Berner Laufhund (Small Bernese Hound) Dog Breed Information – All You Need To Know

Berner Laufhund Small Bernese Hound Dog Breed Information All You Need To KnowBerner Laufhund, also known as Small Bernese Hound, is known to be a hunting dog. Berner hounds were developed to chase and hunt small animals within the mountain valleys. It is an aloof and loving hound and the only Swiss Hound with wire and smooth coats.

It is smaller to medium in size and known for its hunting talent. Its trim beard and eyebrows give it a wizened look. It can be tri-colored with mostly a white base and black-brown spots on it. The head of this dog is narrow, with long ears settling low on its shoulders.

Berner Laufhund History

Small Bernese Hound or Berner Laufhund traces its origin from Switzerland as one of the four smaller scent hounds. For its hunting prowess, this dog was utilized for hunting big games. Although not much-documented history is available, this canine dates back to the 9th century. Still, paintings were found from the 9th and 10th century that shows the presence of Berner Laufhund.

The hunters of Swiss Alpine used this breed for about ten hundred years for hunting purposes. Berner Laufhund became famous during the 1930s as the most fabulous hunting dog globally and is now considered a dog’s rare breed. 

Berner Laufhund Characteristics

Berner Laufhund is a dog breed with medium-size and a specialty that its coat can have wiry long hair or short straight hair. This tri-colored dog with more prolonged and lower set ears appears to be soft and gentle. We have discussed the rest of the characters of this rare breed further in this article. Please keep reading to know more about it!

How Big Does a Berner Laufhund Get

Berner Laufhund dog breed is small to medium-sized. A male and female adult Bernese Hound weighs about 30 to 45 pounds. On the other hand, the height for this male dog is 18-1/2, and for the female, it can be approximately 23-1/2 at withers.

How Long Does A Berner Laufhund Live

Your Berner Laufhund has a life expectancy of 10-12 years if available with normal circumstances. Various factors such as health and hygiene care, type of environment, etc., also depend upon your dog’s average lifespan. 

How Much Does a Berner Laufhund Cost

Berner Laufhund can cost up to $3000 to $8000. However, it is not a final value of their price range at it can vary depending on many factors.

Berner Laufhund Temperament/Personality

The Berner Laufhund is known to be an independent hound. It can be a great companion dog, for it is a loving, happy, and friendly dog type. Better suited to homes with a large fence yard, this dog is highly active.

It needs a socialization and training at a very young age to befit for the family and kids. It is an intelligent breed, but its vocals can be high. Be ready to hear nuisance barking if you left your puppy alone. Moreover, a sufficient amount of exercise is required to keep them healthy and fit.

Berner Laufhund goes well with kids and also likes to play with them as they are playful. Be careful with small pets such as squirrels, rabbits, or kittens as this dog is a scent hound. The high need for exercise and attention puts this dog at risk of developing problems if not given properly.

Caring for Berner Laufhund

Your Berner Laufhund is a lovely dog with attention-seeking nature. It needs your time and care. Read on to know the various ways to pamper your dog.

Berner Laufhund Nutrition

The Bernese Hound is small- to medium-sized with high energy levels thus high nutrition requirements. Its food must contain rich protein and moderate levels of healthy fats. If you are using your dog as a hunting dog, better give it an active breed formula as these are rich in protein with higher fat content.

How to Groom a Berner Laufhund

The grooming of Berner Laufhund is moderate. Its wired hair is less likely to shed as compared to the short-haired variety that sheds often. Brushing the coat twice a week is sufficient to avoid mats or extensive shedding. Ensure regular teeth brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning when required. 

 Berner Laufhund Activity Levels

This rare dog breed is active and athletic that you cannot accommodate in an apartment. It can live best in rural areas and the areas with larger yards. Their high activity levels require a daily minimum of one hour of vigorous exercise. It keeps them physically as well as mentally fit. Provide them with the toys in their leisure time; otherwise, they can get behavioral issues if their energy is not utilized. 

Caring for Berner Laufhund

Your Berner Laufhund is a highly active and intelligent canine that can go well in any environment. Hence you need not worry about its caring. Just give it a proper place to play daily and your best company to make them happy and satisfied.

Remember that this canine can also get separation anxiety if left alone. It is best to take your dog with you when you are going on a morning walk or jogging. Furthermore, give your pup the best diet to meet its highly active energy levels.

Berner Laufhund Health

The Berner Laufhund is known to be a very healthy breed by nature. But all other dog breeds, it too, can be prone to specific health problems. Some of these health problems are ear infections, eye problems, hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, and skin allergies.

You can keep your dog away from these health issues through a regular veterinary visit and proper checkup. In case of any health issue, ensure a healthy medication to alleviate the problem.

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