Beagle Chin Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Beagle Chin Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Beagle Chin is a small cute hybrid of the Beagle and the Japanese Chin. It is easy to handle and can go well in the hands of first-time pet owners. It is easy to groom and content with the love and time you give. Characterized by short, smooth fur, big expressive eyes, and inquisitive expressions, it catches your attention the first moment you look at it.

It combines the intelligence of the Beagle and the cuteness of Japanese Chin. This small, intelligent little dog is a very appealing thing to keep around you. Having a royal lapdog of China and Japan in its ancestry, this dog tends to be around you and loves to be caressed by you. If you are looking for a lovely pet as an addition to your family, this pup can be the best choice.

Beagle Chin History

The Beagle Chin is a designer dog, but as a hybrid thus, its recorded history is minimal. Let’s look at its parent to know its roots and instincts. There is a famous hare tracking dog, the Beagle, on one side of this hybrid’s parents. Its history dates back to approximately the 15th century where the artworks mark their appearance. But it became more popular after coming to America in the 1800s.

After getting recognition from the American Kennel Club in 1885, it remained among the top ten famous dogs on its roster. On the other side, the Japanese Chin was initially called Japanese Spaniel, and its origins are obscure. It is a little dog that was famous among the Chinese and Japanese royalty. It may be started in Japan when the Chinese emperor gifted this puppy to the Emperor of Japan. It got recognition from AKC in 1888 as the Japanese Spaniel, and later in 1977, that name formally changed to the Japanese Chin.

Beagle Chin Characteristics

Although the hybrids are not constant with their demeanor and characteristics, they show variations with each cross. The general appearance of Beagle Chin is a small dog with a larger skull and a square muzzle. By looks, this pup is a balanced combination of both its parent dogs.

How Big to Beagle Chin Get

Smaller with hair medium to long, the Beagle Chin weighs about 14-18 lbs. It stands approximately 13-20 inches for males and 10-12 for females. It is the average height and weight for a fully grown-up doggy, but this can vary.

How Long Does Beagle Chin Live

This designer breed is smaller in size with a comparatively longer life expectancy than other dogs under normal situations. A healthy Beagle Chin can live for about 12-15 years. Good care and supervision are required to slow down your dog’s aging.

How Much Does a Beagle Chin Cost

Irrespective of its designer dog status, the Beagle Chin is highly economical. It can range between $600 to $800 from a good and careful breeder. We recommend you first search for it in rescue homes or shelters before buying.

Beagle Chin Temperament/Personality

Beagle Chin the most outgoing, loving, and affectionate dog that attracts you with its eloquent expressions. It doesn’t hesitate to sleep in your lap and cuddle you. Ideal for an indoor dog is a very attached dog and might have a little bit of separation anxiety.

Regardless of its herding instincts, the Beagle Chin is very kind and gentle with children. Not aggressive, but it all barks seeing someone he’s not familiar with. You can reduce or counteract this thing by socializing your dog properly at its very young age.

Overall, it is a well-rounded canine that proves to be great by being protective and committed to you. This wonderful designer breed is highly recommended to any family looking for a forever friend and a permanent member of their family.

Caring for Beagle Chin

Proper knowledge of your puppy is required to meet the incredibly positive results. Act like a firm leader and responsible pet parent to keep your dog healthy and fit. Here is a list of some essential care aspects of your doggy.

Beagle Chin Nutrition

Feed your Beagle China a single cup of dry dog kibble specially formulated for the small-sized moderately active canine. The food must be of higher quality and split into 3-4 mandatory meals throughout the day. Giving food this way to your little doggo can avoid issues like bloat and obesity.

How to Groom a Beagle Chin

Maintenance of a Beagle Chin is a fairly easy task as it has a shorter soft coat. It is hypoallergenic thus can’t be irritating for the allergenic members in the house. Its coat brushing can be sufficient once or twice a week, and the rest grooming must also be as per routine.

Beagle Chin Activity Levels

The Beagle Chin is a lively pup with a playful nature but is not highly active. Able to accommodate an apartment life, it needs a daily walk outside of 30-40 minutes. It will help to avoid obesity if you let the puppy exercise moderately for some time.

Caring for Beagle Chin

Beagle Chin is an easy-to-handle dog, but you need to be very responsible and careful to fulfill its requirements. Make a routine for everything that your dog, i.e., feeding, grooming, exercise, etc., and condition it according to it.

Always treat your dog with kindness, strictly refraining from scolding and punishments. It can adapt to all environments, but you must keep it protected from extreme heat and cold. Moreover, it needs early socialization and training for a better upbringing.

Beagle Chin Health

As a Designer, Beagle China is less likely to have many health issues. Few health concerns to which it can be predisposed are Intervertebral Disc Disease, Hypothyroidism, Epilepsy, respiratory issues, kidney and liver diseases.

If treated with care followed by a regular veterinary checkup, your pup can live well without developing any health concerns. Things can go the exact opposite if you don’t follow the points mentioned above.

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