10 Best American Hairless Terrier Essentials, Accessories, and Toys

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Best American Hairless Terrier Accessories Toys Essentials

The American Hairless Terrier is a rare breed derived from the Rat Terrier, but with distinct differences. Though hairless, this breed has a strong prey drive because it was originally bred to hunt small animals.

American Hairless Terriers make great pets and are intelligent, curious, and energetic. Here are the 10 best essentials, accessories, and toys you will need to take care of your American Hairless Terrier.

Best Dog Crate for American Hairless Terrier

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate Product Image

American Hairless Terriers are small, yet curious dogs, and therefore they require crates that are small, yet durable. The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate, which is created for dogs 11 to 25 pounds, is the ideal size for an American Hairless Terrier. Even if your dog grows bigger, the crate contains a convenient divider panel that can be expanded for extra space.

  • This crate is easy to clean because of the slide-out dog tray underneath.
  • A small crate like this caters to your pet’s natural den instincts.
  • The heavy-duty sliding latch keeps your pet secure while you are away.
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Best Dog Bed for American Hairless Terrier

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

Barkbox Memory Foam Dog Bed

When searching for a bed for your pet, you don’t want a dog bed that will be difficult for your small dog to get in and out of, especially as he ages. The BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed – made of high-quality orthopedic joint relief memory foam- suits these needs well. In addition, the cover is removable for easy washing.

  • The bed cover is waterproof in case of spills or accidents.
  • As an orthopedic bed, this bed is especially great for dogs that are aging or have just had surgery.
  • This bed even includes a free squeaker toy.

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Best Dog Leash for American Hairless Terrier

BAAPET 5FT Strong Dog Leash

Baapet 5ft Strong Dog Leash

The BAAPET 5FT Strong Dog Leash is made for small and medium-sized dogs that have a tendency to pull. Though American Hairless Terriers are small, they are very muscular and strong for their size. This leash will keep your pet securely within close distance without breaking.

  • This leash is made with half-inch thick rock-climbing rope for maximum strength.
  • The reflective threads help keep you and your pet safe at night.
  • The leash comes with comfort-padded handles to protect your hands while taking your pet out for a stroll.

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Best Dog Bowl for American Hairless Terrier

KEKS Small Dog Bowls

Keks Small Dog Bowls

The KEKS Small Dog Bowls are the ideal size for your American Hairless. The two bowls are made of stainless steel and come with a non-skid and no-spill silicone stand to prevent slipping and sliding during dinner time. The bowls are also easy to clean because they are dishwasher safe.

  • The silicone base is splash-proof, so your floor won’t get messy even with the most haphazard little eaters.
  • The silicone base and the stainless-steel bowls are made from only eco-friendly materials.
  • The set of two bowls also comes with an additional silicone collapsible travel bowl for water and meals on-the-go.

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Best Dog Brush for American Hairless Terrier

Healthy Breeds Herbal Avocado Shampoo

Healthy Breeds Herbal Avocado Shampoo

It may seem obvious, but because your American Hairless Terrier is hairless, you actually aren’t going to need a brush at all for him. Instead, you will want to focus on skincare. Healthy Breeds Herbal Avocado Shampoo will do the trick.

  • This shampoo soothes your dog’s dry and itchy skin, leaving it moisturized and soft.
  • It can also be used on dogs with allergies or very sensitive skin.
  • This shampoo includes flea and tick topicals for added protection.
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Best Dog Toys for American Hairless Terrier

Wisedom Puzzle Toy

Wisedom Puzzle Toy

The American Hairless Terrier, like other terriers, is an intelligent and curious breed. Give your American Hairless Terrier something to keep his mind- and his nose- occupied. The Wisedom Puzzle Toy is a treat ball that dispenses your dog’s favorite treats when he solves the puzzle.

  • This toy can also be used for fetch and chasing.
  • Chewing on this treat ball can strengthen your dog’s teeth and help keep them clean.
  • This toy promotes brain development and can decrease destructive behavior due to boredom.

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yipet Rope Toy

Yipet Rope Toy

Though small, American Hairless Terriers are very muscular and strong for their size. This breed loves to play tug-of-war, either with an owner or with other dogs. The yipet Rope Toy is the ideal toy for any size of dog that loves to pull.

  • This tug-of-war rope toy is made of cotton that cleans your dog’s teeth as he plays.
  • The rope can actually floss your dog’s teeth and relieve inflamed gums, especially in teething puppies.
  • The fresh cotton is natural, non-toxic, and 100% safe for your dog.

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ZippyPaws Food Buddies Burrow

Zippypaws Food Buddies Burrow

If you’re looking for a soft, cuddly toy for your curious little dog, look no further than the ZippyPaws Food Buddies Burrow, which is an interactive squeaky hide-and-seek plush dog toy that looks like an adorable popcorn bucket. Not only is this toy soft and cuddly for your furry friend, but the toy allows your dog to interact by hiding and finding the popcorn balls in the bucket and digging them out of their home. This can be a perfect toy for an American Hairless Terrier, who has the instinct to hunt small animals out of tiny spaces.

  • Each popcorn ball includes a high-quality round squeaker for even more fun.
  • This toy is a great, fun challenge for dogs of all ages.
  • Other versions of the toy are also available, including a bucket of chicken, and milk and cookies.

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Best Dog Bones for American Hairless Terrier

GUCHO Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Gucho Durable Dog Chew Toy For Aggressive Chewers

American Hairless Terriers can have a tendency to chew, and therefore they require bones and chew toys that can stand the test of time. Most toys for aggressive chewers are made for large dogs, but the GUCHO Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers comes in a smaller size to suit your American Hairless. This toy is also great for teething puppies.

  • This chew toy comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • The nylon material can hold up to even the toughest of chewers.
  • The various textures on the toy are good for cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums.

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Best Training Book for American Hairless Terrier

American Hairless Terrier Training Guide

American Hairless Terrier Training Guide

If you want to know how to properly train your American Hairless Terrier, this guide is for you. The American Hairless Terrier Training Guide includes American Hairless-specific training instructions, written by a series of dog training specialists. This guide is easy to read and goes in-depth on topics such as:

  • Agility training, tricks, and socialization
  • Housetraining, obedience training, behavioral training, and more
  • This guide is suitable for both current and soon-to-be American Hairless Terrier owners.

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