Basque Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

One Year Old Basque Shepherd Male Dog.The Basque Shepherd is quite a rare and exceptional Spanish dog breed. These big beautiful dogs will not only protect you but also adapt to your environment very well. They’ll adore and be loved by your children as well, despite their ferocious demeanor with any threat.

These intelligent dogs have shiny golden coats and are quite the lookers. You’ll find them bursting with energy at any given time. If you’re considering getting one for your family, be ready for some regular playtime! Read on as we take you through every character and charm of this unique dog breed.

Basque Shepherd History

The Basque Shepherd dog breed gained popularity and recognition around 1996 in the northern part of Spain as a sheepdog. It was a traditional dog breed of the people in the Basque country. Also, there were two main variants, Iletsua and Gorbeiakoa, both of which got officially recognized by the government in 2001.

The most exciting part is that they originate from mainland Europe and have reproduced and evolved naturally. You may have noticed that most modern breeds involve some human intervention, but this dog breed is all-natural. They also have historical depictions in 1000 years old caves that tell the story of their ancestors.

Basque Shepherd Characteristics

The Basque Shepherd breed typically has a rectangular and robust body with a gorgeous golden coat. However, you may even run into one with a red, copper, black, fawn, or even a blue coat. They also have a striking similarity with German Shepherds but have different temperaments.

How Big to Basque Shepherd Get

These are generally medium to large-sized sheepdogs and live a very active lifestyle to burn off the energy. Your female Shepherd will be around 46cm to 53cm tall, while the male counterpart will stand at 52 cm to 58 cm. Also, a fully matured dog will weigh somewhere around 17kg to 36 kg.

How Long Does Basque Shepherd Live

Your Basque Shepherd, under normal circumstances, will lead a long and healthy life of 12 to 15 years. However, you must watch out for some ailments like heart defects, ear, and eye infections. We have explained these later in the article.

How Much Does a Basque Shepherd Cost

You can get yourself one of these lovely dogs at anywhere between $1200-$1800. However, we encourage you to adopt a dog instead of buying one.

Basque Shepherd Temperament/ Personality

These dogs are full of energy and are pretty quick learners. To top it off, they are adaptable and will follow through on your commands. Adding that to their agility and intelligence, they justify the tag of being sheepdogs or herding dogs.

These angels will love to please you and will demand your affection in return. Additionally, they’re quite famous for being territorial and will strive to protect you at all costs. You will observe that they’re all cuddly at home but will stand tall and act as guard dogs with strangers.

They are adorable and will handle kids with the utmost care, and that’s why they make great family dogs. They’ll get along with any pets you have, but it takes some bonding time for that to happen. They are also quick to socialize once they are confident of the stranger’s intention with you and your family.

Caring for Basque Shepherd

These dogs are not very demanding, except for craving your love and attention. You need to follow a few simple guidelines with sincerity. Here are some notable aspects to help you care for them.

Basque Shepherd Nutrition

As these dogs are medium to large-sized, they naturally require enough food to maintain that muscular body. However, your portions should be proper so that you don’t overfeed them, as it could lead to obesity. You can feed them dry dog food of high quality, and they also relish any active breed formula.

How to Groom a Basque Shepherd

While these low-maintenance dogs don’t require a lot of pampering, they shed moderately with their long and thick coats. You can brush them once every day or even alternate days, depending on the climate. For maintaining a healthy and full coat, you should not bathe them regularly. However, you must keep their ears wax-free and brush their teeth regularly once they mature.

Basque Shepherd Activity Levels

Basque Shepherds are very energetic and demand active lifestyles to stay healthy; otherwise, they encounter obesity. To prevent them from becoming depressed or angry, you must take them for regular walks or playtime in the park. They enjoy running immensely and would love it if you play fetch with them. It’s best if you have a yard or house garden or you have a few parks nearby.

Caring for Basque Shepherd

By now, you must understand that these dogs are not high-maintenance. All you have to do is, take them out frequently, feed them well and give them some love. If you don’t meet these needs, they can turn destructive for both others and themselves.

Since they can adapt to all climates, this factor will not pose an issue for you. It is best to keep in touch with a good vet in your locality for feeding and health-related guidance. They are vulnerable to specific health conditions, and you must watch out for these.

Basque Shepherd Health

These dogs are generally lively and healthy as they are a pure breed and are free of any genetic diseases. However, specific health problems like bloating and ear infections can cause a lot of inconveniences. Bloating will make them highly stressed and devoid of liveliness.

You must steer clear of ear infections in humid climates and stay in touch with a vet for regular checkups. It would help if you also watched out for hip dysplasia as it can lead to lameness and lots of pain. For this, they must not be over-weight, and you can treat it with the proper medication.

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