Basset Shepherd Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Basset Shepherd Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Basset Shepherd is a mixed mix of the Basset Hound and German Shepherd. Having the longish body and short legs of a Basset Hound, it has a German Shepherd’s long and square muzzle.

It is a medium-sized dog that is easily maintained. Still not suitable for you if you have a dog around for the very first time. Acquaint yourself with a great deal of information on handling dogs, gaining some experience, and then going for this one. Read on this article to know all about the Basset Shepherd!

Basset Shepherd History

As a hybrid dog, the Basset Shepherd got no recognition from the American Kennel Club. Yet both of its parents are AKC accepted, having long-standing histories. The Basset Hound was used as a hunting dog owing to its great sense of smell. It originated in France in the 7th century and came to the US in the 19th century. It was used mainly as a hunter due to its great sense of smell. It became famous after coming to the US in the early 19th century.

In sharp comparison, the second parent of Basset Shepherd, i.e., German Shepherd, is relatively less old than Basset Hound and originated in 19th century Germany. It is a widely accepted amazing dog having all the incredible traits. Its great sense of smell and intelligence is used as a police dog, military dog, working, herding, and hunting dog. His dog’s popularity increased day by day, and AKC displayed its name on its roster in 1912.

Basset Shepherd Characteristics

The Basset Shepherd is characterized by floppy ears, shorter height, longer body, tight coat, and athletic built traits from each parent breeds. It has a pointed muzzle, curious round eyes, and a tan body. This heading includes the rest of the features of Basset Shepherd, so continue reading.

How Big to Basset Shepherd Get

A Basset Shepherd is small to a medium-sized dog that can stand approximately 12-20 inches at the withers. At the same time, its weight varies between 50-75 pounds.

How Long Does Basset Shepherd Live

You can expect your Basset Shepherd to live a life of 10-14 years. Although it is not a hard and fast estimate as your doggy is likely to tip this scale with very good care of its health and fitness.

How Much Does a Basset Shepherd Cost

Here is another plus point for having a Basset Shepherd that is a highly affordable dog. People sometimes prefer hybrids on purebreds as they are slightly cheaper. It is an uncommon hybrid dog ranging from $700 to $900 or more $500 to $600.

Basset Shepherd Temperament/Personality

Consolidating the Basset Hound and German Shepherd characters, the Basset Shepherd has a wide scope of qualities. It additionally implies that it is hard to pinpoint precisely how your canine will act. Its typical conduct will be a quiet, fearless, tender canine that is effectively teachable and incredible with children.

While the Basset Shepherd can be somewhat difficult as it inherits the hunting traits from its parents. It might be having the tendencies of nibling and chasing, never to leave it unsupervised when it is with the kids or any other pet. He is a calm, non-forceful dog with a decent disposition.

As with all other pets, this designer hybrid needs proper training and socialization in the early stages of its life. If you skip it at the right time, then you’ll be repenting later! So, make sure you train it properly with positive reinforcement to counteract the negative tendencies.

Caring for Basset Shepherd

Basset Shepherd Cane Corso is not a very demanding dog except few notable aspects of their care. It is a lovely and golden-hearted puppy that most of the time seeks your attention and love. You have to follow the mentioned aspects to care for your puppy.

Basset Shepherd Nutrition

Experts suggest a high-quality diet provided with essential nutrients for your canines. Dry dog kibble is specially formulated according to the size, age, and activity requirements, and it is better to meet your dog requirements. In general, the medium-sized Basset Shepherd three cups of kibble per day.


How to Groom a Basset Shepherd

Your Basset Shepherd isn’t viewed as a hypoallergenic dog with no significant dog odor. Keeping their coat maintained by brushing with a metal comb two times per week. You must give importance to your pup’s maintenance as it can keep it looking and feeling great.

Basset Shepherd Activity Levels

Basset Shepherd has high activity levels taken from its agile hunting and working dog parentage. It would be best to give it an hour of vigorous exercise daily to burn off the energy levels. It is not suited to live in apartments and needs open environments such as fence yards to live.

Caring for Basset Shepherd

Make sure to meet Bohemian Shepherd’s activity requirements and other requirements. Remember not to keep this doggy in apartments; rather, make it live in open environments such as yards with a fence. It is a sniffer and can be chasing after small pets, so never take it for a walk without a dog harness.

To keep your dog healthy and fit, you have to provide a high-quality diet after the vet’s recommendation. Moreover, to make it your best fellow pet, make it go through professional and positive training.

Basset Shepherd Health

In general, Basset Shepherd is known to be a healthy dog breed. Like other hybrids, it can also be a subject to some common canine health problems. These issues are infections, bloat, joint issues, ear infections, allergies, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.

Though not all the Basset Shepherd needs to be likely to get any of these, many dogs from the same breed live a wholly healthy life without a single health concern. Avoid all these health risks by taking your dog to a veterinarian doctor regularly. 

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