Azawakh Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Azawakh Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowGaining its name from a Saharan valley, Azawakh is a rather proud and independent canine. The doggo has been guarding cattle and nomadic tents for thousands of years. These are sighthounds who run after anything mobile around them, be it vehicles or just tiny creatures.

Despite their love for the outdoors, these canines do great indoors. The Azawakh has a fine coat that may vary in colors ranging from white fawn, red, and others. These lean-figured doggos are elegant from every aspect, protective for their humans, and the perfect guardians.

Azawakh History

The Azawakh breed is relatively ancient, originating from the Sahelian regions of Niger, Burkina, and Niger. These canines are experts at hunting and guarding, as they originally protected the Tuareg tribe. The breed was limited to the region until 1970. It was then when one of the tribe members gifted the canine to a Yugoslavian diplomat.

It was the beginning of their popularity worldwide, though the Azawakh were much mistaken for the Sloughi-Azawakh. The breed only gained its actual name in 1980, followed by recognition by the American Kennel Club in 2011. These doggos are still rare in regions outside the Sahara, though they are gaining popularity through the day.

Azawakh Characteristics

Azawakhs have a beautiful lean body, so much so that their ribs and muscles are visible through their skin. These pups are relatively thin, swift, and walk with a cat-like gait. They have a knack for running, and thus, you can easily maintain their original stature with little exercise.

How Big Do Azawakh Get

Though their bodies are short, the Azawakhs have considerably long legs and grow up to be 24-29 inches in height. These medium-sized doggos can weigh around 35-55 pounds during their adulthood. However, you must ensure a regular diet and sufficient diet to prevent these pooches from obesity.

How Long Does Azawakh Live

Azawakhs have an average life span and will live with you for around 12 to 15 years. That said, the breed does have a few major health concerns, which is why you must care for their health. Take them for regular vet checks and provide a healthy living environment.

How Much Does an Azawakh Cost

The Azawakh is one of the most expensive breeds out there. Despite its low popularity, the canine boasts impressive qualities like speed, intelligence, independence, and elegance, and guarding instincts. Resultantly, these pooches cost around $2500-$3000.

Azawakh Temperament/Personality

Azawakhs love to run around, which is why a house with a fenced lawn would be the best for them. However, they develop a strong bond with their human family and do well in a closed apartment.

These canines may not do best with young children, mostly when left alone. Therefore, you must always supervise them around kids. However, they can soon adapt to older children who know how to treat dogs with care.

On the one hand, these pooches hold extra affection for their human pack. They can be aggressive or less-friendly with strangers. The same goes for cats and dogs from the neighborhood. Early socialization will help you teach your Azawakh to mingle with others, especially if you have other pets.

It is imperative to train these canines from a young age. You must start with their training as soon as you bring them home. Even if they are eight years old, these doggos are intelligent enough to grasp anything you teach them.

Caring for Azawakh

Though Azawakhs do not require a lot of grooming, they need some training, done best by experienced individuals. Additionally, they cannot bear the cold weather and need extra attention during the colder months. That said, here are a few essential factors that you must practice to care for the Azawakh.

Azawakh Nutrition

To maintain their beautiful, lean build and suffice for their energy, Azawakhs require quality dog food. You can decide the amount according to the pup’s age. However, it must primarily be low in protein. That said, these pups can also be big-time couch potatoes. So, though giving treats while training will help, you must watch the doggo’s calorie consumption to avoid obesity.

How to Groom an Azawakh

Primarily due to their light coat, Azawakhs have considerably fewer grooming requirements. You only need to brush the puppy once a week and bathe once in 3-4 months. It will help if you tend to their long nails and tooth hygiene. Nails can hamper the doggo’s movement, while dirty teeth might give way to diseases.

Azawakh Activity Levels

The Azawakh was bred to chase Gazzeles and perform hunting activities, which is why the doggo has high energy levels. Still, taking the doggo on a brisk walk or run for 20-30 minutes should be enough to maintain its health. To feed the lad’s intelligent side, you must ensure to incorporate some mind games in the doggo’s regime.

Caring for Azawakh

Your friends may call the Azawakh weak or under-nutrition, but you must know how these puppies are. Do not overfeed them as obesity is terrible for the canine. Apart from that, you need to train the dog sufficiently to ensure they mingle with other pets and people.

That said, you must remember to practice a friendly approach with the proud baby. If you do not treat them well, Azawakhs can get highly-aggressive or overly low-spirited. It would be best to make it clear that you are the alpha while showering all your affection simultaneously.

Azawakh Health

The Azawakh is a healthy doggo on average. So, if you cater to its nutrition and activity requirements, your doggo will be thriving. That said, it can be challenging to understand this breed’s condition. Therefore, you must thoroughly learn about the canine’s healthy appearance and size.

A few major health concerns of the Azawakh include hypothyroidism, wobbler’s syndrome, and seizures. Another primary issue is spondylosis, which is a problem in the spine. You must ensure that your Azawakh gets enough exercise every day to avoid any such health issues.

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