10 Best Australian Terrier Essentials, Accessories, and Toys

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Best Australian Terrier Essentials, Accessories, and Toys

The Australian Terrier is a small breed of Terrier that closely resembles the Yorkshire Terrier. The Australian Terrier was bred in Australia to hunt rodents and other pests. This breed is spirited, alert, energetic, and intelligent.

Also bred for companionship, the Australian Terrier is very loving and affectionate, especially towards children. Read on to learn about the 10 best Australian Terrier essentials, accessories, and toys.

Best Dog Crate for Australian Terrier

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Midwest Homes For Pets 18 Inch Dog Crate

As a very small breed, the Australian Terrier will need a smaller crate that he will feel secure in. The MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate is the ideal size for your Australian Terrier. In addition, the double-door design allows for easy entry and exit from the side of the front of the crate.

  • The divider panel allows the crate to grow as your pet grows.
  • The small size of the crate will cater to your Terrier’s natural “den” instincts.
  • No tools are required for assembly, meaning the crate can be easily folded up for travel and re-assembled again without hassle.

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Best Dog Bed for Australian Terrier

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed

Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed and Anti-Microbial Waterproof Non-Slip Cover Product Image

Prone to developing arthritis later in life, Australian Terriers will require a dog bed that is easy to get on and off of. The Milliard Premium Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed provides comfort to all pets, especially those with joint problems. This bed is also made from durable materials that will stand the test of time.

  • The non-slip cover is waterproof and anti-microbial to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • This bed is ideal for small dog breeds like the Australian Terrier.
  • The cover is zip-off to put in the washing machine for easy care.

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Best Dog Leash for Australian Terrier

RABBITGOO No Pull Dog Harness

RABBITGOO No Pull Dog Harness Product Image

You want your dog’s leash to be secure and prevent pulling, but you also want a leash that will suit your delicate little Terrier’s small body. The RABBITGOO No Pull Dog Harness comes in a small size for your pet and is perfect for small dogs that like to pull. The chest clip attachment will stop your dog from pulling on walks but will never tighten around his neck.

  • The reflective strip will keep you and your pet safe in dim lighting.
  • The 2 fast-release buckles allow for an easy on-and-off.
  • This vest is fully adjustable to expand as your pet grows.

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Best Dog Bowl for Australian Terrier

URPOWER Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

URPOWER Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with No Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat Product Image

The URPOWER Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Dog Bowl with No Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat is perfect for dogs less than 70 pounds. The double bowls can hold both food and water for a full dinner set. Combined, the bowls can hold up to 53 ounces of water, wet food, or dry food.

  • Both the silicone stand and the stainless-steel bowls are rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe.
  • The no-spill silicone mat prevents spills and messes on your floor.
  • The stand also keeps the bowls from flipping and skidding while your pet eats.

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Best Dog Brush for Australian Terrier

DakPets Deshedding Brush

DakPets Deshedding Brush-Dog Hair Cat Hair Shedding Tool with Stainless Steel Trimming Blade-Effective Grooming Tool Product Image

The DakPets Deshedding Brush is a high-quality grooming tool that can be used on pets with short, medium, or long fur. Your Australian Terrier will appreciate this luxury grooming tool for his lustrous, soft fur. This brush can also reduce shedding by up to 95% in most breeds.

  • This deShedder is designed by pet grooming experts.
  • This brush is made from materials that reduce irritation of your pet’s skin.
  • The safe blade cover protects the stainless-steel blades from wear over time.

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Best Dog Toys for Australian Terrier

Outward Hound HedgeHogZ Plush Dog Toy

Outward Hound Hedgehogz Plush Dog Toy

For your Australian Terrier, you will need a toy small enough to fit in his little mouth. The Outward Hound HedgeHogZ Plush Dog Toy comes in multiple sizes, including small. In addition to a cozy plush, this toy can also be used as an interactive fetch toy.

  • The built-in squeaker makes this toy irresistible to your pet.
  • This toy contains no plastic parts, which can be a choking hazard for dogs.
  • The unique rounded shape allows your pet to snuggle up to this little creature during sleep.

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PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy Product Image

Designed specifically for curious, intelligent Terriers, the PetQwerks Talking Babble Ball Dog Toy is a motion-activated interactive dog toy that your pet will love. Even the motion of your dog walking by is enough to trigger the ball to begin babbling away. This ball literally calls to your dog to chase, track, and jump around.

  • This ball has more than 20 different commands to keep your dog engaged.
  • The physical workout of chasing this “living” ball will benefit your pet with healthy exercise.
  • When your dog is done playing, the ball will turn itself off automatically until your pet is ready to play again.

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Outward Hound Ottoson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

Outward Hound Ottoson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy

As a curious pet, your Australian Terrier will also love this Outward Hound Ottoson Puzzle Brick Dog Toy that will give him a new challenge every day. This toy has three different treat feeding features that include flip compartments to hide treats and removable bone puzzle pieces that reveal even more hidden treats. This toy will occupy and entertain your dog when he becomes bored or anxious.

  • This toy is easy to wipe clean with a little soap and water.
  • Your dog’s mental stimulation during play will help him in his other endeavors, including dog training.
  • The compartments are easy for your dog to slide with his paws or nose to find and search for treats for hours.

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Best Dog Bones for Australian Terrier

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

For small dogs who appreciate real, natural flavor, the Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Toy is a great option to keep your chewing pet happy and healthy. Flavored with real chicken, peanut butter, or bacon, this bone has an irresistible flavor and scent. The wishbone shape also helps smaller dogs grasp the entire bone at once.

  • This bone is strong, durable, and not edible.
  • The entire bone is made and packaged in the USA.
  • This bone comes in larger sizes if your dog prefers something bigger.

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Best Training Book for Australian Terrier

How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond

How To Raise The Perfect Dog Through Puppyhood And Beyond Product Image

Have you searched for a training guide that teaches your training techniques for all stages of your dog’s life? Well, look no further than How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond. This highly-rated training manual is written by a nationally recognized dog expert and star of the National Geographic show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan.

  • You will learn how to build a great puppy foundation that your dog will build upon for years to come.
  • This book’s approach is about creating the right environment, both physical and emotional, to correct dog behavior problems.
  • You will read some of Cesar’s personal experiences about raising puppies from many different breeds.

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