Baskimo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Baskimo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowDo you wonder what happens when you breed spitz and hound together? Somebody was a step ahead of you as they already experimented and bred them together, and the result is Baskimo. Baskimo is a cross between Basset Hound and spitz, American Eskimo. Their loving and caring personality makes them a friendly family dog.

With combined traits of both Basset Hound and American Eskimo, Baskimo is indeed a wonderful dog to have around you. If you want an enthusiastic and affectionate dog, here is everything you should know about Baskimo.

Baskimo History

Baskimo is a 21st-century hybrid, but there is not enough information available anywhere. However, the relatively new designer breed is recognized by International Designer Canine Registry and Designer Kennel Club. The Dog Registry of America and American Hybrid Club also gave its recognition.

In contrast, the Baskimo parents do enjoy a colorful history. American Eskimo, ‘the dog beautiful,’ comes from the Northern Spitz family in Germany. It was known as German Spitz before coming to America. The Basset Hound was popular as hunting dogs. They came to the United States in the Colonial Period but got recognition from American Kennel Club in 1935.

Baskimo Characteristics

In terms of its appearance, Baskimo has borrowed coat and coloring style from Basset Hound and the elongated body from American Eskimo. The breed is known for their intelligence and high energy; thus, they are easy to train. They are welcoming and affectionate towards other pets and people. 

How Big do Baskimo Get

The medium-sized dog breed has an elongated body such that they grow up to 10-13 inches in height. As far as weight is concerned, the male Baskimo usually weighs between 26-40 pounds, and the female Baskimo weighs 22-33 pounds. The size and weight also depend on the genes of the parents they inherit.

How Long Does Baskimo Live

Baskimo has the average lifespan of a canine. With adequate nutrition and care, they can live up to fifteen years. However, the minimum life expectancy of the designer breed is 12 years. The breed also inherits health problems from their parent’s lineage. So, it would be best if you look out for the symptoms and changes in their behavior. 

How Much Does a Baksimo Cost

Currently, the cost of Basset Hound and American Eskimo mix is somewhere between $400 to $675. The cost of Baskimo depends highly on the breeder. Make sure you adopt the dog from a local animal shelter or reputable breeder. Ensure that the breeder can provide you with the health certificates of the dog.  

Baskimo Temperament/ Personality

Being loyal, intelligent, and friendly, Baskimo is easy to please. They do not have a dominating tendency, but you should establish your leadership to effectively train your dog. As Basset Hound is stubborn, Baskimo has also inherited stubbornness and may act like that during training sessions.

Baskimo does not like to be the center of attention but loves to stay close to family members. They make excellent watchdogs because of their exceptional sense of smell. No doubt, Baskimo is also referred to as scent hounds. That’s why they are careful around strangers.

Baskimo is known for its caring and playful nature. They behave well around children, and their medium-size won’t cause any injury. However, children should be gentle not to trigger any hidden aggressiveness. Also, you should slowly socialize your Baskimo with children at an early age to promote a healthy relationship.

Basset Hound comes from a hunting background, yet, Baskimo behaves well with other pets. Still, there remains a slight chance that your dog might chase non-canine and small furry pets.

Caring For Baskimo

Being a loyal and obedient dog, they are medium-maintenance dogs. But, you should know about what is beneficial and what is not to help them live a healthy life ahead.

Baskimo Nutrition

According to experts, you should provide only high-quality dry kibble containing an adequate amount of carbohydrates, good fats, and protein to your Baskimo. It will help if you keep in mind that different sized dog has a different dietary requirement. So, feed your Baskimo with an appropriate quantity that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

How to Groom a Baskimo

Baskimo is not a heavy shedder, but if they borrow the heavy coat from American Eskimo, you need to regularly brush the coat to reduce shedding. On the other hand, if your Baskimo has a short coat, brushing once a week is sufficient. You can avoid bathing your dog frequently as they do not have a strange dog odor.

Baskimo Activity Levels

Because of the Basset Hound lineage, Baskimo is susceptible to obesity. Therefore, they need to exercise regularly to remain healthy throughout their life. Insufficient physical activities can result in mischievous behavior.  Due to their short legs, they enjoy running. Try to take them out for a long walk and let them run in the park.

Caring for Baskimo

Apart from grooming, Baskimo is vulnerable to ear infections, which is common in dogs with floppy ears. Make sure you clean their ears with a wet cotton ball. Also, inspect and clean their hair, mouth, and eyes where debris might get collected once a week.

Whether Baskimo has a long coat or short coat, they can adapt well in extreme cold weather conditions. That is because both Basset Hound and American Eskimo come from cold regions. In contrast, they adapt well in hot weather but shed more.

Baskimo Health

Baskimo is a result of two healthy pure breed dogs. That’s why the designer dog is not exposed to many health problems. But, obesity can become the cause of concern. Lack of exercise and inadequate diet also lead to health complications.

Other minor problems include ear & eye infections and hip dysplasia. You should check their eyes and eyes for lousy smell or fluid accumulation. Still, it is advised to visit your vet regularly to identify the problems before it gets worse. 

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