Bassador Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Bassador Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowA Bassador or Basador dog breed is created by crossbreeding a Basset Hound with a Labrador Retriever, thus deriving its name. These two breeds are very different in terms of characteristics and appearance, making a Bassador quite interesting. Due to this unusual mix, the resultant Bassador is very unpredictable, and you’ll have to see how its personality unfolds.

This mixed breed is relatively famous for its excellent personality and loyalty. Rest assured, your companion dog will be a great hunter and would have a very pleasing demeanor. Read on as we take you through this exciting and unique breed and how to care for it.

Bassador History

A Bassador is a designer missed breed that became popular in North America in the late 1990s. One understandable reason behind the popularity was the unpredictability of the dog breed. The pups from this mix could take after any parent and look utterly different from each other.

While the Basset hounds were widely adopted around the late 20th century, they were not as favored before that. Even the Labradors, for that matter, nearly became extinct in the 1980s. Fortunately, for the past two decades, Bassadors have been well-loved.

Bassador Characteristics

While it’s impossible to predict this hybrid’s characteristics completely, they all have beautiful, round, and expressive eyes. You can also count on them as your companion. As both the parent breeds are handsome, Bassadors mostly turn out to be good-looking.

How Big to Bassador Get

You can choose a Bassador from a wide range of sizes, typically from 13 to 20 inches at shoulder level. They have distinct short and somewhat stocky legs that are even curved inwards in some Bassadors. This trait is inherited from the Basset Hounds and can lead to back problems later. Your Bassador will weigh somewhere around 45 to 70 pounds, but there are some exceptions.

How Long Does Bassador Live

Your Bassador will likely live for 10-13 years if it’s healthy and well brought up. You must stay in touch with a locally trusted vet and take it for frequent checkups for long life.

How Much Does a Bassador Cost

You can find and adopt a Bassador very quickly, and buying one will cost you around $300 to $800. If you purchase a neutered and dewormed one from a reputed breeder, then it can also start from $450. However, adding the upkeep and health costs to the mix will take it up to 1200$.

Bassador Temperament/Personality

Depending on which parent your Bassador takes after, the personality can vary. However, it will be good-natured, friendly but with an independent streak, making for an adaptable family dog. It may also be a little stubborn at times, but chances are it will be even-tempered and amiable.

You must not leave your Bassador alone or make it feel alienated as it will crave your company despite being independent. If it leans towards the Basset Hound traits, it can behave somewhat aloof with strangers. However, this can be reversed with training, socializing, and conditioning if the Labrador side is prominent.

As this breed is equipped with a prey drive, you must exercise caution when they are in the company of other pets. Cats and Bassadors don’t usually get along, so you must train your dog to curb this tendency. On the brighter side, they have high sensitivity to scents, and this trait can prove helpful at times.

Caring for Bassador

Your Bassador is not very demanding, and you only need to follow a few simple care tips. Read on to discover the best ways to care for your pet.

Bassador Nutrition

It will help if you set a fixed feeding schedule for your Bassador to avoid over-feeding it as it quickly becomes overweight. You must feed it high-quality dog food that’s suitable for medium-sized dogs. The feeding portions would also change as it ages, so it’s best to consult a good vet in your locality.

How to Groom a Bassador

You can not predict its coat color as even the parent breeds come in a variety of colors. Despite having different colors, all Bassadors have short, dense coats that start stinking easily, so you should frequently bathe them. Also, to avoid getting overheated, you must keep your coat cool. You must also wipe-out the wrinkles on its face regularly.

Bassador Activity Levels

Bassadors are great and quick learners despite their short attention span. Adding to that, they have a strong prey drive, and thus they require medium to high regular activity. With some training, your Bassador can make for a supportive therapy dog. Your dog may also be lazy at times but will be well-mannered. To maintain good health, you must take it for long walks and engage in short but fun playtime.

Caring for Bassador

As the energy levels of bassadors vary, you can utilize the playtime for training them by using tricks such as positive reinforcement. You must also avoid overfeeding them, and you should take them for regular walks. Please take it to the vet regularly as its diet needs to be regulated with changes in age and environment.

A considerate thing you can do is placing steps around tall pieces of furniture at your place. As Bassadors have short legs but long bodies, this will help them climb up without affecting their backs. Also, don’t forget to check its ear for any dirt and pests as it’s prone to ear infections.

Bassador Health

Depending upon the predominant traits of a Bassador, you can determine its health risks. Generally, they are susceptible to bloating, ear infections, and glaucoma, which can be quite an inconvenience for them. It can even impact its attitude and mood so, you must visit the vet regularly.

As mentioned before, their stocky bodies pose a problem for them. Your dog may suffer from frequent backaches and even hip joint dysplasia. To avoid that, you must make necessary changes to its lifestyle and stay in touch with a doctor.

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