Banter Bulldogge Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Banter Bulldogge Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Banter Bulldogge is a cross designer dog breed between various breeds of Bulldog and purebred Boxer. This dog can be between medium to large and has a playful characteristic. They are quite loyal, loving, and protective of their owners. These dogs respond well to positive training and consistent commands.

Banter Bulldogge History

The Banter Bulldogge was created by Todd Tripp and is a hybrid between a purebred Boxer and several Bulldog breeds such as American Bulldog, AmStaff, etc. Tripp started this breed with a meticulous selection of the Bulldog breed. The name was given to this particular breed due to its happy, good-natured, and witty attitude.

Todd Tripp wanted to create this breed as a recreation of the Brabanter Bullenbeisser that was quite famous during the 1700s. This breed is a complete family dog and is protective and loyal to its owners. They can settle nicely into a loving family and are always happy to participate in different family activities.

Banter Bulldogge Characteristics

The breed has a substantial and muscular build with a rugged appearance. Due to the cross between two very powerful dog breeds, the Banter Bulldogge has a thick and robust neck with muscular legs, contoured cheek, and wide-body structure. They also come in several colors with average coat density.

How Big Do Banter Bulldogge Get

These affectionate dogs can grow between 16 – 25 inches in the male breed and between 14 – 23 inches in females. Their weight can range between 50 to 85 lbs in males and 50 – 75 lbs in females. The height and weight of these dogs are directly proportional to each other.

How Long Does Banter Bulldogge Live

Banter Bulldogge has the standard life expectancy as other dog breeds. With proper care and routine exercises, they can live up to 12 to 13 years. This breed can suffer from some common health issues found in their parent breeds. Make sure you look out for symptoms of any emerging health issues for quick solutions.

How Much Does a Banter Bulldogge Cost

The average cost of a Banter Bulldogge will be somewhere around $750. Ensure that you buy the breed from a reputable breeder that has kept the puppy in proper health and maintained breeding standards. It is always good to adopt puppies and give them a new home instead of buying one.

Banter Bulldogge Temperament/Personality

The hybrid’s built and structure can confuse anyone thinking that this is a strict and serious dog. However, the doggo’s personality and temperament is quite the opposite of its stout appearance. These dogs are amiable and have a happy disposition.

Very easy to train through positive reinforcements, these dogs will do whatever it takes to make their owners happy. They are a very obedient breed and fiercely protective of their owners. The Banter Bulldogge loves playing with children and might like to play rough sometimes, though not in a vindictive way.

These breeds can grow well in a household with an authoritative figure but give pleasant and consistent commands. They do not respond well to harsh speed and can act better when in a friendly environment. Since they are quite friendly dogs, households with frequent visitors will face no issue with this breed.

They bond very strongly with their owner’s family and are reliable breeds. Loyalty and immeasurable affections are their two main traits that make it a very favorable dog to keep at home. The Banter Bulldogge is a great companion if you have a loving family with children who can spend time with their pet.

Caring For Banter Bulldogge

Caring for this lovable breed is not much of a hassle. Knowing what to do and what to avoid will help you maintain your Banter Bulldogge and give them a carefree environment.

Banter Bulldogge Nutrition

This canine needs high-quality food that is specifically designed for them. Make sure you go for premium food brands that do not contain allergens and artificial ingredients. You can go for multiple feedings but not more than two or three cups of dry canine food each day. In case you are opting for canned food, reduce the food amount so that they do not gain weight.

How to Groom a Banter Bulldogge

To maintain your dog’s coat, we recommend you indulge in routine brushing and combing from time to time. Bathing the canine every day is not necessary, but make sure you do before they start stinking. Use a canine soap that is not harsh on their skin. Keep their ears clean and trim the toenails carefully. Also, brush their teeth everyday right from when they are a puppy.

Banter Bulldogge Activity Levels

Banter Bulldogge requires proper workouts every day since they are quite energetic dogs. It would help if you took them out for walks daily and included them in your jogging schedule. Ensure you engage them properly in any physical activity since they like to have fun instead of following strict, rigorous activity schedules. Bring out fun methods using which you and your family can play with your dog.

Caring For Banter Bulldogge

This breed is very affectionate and needs lots of love and care to grow healthy and happy. The only thing to need to pay attention to is their food intake. Since they are powerful dogs, feeding more than the required amount can lead to quick weight gain. Additionally, they need proper food quantity, as feeding less would weaken them.

Since they are friendly dogs, you need to spend a lot of time with them. They grow better in an environment where they receive lots of attention. Have scheduled exercise and outdoor fun time with them where they can let out their energy. Grooming is essential to ensure clean and hygienic physical condition.

Banter Bulldogge Health

Though the Banter Bulldogge is a reasonably healthy breed and does not have any significant health issues, they can inherit their parent breeds’ issues. You should check if any symptoms could be the emergence of some significant health issues. Even though it is hard to understand whether the puppy has inherited any major health concerns, proper care and check up can help a lot.

Some of the common issues that this breed could face are heart problems, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and bloating. Other problems include hypothyroidism, eye problems, cancer, and allergies.

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