Basset Retriever Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Basset Retriever Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Basset Retriever is a hybrid breed of Basset Hound and Golden Retriever. This breed acquired both parents’ characteristics, so it isn’t easy to find which breed is more prevailing in it. As this breed came from a hunting background, the Basset Retriever may also have a desire to hunt, but they go well with kids.

If your dog is playful, energetic, and loyal, it has more of the Golden Retriever characters. On the other hand, if your dog has a laid-back, lazy, and difficult personality, it has more from Basset Hound.

Basset Retriever History

Basset Retriever came into being almost 10 to 15 years ago, so; there is not much we know about it. For generations, it has been utilized as a hunting dog but was first evolved in France during the seventh century. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Basset made its way to America, and it takes no time to be notable, both as chasing and as a partner dog.

Basset Retrievers are full of life and have a delicate character which made them well known in the US. Their popularity increased in 1932 when they were first enrolled as a breed because of their intelligence, liveliness, and free spirit.

Basset Retriever Characteristics

The major colors of Basset Retriever are black, chocolate, golden, and white. It is stumpy and lower to ground as Basset Hound while the fur is shiny and soft by keeping the facial highlights of Golden Retriever. The Basset Retriever can cheerfully live in all environments and is adaptive.

How Big to Basset Retriever Get

The Basset Retriever mostly weighs between 40 to 70 pounds, and its height ranges around 10 to 14 inches. They possibly are short-legged with a long body or either less furred. They can get obesity, so keeping an eye on their weight is a must.

How Long Does Basset Retriever Live


The life span of a healthy Basset Retriever is between 10 to 12 years. It is said that mixed and lighter breed dogs live long; on the other hand, mixed and heavy breed dogs have a short life expectancy.

How Much Does a Basset Retriever Cost

The average price of a Basset Retriever puppy is $650 to $950, depending on the dominant mixed breed’s size and physical appearance.

Basset Retriever Temperament/Personality

The Basset Retriever is a gentle dog with a little bit of manner disposition but lovely, social, friendly, and of the most loyal to their family and homeowners. They are energetic and get along with kids and other pet animals, e.g., cats, hares, etc.

This breed is affectionate and intelligent, too, and needs many mental and physical simulations due to their hunting background as long as they get some physical exercises to stay healthy. They can do well in all types of home sizes but do their best with active families who have kids or other pets.

Like a little puppy, it will need affection and more time to socialize with other small animals and pets. It’s also important to train your child to handle them properly due to their low, slung back, which will cause serious joint issues in later life.

Caring for Basset Retriever

Do regular veterinary checkups to develop a health care routine. Also, their folded ears need special attention, so they don’t get any infections. Never let your Basset Retriever get bored, and let him play in an area where he can freely socialize.

Basset Retriever Nutrition

Basset Retriever is high in energy. As they are medium-sized dogs, they need a healthy diet to avoid weight gain, joint issues, and other health problems. Feed them 2-3 small food portions per day and prevent feeding food with carbohydrates, which causes weight gain. This breed can be prone to bloat, so you must ensure exercising.

How to Groom a Basset Retriever

Brushing Basset Retriever’s coat once a week is more than enough as they are not a heavy shedding breed. Bathing can be done once a month after they go outside and get their selves dirty. Also, wipe their ears with cotton swab after every wash to avoid infections. Their nails need a trim after a couple of weeks. Ask a vet about regular teeth brushing as they are more prone to dental issues.

Basset Retriever Activity Levels

Basset Retriever has obesity issues, so he needs some activity to burn that fat off. They adjust themselves in small apartments but need a walk once or twice a day. When you go outside, put on a leash as they have a sense of hunting, but if they are enclosed in a yard, then it is fine.

Caring for Basset Retriever

Usually, basset retrievers have a special vaccine than other dogs, which can be done at 6- to 8-week-old puppies. Ask a breeder for their health insurance and records. As it’s an active breed, so they must need an hour for daily exercising. It’s good when they have a free place to socialize with other animals.

After a couple of weeks, trim their nails and check their paws after outdoor activities to avoid further issues. Try to brush their teeth almost once or twice a week. Make a routine for your doggy as it is difficult to divert from this routine once it is developed.

Basset Retriever Health

Basset Retriever is considered a healthy dog with no major health conditions. But it’s difficult to say what they can inherit from their mixed-breed parents. Most common ailments in Basset Retriever include eye issues, joint issues as elbow dysplasia, dental, ear infections, palate dysfunction, etc.

It’s important to visit the concerned vet regularly to schedule a monthly checkup and occasional tests of the eye, ear, teeth, elbow, x-rays, and blood tests. Also, vaccinate them and be prepared for any emergency.

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