Beaglolo Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Beaglolo Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Beaglolo is a cross between the Beagle and the Bolognese dog. Being both of his parents as purebreds, he is a designer breed dog small to medium size. The hybrid breeds are intended to be a 50/50 mix, but they may not always be 50% and 50%, and the same is the case with Beaglolo.

Your Beaglolo is a super high-energy hybrid who never gets bored with enjoying and playing. They are friendly and loving and not as loud in barking as their Beagle parents. The wavy coat of Beaglolo is medium to long, and it contributes to enhancing their personality and charms.

Beaglolo History

The Beaglolo is a modern breed with very little recorded history. However, its parental history traces far back, and we can relate the hybrid’s history to its ancestors’ history. Beagle was originally bred in England for hunting purpose because of its exceptional sense of smell.

The Bolognese dog takes back to the Italian Renaissance, and we can also see this breed in the previous paintings (by Goya, Titian, Gosse, and Pierre Bruegel). They were kept as companion dogs by Royalty dignitaries. History tells that Alfonso d’ Este, a duke of Este’s house, gifted two Bolognese to Philip 11 of Spain.

Beaglolo Characteristics

Beaglolo is one of the cutest pups having a small to medium stature with wavy hair. If your life seems boring, get yourself a Beaglolo and see your life becoming dull of joy and love. This little canine is energetic, loving, and playful and enjoys spending time with their family. Please keep reading to know its other interesting characteristics.

How Big to Beaglolo Get

This designer hybrid breed comes in small to medium sizes with variations. Your fully mature Beaglolo male’s estimated average height is 10-16 inches, while his weight is about 9-22 lbs. The same is the height and weight of your fully grown rid breed in small to medium sizes with variations. An estimated average height of your fully mature female.

How Long Does Beaglolo Live

Your Beaglolo can live up to 15 ears if to take very good care of his health. The average life expectancy for the Beaglolo is 10 to 13 years. If you want your pup to live a healthy, full life, give him the correct diet as per recommendation, and don’t skip his regular checkup.

How Much Does a Beaglolo Cost

This canine’s dense fur coat and his ancestor’s royal descent make him a unique designer breed. Hence the price range of Beaglolo ranges from $1200 to $2000. The variation in prices depends upon the type of breeder.

Beaglolo Temperament/Personality

Hybrid dogs always inherit their behavioral as well as physical traits from their parents. So, the Beaglolo is a combination of the Beagle and the Bolognese temperaments. He is a happy, sweet, and friendly fellow who will never get bored playing and taking rounds in the parks.

 This active doggy will always get you on your toes as he is high-level energy packed in the form of a canine. The Beaglolo enjoys being with their human friends and other dogs, but all they need is proper socialization from their early ages.

As their innocent look reveals, they are not aggressive and do not have a yappy bark. Don’tDon’t worry about their training as they are intelligent, requiring no extra effort to groom them. They can be your best family dogs as they are affectionate, curious, and friendly, especially with the children.

Caring for Beaglolo

As far as the Begalolo information is concerned, you must know that he is the perfect dog if you decide to have one for the cute addition in the family. Here are some aspects that you should consider when you decide to buy a Beaglolo for yourself.

Beaglolo Nutrition

The average food consumption of your fully grown Beaglolo is one cup (divided into three quick meals) per day. Make sure to buy dog food after the recommendation to maintain the calorie intake of your dog. The extra calorie intake is not good for your poppy as it can relate to issues like obesity and health problems.

How to Groom a Beaglolo

The Beaglolo is known for its wavy coat that can be medium to long, so it needs more maintenance. Brush this wavy and silky fur daily or at least after one day gap to prevent matting and tangles. Other maintenance of your pup includes:

  • Careful eye wiping in case of tear staining with a cotton wipe.
  • Teeth brush twice a week.
  • An ear checkup.

Beaglolo Activity Levels

This designer breed of royal purebreds is a high-energy dog who wants daily walks and sports to take out their energy packs. Daily walks, interactive play with the family, and other activities like hiking short distances and going to the beach/park are the best incentives for your Beaglolo pup.

Regular grooming is a must for your Beaglolo canine and teeth brushing because unattended teeth can lead to tartar buildup. Moreover, this dog’s drop-down ears are likely to trap moisture, and accumulated moisture leads to bacteria growth. So, the ears of your pup need to be checked and monitored properly.

Make sure that you are taking every possible measure for your dog’s hygiene. It would be best if you get their bathing, nail clipping, ears inspection and cleaning, and hair trimming by a professional groomer. The energy requirements of Beaglolo must have a spacious place to live.

Beaglolo Health

The Beaglolo is generally a healthy dog who is less likely to show any infections. However, their drop-down ears can become floppy; thus, this must be the main part of your focus. Follow the grooming steps mentioned above and take them to regular checkups once or twice in a month or two.

Some of their parents’ health concerns can be; Patellar Luxation, Back and Hip Dysplasia, Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease, and Heart Murmur. Ensure a regular veterinary checkup to avoid any issue and go for the early medication in case of a health problem.

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