Basset Bordeaux Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Basset Bordeaux Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Basset Bordeaux is a true example of an affectionate watchdog. This breed sees its origin in France. This breed was produced to be a hunting companion about 20 years ago. Now it is one of the most loving pet dogs that you can find in American houses.

This breed is very loyal to the owners and has a gentle and mellow nature. They socialize very easily and make a perfect friend for your child in the growing years. Basset Bordeaux likes to take part in the occasional social barking sprees. They are pretty easy to maintain and do not require a lot of effort when it comes to grooming.

Basset Bordeaux History

The Basset Bordeaux is a cross between the Basset hound and the Dogue de Bordeaux. The primary reason why this breed was bred was to get a companion for hunting. It combines the excellent smelling power and hunting skills of the parent breeds, making it an ideal choice for the sport. They were also produced to obtain a breed that is a very strong watchdog, a trait that it retains very strongly.

The breed is not considered to be very ancient when it comes to origin. It is believed that it was produced only about twenty years ago. Though produced for a rough and aggressive sport, today, this breed is all about licks and cuddles. It made to the heart of families with children as well bachelors looking for cuddling mate.

Basset Bordeaux Characteristics

The Basset Bordeaux has many adorable and friendly traits that make it a perfect fit for every house. They are low maintenance, playful, friendly, and adjusting, making them a furry family member.

How Big to Basset Bordeaux Get

This breed falls in the medium dogs category. So, there are no surprises when it comes to size. They grow up to a height of 14 to 30 inches, with the length being slightly more than the same. They can weigh about 60 to 145 lbs.

How Long Does Basset Bordeaux Live

The Basset Bordeaux have a life expectancy similar to any French hound. With proper care and nourishment, you can expect this dog to live a healthy life for about 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does a Basset Bordeaux Cost

The cost of a Basset Bordeaux can range anywhere between $500 to $1000. Being a bit of a costly affair, make sure to check the breeding facilities before you make a purchase. If you are interested in adoption, you can contact any of the small dog rescue groups.

Basset Bordeaux Temperament/Personality

As mentioned earlier, you should not be worried about aggression or wrath being a problem with the Basset Bordeaux. This a very kind and gentle breed that gels well in a household. Their small size and loving nature make them a great companion for kids. Though they are not very jumpy and hyperactive, make sure to not leave your child unsupervised with them.

This breed also adjusts well with other pets. However, you might want to keep your pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, etc., at a distance. This is because the breed has a prey drive that it inherits from the parent breed. They might chase or harm small pets due to a certain genetic development.

Being of small and adorable size, they can fit right on your lap. They make great travel companions and will sit like a calm human being next to you. Since they don’t shed a lot, you don’t have to worry about your car seat covers getting ruined by the fur.

Caring for Basset Bordeaux

You don’t have to trouble yourself much when it comes to caring for this breed. They are easy to maintain when it comes to grooming and physical training. 

Basset Bordeaux Nutrition

The amount of food to be fed is decided by the size of the dog and the physical activity they go through regularly. Being a medium-built dog, 2.5 to 3 cups of food spread across two meals is sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of this breed. Make sure the food is of superior quality and has a balance of all the nutrients.

How to Groom a Basset Bordeaux

The Basset Bordeaux has very dense, smooth, and short. It does not shed aggressively but requires regular grooming to maintain the quality of the fur. Brushing the coat once every week and bathing twice a month is enough to maintain the health of the coat.


The breed is known to have a drooling issue. So, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness around the mouth to avoid any infections. The nails of the Basset Bordeaux also grow thick and quickly; make sure to clip them frequently.

Basset Bordeaux Activity Levels

The Basset Bordeaux is known for its lazy and couch potato attitude. Though they enjoy frequent napping and relaxing, they need to have some amount of physical work. Two long walks a day is enough to meet their exercise requirement.

You can also take them for running or on slow-paced hikes and enjoy the company of the most adorable trek partner.

Caring for Basset Bordeaux

The only care that this breed requires is lots of love and affection. They are not very difficult to maintain. Just keep their fur clean and provide them with healthy food and nutritious meals. They will grow healthy and happy in your house.

Basset Bordeaux Health

The Basset Bordeaux have the common canine problems that are observed in most dogs. They are not very susceptible to medical complications, but you must be on the lookout for some age-related problems. Regular vet visits will help you stay aware of any medical conditions that might be mushrooming up.

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