Bagle Hound Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bagle Hound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDo you love the floppy ears of the Basset Hound and the mischievous yet friendly nature of the Beagle? The Bagle Hound is hybrid, perfectly reflecting both its breed parents’ best qualities—the Basset Hound and the Beagle. These canines will entice you with their large eyes and extremely lovesome nature.

While Bagle Hounds may vary in their exact traits, taking some from both parents, all of them have balanced activity levels. They inherit the energetic drive of Beagles and laziness of Basset Hounds. Overall, the Bagle Hound is a perfect family pup, showcasing loyalty and strong guarding skills.

Bagle Hound History

Being a designer doggie, the Bagle Hound has a relatively short history. It was only developed around the 1980s and gained popularity through the next few years. However, both its parent breeds have a rich history of centuries.

Both—the Basset Hound and the Beagle were bred to be scent hounds, specifically for hunting rabbits and hares. While the Basset is known to live since the 1500s, the Beagle was produced in the 1800s. Today, the American Kennel Club recognizes both the canine breeds as purebreds of the hound group.

Bagle Hound Characteristics

Bagle Hounds may differ in the number of characteristics they adopt from each of their parents. You can still expect a relatively larger body than a Beagel’s with shorter limbs like the Basset. They have slightly-curved lips, large, hazel-colored eyes, and a square head.

How Big Do Bagle Hound Get

Bagle Hounds do not get too tall, though they may have an elongated body. On average, this pup will weigh around 25 to 55 pounds with a height of 12 to 15 inches. These doggos are mostly small to medium in size, easy for all types of owners.

How Long Does Bagle Hound Live

With average diet and exercise requirements, Bagle Hounds lead a considerably healthy life. Your puppy may live for around 10 to 15 years, given you take the pup to regular vet checks. Also, it would be best if you pay attention to the canine’s health conditions.

How Much Does a Bagle Hound Cost

Bagle Hound puppies are incredibly adorable, and though they are not too popular, they can be expensive. You can usually buy a healthy pup for around $700-$1500. That said, you must cross-check the canine’s history and pedigree before getting the furball home.

Bagle Hound Temperament/Personality

Bagle Hounds are one of the best breeds to mingle with, which is why they are known for their companionship. The puppies get extremely friendly with just about anyone but are at their best around their human pack.

These puppies will adapt to your living conditions and travel with you in your vehicle without any fuss. However, you must not leave the baby alone at home as Bagle Hounds can suffer from separation anxiety.

When it comes to pets and guests, these canines are the perfect babies. They will get along with both—doggos and humans. However, you may need to socialize them with cats. They also love spending time playing with kids, but you must teach the younger children to behave well.

Overall, Bagle Hounds are relatively obedient little puppies with high energy levels, so they should be easy to train. Also, they are intelligent doggos who would do anything to please their humans. Still, make sure not to be harsh or rude with the puppy as a Bagle Hound is also stubborn to an extent.

Caring for Bagle Hound

Bagle Hounds have a short coat and easy to groom to a certain extent. However, owing to their hound ancestors, they have high physical and mental activity requirements. With little knowledge about their nutrition and health needs, you can care for your Bagle Hound perfectly-well.

Bagle Hound Nutrition

Bagle Hounds are considerably prone to obesity and will eat everything that you serve them. Therefore, you must give them two separate meals in small quantities. That said, make sure that the meals are rich in protein and nutrition. You can choose the commercial kibble but try to add quality meat to suffice their protein requirement.

How to Groom a Bagle Hound

Bagle Hounds do not require a lot of brushing because they shed moderately. Still, you must brush them once a week to help keep doggie odors at bay. Two areas that require special grooming are their large ears and occasional drool. Check the ears to prevent wax and diseases, and wipe around their mouth regularly.

Bagle Hound Activity Levels

Due to their balanced activity levels, these canines do not demand a lot of exercise. Still, around 30 minutes of daily exercise is quintessential. You can incorporate this in the form of an active play session, running, or long walks. That said, make sure not to take this pup swimming as it can be considerably challenging for them.

Caring for Bagle Hound

Though a Bagle Hound can be your perfect companion to binge-watch your favorite show, lack of activity can bore the pooch. You need to take the doggo outdoors every day, even if for a short while. Otherwise, they may get destructive to some extent.

These are energetic and intelligent puppies and need to shed their energy one way or the other. Apart from that, these pups require moderate temperatures at all times. Please do not take them out without a coat during temperatures below 40°F or leave them outdoors above 80°F.

Bagle Hound Health

The Bagle Hound inherits some major diseases from both its parent breeds. These can be mild concerns like bloating, obesity, eye problems, or severe ones like hip dysplasia, ear infection, or MLS.

The Musladin Lueke Syndrome is rare but comes from Beagels and is quite severe. It can affect the skin and organs of the canine. Additionally, Bagle Hounds may be highly prone to bone problems. You must make regular vet checks and pay attention to the canine’s health to avoid such conditions.

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