Belgian Laekenois Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Belgian Laekenois Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowThe Belgian Laekenois is the rarest and newly recognized dog breed. Out of four Belgian Sheepdogs (Belgian Laekenois, Belgian Groenendael, Belgian Malinois, and Belgian Tervuren), it is the least popular and rarest. It is typically used in various important tasks, i.e., herding, bomb and drug detection search and rescue, and a therapy dog.

This dog is medium-sized, having a sturdy, well proportioned, and square-shaped body. The coat’s hair is medium, wiry, and less dense. It is known to be a very protective dog, plus its intelligence is remarkable. Moreover, it is affectionate and friendly with its own people, but it cannot be very nice to strangers.

Belgian Laekenois History

This rare dog breed originates from Belgium from the town of Laeken, where it was utilized to guard flocks. Hence it was named after these two names. The Laekenois likely is the rarest of the four varieties of the Belgian sheepdogs. In the documented history, this dog breed is not well known before 1891.

This unique dog breed is versatile with different talents, including police work such as bomb/narcotic detection, search and rescue. This intelligent dog’s other tasks are agility, tracking, herding, sled, and cart pulling. Else it can be a very effective guide for the blind person and assistant to the disabled.

Belgian Laekenois Characteristics

The Belgian Laekenois has a sturdy, well-proportioned body with a mediumly thick wiry coat. Its feet are round and catlike, and its dark eyes represent intelligence and alertness. Long ears, a short muzzle with a black nose, and a smooth gait give this dog an elegant look. Its talents, skills, high energy levels, and affectionate nature make it a perfect choice for you.

How Big to Belgian Laekenois Get

The modern canine Belgian Laekenois, once fully matured, can have a maximum length of 24 – 26 inches in males’ case. In contrast, an adult female Belgian Laekenois is 22 – 24 inches in height. The average weight of this dog breed of both male and female ranges between 55 to 65 pounds (24 – 29 kg).

How Long Does Belgian Laekenois Live

Belgian Laekenois has the life expectancy that the dogs generally have, i.e., 12-14 years. You must also know that this average life span is the estimate under normal circumstances. If your pup is having any health issues, then the aging process can speed up. You can steer clear of this situation by taking care of your pup’s health and always check for the disease symptoms and rush for treatment.

How Much Does a Belgian Laekenois Cost

The rarity of these dogs makes it a little pricey. On average, you can find a Belgian Laekenois puppy for approximately $1700 to $2500. However, if you don’t want a puppy with an elite lifeline, it can be available at a comparatively lower price.

Belgian Laekenois Temperament/Personality

This modern unique dog breed loves to please you with its protective, loveable, and territorial instinct. It makes a great pet, but being a working dog can’t remain idle and always want a thing to do. Though not aggressive with the family, but they are not too welcoming to strangers.

A young age training and socializing of your Belgian Laekenois will work a lot on this inquisitive dog. It will be your excellent companion dogs that will also be compassionate to the children. Don’t ever forget its herding instincts, and be careful while introducing it to small pets other than dogs.

It is noticed about Belgian Laekenois that its attempt to dominate other dogs, so training is also required in this respect. Leaving it alone or idle can result in its destructive behavior so avoid it by giving some company and task to your canine.

Caring for Belgian Laekenois

This intelligent and rare breed of the dog seems to be circling or nipping at people’s heels. It is because of their herding instincts, but this is not an issue. All it wants is your love, attention, and care. Read on to see how you can take very good care of your Belgian Laekenois.

Belgian Laekenois Nutrition

Belgian Laekenois is a sheepdog that would work extremely hard from dawn to dusk. So its nutritional requirement must be greater as compared to other dog breeds, but it is not! This dog can handle being fed less than similar dogs their size. It can fill with 2 and a half cups of dry dog food within a day.

How to Groom a Belgian Laekenois

The Belgian Laekenois grooming is easy as its coat is less dense with short, wiry hair. It is almost available in a darker color, so quick bathing will not be required as the dog will not appear dirty for longer. You can get the coat trimmed at least two times a year to remove dead hair. Nails trimming, ears cleanliness, and frequent tooth brushing is also a basic part of Belgian Laekenois regular grooming.

Belgian Laekenois Activity Levels

The herding nature of Belgian Laekenois makes it a highly active dog that needs at least 60 hours of vigorous exercise daily. It has energy sparks inside, and it is almost impossible for it to keep without doing stuff. You are recommended to provide it with toys; otherwise, it will chew your couches and scratch your furniture, considering it an activity!

Caring for Belgian Laekenois

Your Belgian Laekenois puppy will never cease pleasing you, so you also must give it 100 percent love and care. Physical care includes regular combing, bathing, nail clipping, teeth brushing, and nail trimming. Physical care is crucial to keep your dog in good hygienic conditions, so never ignore it.

Your emotional care is also essential for your pup to be your best and obedient guy. It includes giving it your company and understanding what he wants to ask with its eyes. Behavioral care is also another important factor that includes good training of your doggy in its early years.

 Belgian Laekenois Health

An overall analysis suggests that Belgian Laekenois is a healthy dog breed. Still, it can be prone to health issues as it is not immune, of course. These health issues include Hypothyroidism and Hip and Elbow Dysplasia.

If you feed them properly with adequate calorie intake and give them enough daily exercise, then the chances of having any health issues can be alleviated.

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