10 Best Allergy Medicines For Dogs

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Dog Allergy MedsIf your dog suffers from allergies, you better get an allergy medicine for your pet. However, which allergy medicine should you buy? Veterinarians sometimes prescribe human medicines like Benadryl and Claritin or over-the-counter meds you can get at your local pet store.

While there are several options in the market, not all of them are up to the mark. In this article, we will go over the 10 best allergy medicines for dogs that you can buy from the market. 

1. Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Allergy and Immune system

Dermabliss Allergy Dog Meds

Dogs suffer from seasonal allergies at a certain time in the year. While people usually associate these allergies with hayfever, allergic reactions can also flare up when dogs come in contact with outdoor elements such as molds.

When your dog has an allergy, you should give Vetnique Labs Dermabliss allergy and immune system a shot.

This medicine is specifically designed to help dogs combat their allergies and consists of omega-3 fatty acids, colostrum, quercetin, and vitamins. Since this medicine also consists of salmon oil, it has a fishy taste and will appeal to dogs that love eating seafood.

This is a soft chew medicine, so your canine friend will have no issues chewing it.

This pack comes with 30 tablets, and the medicine is compatible with dogs of all ages. The omega-fatty acid content in this medicine can also help support a healthy heart and the dog’s immune system and keep the dog’s skin infections at bay. Here is how you should feed this medicine to your dog:

  • 1 Daily feed for dogs weighing 25 pounds
  • 2 daily feeds for dogs weighing 26 to 75 pounds
  • 3 daily feeds for dogs weighing 75 pounds or higher


  • Maintains gut healthiness
  • Soft Chew
  • Helps dogs combat seasonal skin allergies
  • Delicious fishy taste


  • Compatible with dogs of all ages
  • It contains healthy and beneficial ingredients
  • Good for heart health
  • No side effects


  • It has a strong smell which may deter some dog breeds 

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2. Pet Alive Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy Itch Ease

Pet Alive Dog Med

While some allergy medicines tackle all allergic reaction symptoms, you should always take a targeted approach to get better results. The Pet Alive Homeopathic Medicine for Allergy itch ease specifically targets skin irritation and itchiness that happens when the dog has an allergic reaction. 

There are many ways your dog can have an allergic reaction, and some are also food allergies. This homeopathic medicine consists of viola, arum, and chamomile and comes in the form of granules. You can feed the granules directly to your dog by sprinkling them on their mouth or tongue. 

While some canines may accept the granules, most refuse to take them. The dosage levels for this medicine are vague, and you must give the dog a large quantity of the medicine in the first sitting. Then, you will need to find the balance between giving too much and too little. 

However, if your canine friend accepts the medicine and you can accurately measure the quantity of the medicine, then you will have no problem feeding your dog this medicine. Here is how you should feed this medicine to dogs of different sizes:

  • 2 pump sprays daily for dogs weighing less than 20 pounds
  • 3 pump sprays daily for dogs weighing 20 to 50 pounds
  • 4 pump sprays daily for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds


  • Targets skin itchiness and irritation
  • Easy to use
  • It comes in the form of granules


  • No side effects
  • It consists of quality ingredients
  • Can offer the dog relaxation


  • Expensive product
  • Dosage instructions are vague
  • Tough to feed the medicine to some dog breeds

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3. APOQUEL Dog Tablets

Apoquel Dog Meds

The APOQUEL dog tablets are oral tablets and more effective at combating the dog’s allergies than other products on the market. The medicine goes straight to the source of the allergy and relieves inflammation and itchiness. The APOQUEL dog tablets always address the underlying cause behind the allergic reaction and provide the dog relief from uncomfortable symptoms in about 4 hours.

This allergy medicine is perfect for dogs below the age of 12 months.

Please refrain from giving the APOQUEL dog tablets to young dogs as it can cause serious infections, and sometimes can even lead to cancer. The main ingredient of this medicine is Oclatinib, and for dosage, follow the instructions given by the veterinarian.

You can feed your dog the APOQUEL dog tablets with or without food. Please store the tablets at a controlled temperature of 68 to 77 Degrees Fahrenheit. The APOQUEL dog tablets will treat the dog’s allergy in less than 24 hours and are ideal for long-term and short-term dog treatments. 


  • Can treat the allergy in less than 24 hours
  • Offers allergy relief to the dog in 4 hours
  • It goes straight to the source of the allergy


  • Effective medicine
  • You can feed the medicine to the dog with or without food
  • Ideal for short-term and long-term use


  • It May have side effects for some dog breeds 
  • Not tested on dogs that receive medications for other illnesses 
  • Not safe for dogs under the age of 12 months

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4. Hydroxyzine HCI Tablets

Hydroxyzine Hci Dog Meds

Hydroxyzine HCI tablets are an anti-inflammatory medicine and are typically used to cure redness, itching, swelling, and other skin-related allergies. Hydroxyzine HCI tablets work by blocking histamines, natural substances that occur while an allergic reaction occurs. These tablets are given orally to dogs.

However, you should always consult your vet before giving these tablets to the dog. The main ingredient of this medicine is Hydroxyzine which can treat allergic reactions from a blood transfusion, snake bites, insect bites, bee stings, and more.

You should store this medicine at a temperature below 85 Degrees Fahrenheit.

As far as dosage is concerned, you will need to feed the medicine according to the veterinarian’s instructions. While this medicine is a bit more expensive than other allergy medicines on the market, it is highly effective and good at offering your dog instant relief. In a matter of a few hours, Hydroxyzine can eradicate the allergy from the dog’s body.


  • Effective for different allergy reactions
  • Easy to feed 
  • No harmful ingredients


  • Works rapidly
  • One of the best medicines on the market
  • Capable of instant relief


  • It might have side effects such as vomiting, nausea, dry mouth, or watery eyes. 

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5. Zesty Paws Immune Bites

Zesty Paws Immune Bites

Zesty Paw Immune Bites are soft chews with several healthy ingredients that maintain a good immune system and promote heart health and gut health. The Zesty Paws Immune Bites are lamb-flavored, so if you feed your canine lambs regularly, they will love this medicine. 

Dogs typically love to eat this medicine, which makes it a popular product in the market. While most allergy medicines focus on various allergic responses, such as medical conditions or a runny nose, the Zesty Paws Immune Bites offer the utmost support.

This product is also free of grain, soy, wheat, and corn, which can be allergic to dogs.

This product is free of chicken as well, which can cause allergies in some dog breeds. While this product is a bit more expensive than other varieties of allergic medicine, it is an effective product and one that will offer your dog some much-needed relief. However, the Zesty Paws Immune bites have a powerful odor that may deter some dogs. 

The small doesn’t matter, though, because the medicine is healthy, dogs love to eat it, and it is made of premium quality ingredients. You can give your dog the Zesty Paw Immune Bites orally and don’t need to add them to the animal’s food. 


  • Offers support for all types of an allergic reaction
  • Lamb-flavored medicines
  • No need to add the medicine to food; you can feed it orally to the dog


  • Since the tablets are soft chew, they are easy to administer
  • Made of premium quality products
  • It consists of colostrum, probiotics, and immune modulators


  • Expensive Product
  • It has a strong smell that may deter some dog breeds 

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6. PetHonesty Allergy Support

Pethonesty Dog Meds

Most natural relief allergy and homeopathic medicines are safe to consume for young dogs and puppies. However, this doesn’t mean that all allergy medicines have equal quality and can provide relief to the dog. The medicine needs to have a good flavor, and it should be appealing to the dog. 

The PetHonesty Allergy support medicine is an affordable product and perfect for dogs of all ages. This medicine has a peanut butter flavor that masks all the other tastes and is popular among puppies. This allergic medicine consists of salmon oil, and it derives Omega-3 fatty acids from the oil.

The fatty acids can help with digestive issues, fight against allergies and support the immune system. This allergic medicine comes in a soft chew form, which makes it palatable. The product is also free of GMOs, soy, corn, and wheat. These ingredients are known to cause different types of allergies in dogs.  

While the PetHonesty allergy support medicine can take a while to work, and it is by no means a perfect medicine, it is made of quality ingredients. It will eventually give the dog the relief it needs. Here is how you can feed this medicine to canines of different sizes:

  • 1 Chew daily for dogs weighing 25 pounds
  • 2 Chews daily for dogs weighing 26 to 75 pounds
  • 3 Chews daily for dogs weighing more than 75 pounds 


  • Lamb-flavored allergy medicine
  • It comes in a soft chew form
  • It consists of fish oil (Salmon)
  • It supports the immune system


  • No side effects
  • Offers full support
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with puppies and young dogs


  • The strong odor may deter some dogs 

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7. PetHonesty Anti-Scratch Salmon Oil

Pethonesty Anti Scratch

This product is manufactured by PetHonesty and is anti-scratch salmon oil. This allergy medicine combines the flavors and aroma of turkey and salmon oil. This medicine is easy to administer to dogs; however, some dogs are picky eaters, so it will be tough to give this medicine to them. You can give the PetHonesty anti-scratch salmon oil to the dog directly. 

However, it will be easier to give the medicine if you add it to your dog’s favorite treats or food.

The pump dispenser at the end of the bottle will enable you to add the medicine to the food or give it orally to the dog. This product comprises premium quality natural ingredients such as probiotics, immune modulators, omega oils, and colostrum.

The ingredients in this medicine will help eradicate skin conditions and allergy-related itching. All the ingredients in this product are free of GMOs, preservatives, corn, and wheat. Wheat and corn have been linked to several allergies in dogs. Since this is a natural supplement, it is a bit more expensive than other allergy medicines available on the market.

Also, the PetHonesty Anti-scratch salmon oil will take a while to kick in, so please don’t expect immediate results. The medicine has a strong smell despite the turkey and salmon oil flavor, which may deter some dog breeds.

However, this is a high-quality allergy medicine; if it fits your budget, then buy it. Here is how you should feed this medicine to dogs:

  • 1 pump daily for dogs weighing 10 pounds
  • 2 pumps daily for dogs weighing 20 pounds
  • 3 pumps daily for dogs weighing 30 pounds
  • 4 pumps daily for dogs weighing 40 pounds


  • Made of natural and premium quality ingredients
  • It consists of salmon oil and turkey flavor
  • Easy to administer


  • No preservatives and harmful ingredients
  • 100 % natural product
  • Good for itching


  • It can take a while to start working
  • Expensive product

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8. PetArmor Antihistamine Medication for Dog Allergies

Petarmor Dog Meds

If your canine friend suffers from itchy and sensitive skin or allergies, you should give the pet PetArmor Antihistamine medication. This product comes in tablet form and is easy to swallow and digest for dogs. The medicine consists of active ingredients and is perfect if your dog has been stung by a bee or other insects. 

This medicine is perfect for small, medium-sized, and large dog breeds.

The PerArmor Antihistamine medication is not safe for other kids and other pets, so ensure it is out of their reach. While the medicine has strong ingredients, they are healthy and effective enough to give the dog much-needed relief from the painful symptoms.

 However, you should always contact the dog vet before giving the PetArmor Antihistamine to your dog. Here is how you are supposed to give this medicine to the dog:

  • For dogs weighing less than 14 pounds, ask the vet for a dosage
  • 1 tablet for dogs weighing 14 to 30 pounds 
  • 2 tablets for dogs weighing more than 30 pounds


  • This product provides the dog relief from painful symptoms
  • Easy to swallow and digest tablets
  • Great for bee stings and insect bites


  • Easy to administer
  • No side effects
  • Perfect for dogs of different sizes


  • Not safe for kids and other pet species

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9.    Clemastine Fumarate Tablets

Clemastine Fumarate Dog Allergy Meds

The Clemastine Fumarate tablets is a prescription-based medicine and used to treat many types of dog allergies. This medicine is an antihistamine and is perfect at controlling the itching that comes with most allergies. This product has a lower sedative effect than other antihistamine medicines and it has different names as well such as Dayhist, Antihist-1 and Tavist.

The Clemate Fumarate Tablets are fed to the dog orally, and they relief the dog of the painful symptoms in a short period of time. The medicine is usually prescribed when the dog has a runny or a stuffy nose. The main ingredient in this medicine is clemastine, and the product is free of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

However, before you give the dog these tablets, consult with the vet. While you can give the dogs this medicine on your own, it would be better if you let the doctor prescribe it.


  • No Preservatives and harmful chemicals
  • Reduces allergy-related symptoms
  • Low sedative effect


  • Easy to give this medicine to the dog
  • Works with all types of allergies
  • The medicine can also reduce skin manifestations


  • Has some side effects such as brief drowsiness

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10. Pro-Sense Itch Solutions Medicine 

Pro Sense Itch Med

The Pro-Sense Itch Solutions medicine is designed to provide instant relief to dogs and other pets such as cats. This product is perfect for dogs of all sizes and breeds and is made of a spray-on formula. This product has been declared safe by the National Animal Supplementary Council and is good for hot spots, skin allergies, dermatitis, ringworms, and more.

The Pro-Sense Itch Solutions Medicine will soothe the affected area and give the dog some much-needed relief.

However, this product is only for external use so ensure it doesn’t go into your dog’s eyes or mouth. The Pro-Sense Itch Solutions Medicine should only be given to adult dogs, as it is not safe for young dogs or puppies. 

To apply this product, you must shake the bottle well and hold the medicine 4 to 6 inches away from the affected region. Then, gently apply a thin layer in the affected region, but please don’t soak the skin in the liquid.


  • Perfect for different types of skin allergies
  • Approved by the National Animal Supplementary Council


  • Easy to administer
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Will provide instant relief to the dog


  • Only approved for adult dogs

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Buying Guide

We are certain that by now, you have a clear idea of the best allergy medicines available on the market. However, you cannot get by medicine without considering a few factors. To help you out, we have given a few factors below:

Options for Treatments

Before purchasing an allergy medicine for your canine buddy, you must consider other treatment options. The best way to do this is to converse with your dog’s vet. The doctor will lay out the potential treatment plans for your pet. Check out 5 Best Dog Thermometers and 5 Best Dog Belly Bands


When it comes to allergy medicines, a brand’s reputation is of utmost importance. You cannot purchase a product from an unknown brand and give it to your dog. Some brands add artificial ingredients to their products, so be careful before you pick a company. Always go for top brands such as Pro-Sense, Drools, Pethonesty, Pet Armor, and more. 

Type of Allergies

Do you know what type of allergies your dog is suffering from? If you have no idea, you won’t be able to purchase medicine for your canine. While some people might think they know the type of allergy, on most occasions, they are wrong. Check out 10 Best Salmon Oil for Dogs and 10 Best Dog Diapers

The best thing to do is to get your dog examined by a vet. The vet will disclose to you the type of allergy and the type of medicine that will cure the allergy. Also, don’t forget to ask a few questions about dosage. Check out 5 Best Dog Wheelchair and Handicap Supports

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