Beagle Yorkie Mix 101

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Beagle Yorkie Mix 101Have you ever heard of the Borkie? This wonderful mixed-breed dog is the offspring of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Beagle and is a great choice for people who may be looking for something other than purebred dogs. Thanks to the popularity of designer dogs, breeders were able to put these two dog breeds together to create a pup that’s as spirited as the Yorkie and as amiable as the Beagle. 

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about Yorkie Beagles, their temperament, how to care for them, and where you may be able to get one if you decide that they’re the right match for you.     

What is the Beagle Yorkie Mix? 

The offspring between these canines provides us with the perfect combination of traits from their parent breeds. Their parents’ lineage is evident upon first look; Borkies possess a coat similar to their Yorkie parent while their musculature and general frame are reminiscent of their Beagle parent. Because both their parents are born and bred hunters, these traits are reflected in the Yorkie Beagle’s bubbly and energetic demeanor.  

The Beagle Yorkie mix is known as a family-oriented dog that offers plenty of energy and love to share with everyone in the family. 

History of the Beagle Yorkie Mix 

In recent years, designer breeds have gained popularity, which has led to the creation of more mixed puppies that carry the most desirable traits from their parents. During the 1990’s, the Yorkie Beagle mix puppy was developed in the United States. While it’s not a renowned hunter like its parents, the Borkie has inherited much of its mannerisms and looks and even maintains its parents’ hunting instincts. 

While Beagles are much older breeds, they were able to pass on their zeal and loyalty as steadfast companions to their offspring, which makes them a good option for families. However, the Yorkie Beagle is still relatively unknown in the canine world since they’re still writing their history like many other designer dogs. However, the few who have experienced living and caring for these dogs will confirm that this breed has a great capacity to care, love, and keep you company. 

Beagle Yorkie Mix Appearance

You’ll be intrigued by the unique appearance of this small to medium-sized dog; it can weigh between 10 to 25 pounds and will stand around 10 to 15 inches by the shoulder. The Borkie sports a gorgeous, silky coat that’s short to medium in length; it’s also thick enough to protect them from the cold climate. These adorable dogs are available in different colors such as brown, black, gray, and pied which reflects their parents’ coat color. 

They possess a round face that sometimes features the Beagle’s floppy ears which add to their cute and endearing appearance — their tails may get the Beagle’s curve or it could be long like the Yorkie’s. Borkies come with tiny, rice-like teeth along with small, button-like eyes which are paired with shiny and black noses. Overall, this dog’s appearance is non-threatening and even comforting which makes them a good choice for families with other pets and kids.  

Beagle Yorkie Mix Temperament 

Borkies are loved for their playful and energetic nature; they will often inherit the courage and intelligence of the Yorkie along with the Beagle’s affectionate nature and sense of smell. Typically a social breed, Borkies enjoy spending time with their favorite human and are known to be loyal companions. This active breed will need regular exercise and lots of playtime — these curious dogs come with a strong chasing instinct which means that they might run off after small animals. 

Luckily, you can get their attention by giving them plenty of toys and playing interactive games; they’re also highly intelligent and will learn tricks and commands easily. While they are outgoing and social dogs, they’re also cautious around new faces, and when given the right training, they can be good guard dogs. If you consider yourself to be a serious potential owner, keep in mind that these canines will need physical and mental stimulation regularly to keep them healthy and happy. 

Beagle Yorkie Mix Care

Managing your Borkie’s care and health will require an understanding of its grooming and dietary needs but owners will also need to be aware of common health problems. 


When it comes to giving the right amount of food and nutrition to your dogs, you’ll need to create a diet that’s specifically designed for your pup according to its age, activity level, and size. Moreover, these dogs can be prone to weight gain, so it’s essential to monitor their caloric intake while avoiding overfeeding them. Look for high-quality dog food that’s packed with essential nutrients, healthy fats, and lean proteins to support their overall health. 

While both dry and wet food can be given to these dogs, be sure that they are suitable for your dog’s specific dietary needs. Just remember that a dog’s dietary requirements will change as they age.

  • Puppies: Will need more meals frequently using food that’s rich in vitamins and nutrients for their growth.
  • Adults: Bigger dogs will need to eat a balanced diet that’s portioned into two meals per day.
  • Seniors: Older dogs will need food that can be digested easily while supporting their joint health. 


Because of their coat type, the Borkie will need regular grooming to keep their fur silky and soft. Giving them a brush many times a week should reduce shedding and prevent matting. Dog owners should also keep an eye on their dog’s dental hygiene to prevent dental issues which can be achieved through dental chews and regularly brushing their teeth. 

Ear cleaning and nail trimming should also be done to prevent infections, discomfort, and possible injuries. 


Because they tend to be on the small side, your Borkie won’t need much in terms of exercise, and this can be done mainly by playing inside or outside your home. Taking them on a 45-minute walk to the dog park should be enough to keep them lean and limber. Because they’re usually considered to be moderate-activity breeds, make sure that you don’t over-exert your pup through workouts that are too intensive. 

Just remember that your Borkie can get a keen sense of smell from their Beagle side, which will prompt them to chase after the smell of smaller animals. However, this dog’s energy levels will stay within the range of breeds of this size. 


While the Borkie is known for its friendly and playful disposition which makes them a great family companion, training and socialization will be important for their growth and development. Basic training along with behavioral training will ensure that your dog understands usual commands such as stay, come, and sit. Patience and consistent training are critical for these dogs since they can inherit the Beagle’s short attention span when it sees small animals or the Yorkie’s stubborn streak.

During your training sessions, it’s important to use positive reinforcement such as praise and treats, which will reinforce good behaviors and encourage them to listen to directions. Training these dogs should begin at a young age since Beagle Yorkie mixes won’t always pick up on commands when they get older. Make sure to give them regular training that focuses on simple commands like heel, come, and more while avoiding punishment and harsh methods. 

Beagle Yorkie Mix Health Problems

The Borkie comes with an average life span of around 10 to 13 years which is pretty common for dogs of this size and breed. This hybrid dog is generally healthy but it may still inherit health issues that are common to their parents. Being vigilant and looking for signs of the conditions below can be a great way of early detection and may help you manage them easier. 

A few common conditions in these dogs include the following.

  • Patellar luxation: This is a condition where a dog’s kneecap becomes dislocated.
  • Dental disease: These can include gum disease and tooth decay. 
  • Hip dysplasia: Refers to a genetic malformation of the hips that may lead to arthritis.
  • Hypothyroidism: This thyroid disorder affects a dog’s metabolism.
  • Ear infections: A dog’s floppy ears will often trap moisture which can lead to infections.
  • Eye problems: This can include glaucoma, a condition that may lead to blindness when left untreated. 
  • Epilepsy: Seizures have been observed in these crossbreeds.
  • Hypoglycemia: This condition indicates low blood pressure that’s seen in small dogs.
  • Collapsed trachea: Commonly seen in small dogs, this condition can lead to breathing and coughing issues.
  • Allergies: These may show up as digestive or skin issues. 

Going for a regular checkup with your vet can help you manage these concerns if you ever see them in your pet; getting them treated as early as possible can help your dog stay in good health. 

Beagle Yorkie Mix with Other Pets and Children

Because of their friendly nature and loving personality, the Borkie can be the ideal family dog when given early socialization and proper training. When they’re given socialization and training while they’re still young, they’re typically good with kids and can live in a home with other pets. Make sure to expose your dog to many different people, animals, environments, and situations that will help them thrive within your family. 

Even if your dog is well-trained, make sure that you supervise interactions with kids to ensure that everyone is being treated respectfully. If you plan to introduce your dog to other pets, make sure to do so slowly and gradually, while observing their interactions. It will also help to monitor their energy levels as they’re playing or exercising while fostering companionship between pets and family members. 

Finding Your Beagle Yorkie Mix

If you’re set on taking one of these mixed breed dogs home, you will need to prepare yourself for a companion that’s both adorable and sociable. However, it’s also your responsibility to provide them with physical and mental stimulation, food and water, as well as love and attention. While some people will prefer to purchase their new puppy from dog breeders, others may find it more rewarding to adopt their canine companion from shelters and rescue organizations. 

You can look through online platforms to find the right match for you but before committing to making a purchase, make sure that you meet the puppy and its parents first. A good breeder should be able to provide you with a health certificate that clears your puppies of any genetic problems or inherited conditions. Responsible breeders will also answer any questions you might have about how their dogs are raised while giving you a tour of the facilities where their puppies are born. 


If you’re set on giving one of these great hybrid dogs a new home, it’s a good idea to find a responsible breeder who will help you find the right dog for you and your family. However, owning a dog doesn’t stop when you purchase a puppy; this is just the beginning of a wonderful companionship. Once it becomes part of your family, you’ll need to love and care for them, giving them everything they need to thrive inside your home while keeping them happy and healthy at all times.