Beauceroodle Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Beauceroodle Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Beauceroodle is a rare French cross-breed from a mix of two large breeds, Beauceron and Poodle. Beauceron is handsome, black, and tan, while Poodle is an elegant, curly-coated dog. Standard. Beauceroodles are big dogs with thick, medium to long dark-colored fur. They have a sturdy, strong, and austere personality.

It is a very smart dog that can also be dangerous or uncontrollable, but at the same time, it is loyal. With proper training, it can be a great watchdog as well as your companion dog. Beware of their high herding instinct, and don’t let them unsupervised with children or other pets.

Beauceroodle History

Beauceroodle came into existence in about the 1980s when breeders started mating pure-bred dogs to produce pups of desired traits. The parent history is to be considered to know the history of Beauceroodle. Beauceron, also known as the Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge, is a rare dog in France in the 16th century.

The Poodle originated from Germany and got recognition in France. They were earlier used for hunting and retrieving but later and they became show dogs and used in circus acts as they are such clever and intelligent dogs. Their history dates as far back as the first century where they were found in Egyptian tombs.

Beauceroodle Characteristics

Having a square, stocky body with dense wavy, this dog looks more like a Sheepdog with a Doberman coloring. It is highly loyal to its owner but aggressive towards strangers. If you want one watchdog, then opt for Beauceroodle. Read further to know its other details.

How Big to Beauceroodle Get

The striking about the Beauceroodle is its size. It is quite a big dog that stands between 60cm and 71cm. Its athletic stature weighs between 26kg and 34kg. It is one of the largest dogs with even proportioned features.

How Long Does Beauceroodle Live

The life span of a Beauceroodle is that of a normal dog, i.e., 11 to 13 years. However, with proper nutrition and health, this life expectancy can exceed for a year or two.

How Much Does a Beauceroodle Cost

A Beauceroodle’s exact cost is not fixed as it depends on the breeder’s type and factors like breeder’s health clearance, history, etc. However, the cost for your dog’s equipment, e.g., collar, leash, etc., and monthly food is 400$ to 500$ dollars.

Beauceroodle Temperament/Personality

The Beauceroodle inherits a high prey drive, and they are also known to be herders. It can be perilous towards other animals and even small children, so never keep them unsupervised. However, they are pretty friendly with the people with whom you socialize them at their early training.

Being herder is what it inherited, but it is also a fact about this highly intelligent and lovable dog. Easy to train with patience and positive reinforcement but can be aggressive if you try to punish it. It remains in its immediate circle and proves to be a very loyal and companion dog for its people.

 It is an excellent family companion but does not get well with strangers. It gets some time to be familiar with the new person, but it will never harm him when it becomes. Keep in mind that their early socialization and training are crucial!

Caring for Beauceroodle

Every dog needs the owner’s care and attention to act and behave well. It is a must to give your Beauceroodle proper training, food, and quality time to become a nice being. This designer dog needs special care that is stated below.

Beauceroodle Nutrition

As you know now that it is a bigger-sized dog with about 34 kg weight, so it also requires a healthy and added diet. If you are going with the dry dog food, then give 4 to 5 cups daily. Moreover, you can also go with the raw food and feed your dog some fish, lean meat, and chicken.

How to Groom a Beauceroodle

It is a handsome big dog with a dense coat having long straight hair. It requires a lot of maintenance by yourself on a routine basis. Brush the hair with a metallic brush daily to prevent mats. A professional groomer is also required in some cases.

You can also trim your pup’s coat with a clipper, but it is best if you let a groomer do this. Furthermore, this canine’s floppy ears need proper examining and cleaning to avoid ear mites, wax buildup, or other debris. Get the toenails clipped, and teeth brushed; that’s it!

Beauceroodle Activity Levels

Immense can be the energy levels of Beauceroodle, requiring a lot of exercises to shed it off. Make sure to give this doggy at least 90 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. It is meant to live in larger places, and taking it outside every day is also a must. Lack of enough exercise can result in bad habits or behavioral problems for your pup.

Caring for Beauceroodle

This unique and rare designer breed needs additional care in terms of food and exercise. Beauceroodle is not something to take lightly, so buy it if you are really fond of buying pups and ready to invest your time and energy in it. A daily one to two hours of exercise is essential for them with the ongoing vigorous activities.

Groom your Beauceroodle by seeking special guidance and never let it unattended. Avoid giving the food with fillers. Rather, keenly check the calorie intake and give enough proteins and a sufficient level of healthy fats.

Beauceroodle Health

Beauceroodle is typically a designer dog; thus, it minimizes the health issues that plague their pure-bred parents. Still, it will be confronting some health concerns with age, and these are bloat, Hip Dysplasia, and gastric issues.

If noted, then these conditions can be diagnosed with early medication. A regular health checkup and veterinary visit can also eliminate the risk above-mentioned health risks.

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