that is registered and knowledgeable about this breed. Good dog breeders will conduct a wide range of screenings and health tests on puppies and their parents. 

Doing this will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll get a beautiful dog free from any genetic issues that might have been passed down from their parents. Moreover, a good breeder will provide their puppies with some socialization and basic training. This means that you’ll avoid getting a pooch with bad behavior and spend less money and time trying to train them from scratch. 

Adopting an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix

The best place to look for one of these dogs is either a shelter or a humane society — adopting an Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix puppy is both ethical and affordable. All you need to do is pay for the adoption fee that should only come up to $50, and the chances are that shelters will have the right puppy for you. 

While this option is the best choice, remember that you won’t be able to get a reliable source on a dog’s background. As a result, you won’t find out much about their parent’s previous experiences, or health. The only sure way to find out about a puppy’s background is to talk to and purchase it from a professional breeder.  


There’s no doubt that the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix would make the perfect pet and is a great choice for an active person or families with young children. However, they aren’t always easy to train and may not be suitable for first-time dog owners but will nevertheless make for loyal pets. Finally, potential buyers will need to do their research on where to buy these terrific dogs and ensure a breeder’s reputation before taking a puppy home.