The 10 Best Bark Control for Dogs (2023)

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Best Bark Control For DogsIf your dog has been barking a lot lately, chances are that your neighbors may have complaints or you might have your own problems with it. When this happens, there are a few solutions you can look into that will help stop unwanted behaviors. In this article, we discuss the 10 best bark control for dogs and explore this behavior on a deeper level. 

Why Do Dogs Bark Excessively?

It’s important that you remember that a dog’s barking is a completely natural part of its behavior. Unfortunately, our dogs can’t speak to us — the barking behavior that we will often find annoying is actually their way of communicating with us. As such, it’s not reasonable for us to expect them to be completely silent and it only makes sense for them to bark when they want to tell us something. 

But a dog’s excessive barking, whether it comes from small dogs or large dogs, can become a big problem when you live in a home with children or a quiet neighborhood. Moreover, a stubborn dog may add unnecessary barking as a means of getting more attention, or as a result of separation anxiety. Being away from your pet for extended periods of time may turn into a barking problem; thankfully, you can improve this with proper training.  

No matter the type of barking that they do, using anti-bark collars as a quick solution but failing to address the underlying issue with your pup won’t give you a long-term fix. When you get dog bark control collars, carefully think about your dog’s motivation for their nuisance barking and consider how the right tools can help in their situation. 

Best Bark Control for Dogs 

Below are some of the best dog trainers and different types of bark collars that work as dog bark deterrents for your canine companion that pet owners swear by. 

1. SportDOG NoBark SBC-R Dog Collar

Sportdog Brand Nobark Rechargeable Bark Control Collar


  • Technologically advanced anti-barking device with effective results
  • Patented Silent Partner technology learns your dog’s bark to provide correction when needed
  • Comes with 10 levels of static correction and 3 programmable modes
  • With a long battery life that lasts up to 200 with each charge

With the SportDOG NoBark SBC-R Dog Collar, you can get rid of unwanted dog barks effectively and safely. With its proprietary Silent Partner technology, this collar can recognize your dog’s unique bark to deliver a correction that’s delivered only to it. Because it can filter out other kinds of barking, your pup will get the most consistent training and won’t be corrected if it wasn’t barking. 

This static collar features 10 levels of static stimulation and 3 programmable modes for correction, ensuring that your dog gets corrected safely. If your dog continues to bark excessively for a set time period, the safety shut-off will activate to protect your furbaby. Lastly, this quality collar uses a low-profile and sleek design that’s submersible until 10 feet and comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that works up to 200 hours in every charge.  


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2. Petdiary UB100 Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Device

Petdiary Ub100 Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Device


  • Safe enough to use on both cats and dogs
  • An ultrasonic deterrent without the need for a collar
  • Emits an ultrasonic sound to stop barking and reinforce training
  • With low and high-frequency options that can’t be heard by the human ear

Training your barking dog with this Ultrasonic Dog Bark Control Device with Petdiary has never been easier! This tool offers a different method and a painless way to train your dog compared to the traditional shock collars through a high-frequency sound only audible to cats and dogs. This ultrasonic device will get your dog’s attention and will ensure that they understand your commands, making it a great tool for encouraging good behavior.  


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3. PATPET BC01 Dog Bark Training Collar


Patpet Bc01 Automatic & Manual Adult Dog Bark Training Collar


  • Features a fun and modern MP3 design that’s compact enough for dogs of different sizes
  • With manual and automatic modes to help customize your pup’s training 
  • Comes with silicone to protect your dog’s neck and coat
  • A remote dog training collar that’s made from waterproof materials

While it’s not used strictly for dog barking, this Automatic & Manual Adult Dog Bark Training Collar by PATPET is a great tool to teach your dog good manners and even nifty tricks. With 7 levels of sensitivity to choose from, as well as the choice between manual and auto modes, this is easily one of the anti-bark collars in the market today. You’ll also love the retro MP3 design it comes in, which has been made with silicone prongs and waterproof materials for your convenience. 


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4. GROOVYPETS Anti Bark Dog Collar 

Groovypets Automatic Anti Bark Dog Collar


  • Features 6 levels of shock and vibration 
  • With auto-sleep mode to help save energy
  • Comes with a built-in battery that lasts up to 14 days
  • Has a dual training mode that delivers vibration after a high-pitched sound 

Some pet parents prefer smaller dogs and while they might be cute, they can also become an earful; this is where the GROOVYPETS Anti Bark Dog Collar comes in. Equipped with a microphone, these vibration collars work by picking up your dog’s bark and then emitting a high-pitch noise that’s followed by a shock or vibration. Its smart triggering system seamlessly distinguishes barking from outside noises, while the rechargeable battery operates the device for 14 days after just one hour of charging.  


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5. Dogtra YS300 Dog Anti-Bark Collar, Black

Dogtra Ys300 Rechargeable Waterproof Compact No Bark Collar


  • This collar is sound-activated, providing a safe alternative to unwanted barking
  • Equipped with a sensor that separates ambient noise from a dog’s bark
  • Has a patented non-stimulating vibration with 6 simulation levels
  • Is fully waterproof and comes with plenty of accessories 

With this Anti-Bark Collar by Dogtra, you can keep the peace around your home — even if your tiny dogs come with too much bark, this collar can provide the best way to keep your house quiet. Powering up when it hears a dog bark, it first sends a warning through non-stimulating vibrations, and slowly moves up a stimulation level for a total of 6 levels. Moreover, it has a waterproof design and quick-charge batteries so your dog will be able to use it all day long. 


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6. PetSpy N10 Ultrasonic Dog Barking Deterrent

Petspy N10 Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent


  • With a frequency range between 22-25 kHz, and a distance that reaches 49 feet
  • Equipped with a 450 mAh battery that holds a 14-day charge
  • Safe to use on dogs over 6 months and above, that weigh between 5 to 120 pounds
  • Has an auto-shutdown feature that turns the device off for safety 

This Dog Barking Deterrent from PetSpy can help your dog play nicely — as one of the most effective ultrasonic bark devices, it can be used to correct and train your dog out of barking. Featuring one sound mode and two ultrasonic modes, these handheld devices have a range of up to 49 feet and a frequency between 22-25 kHz. Specifically designed to provide dog owners with a humane way to eliminate their dog’s bad barking habits, this training system is certainly worth a try! 


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7. Educator By E-Collar Technologies Training Collar

Educator By E Collar Technologies Training Collar


  • Great for outdoor use, it can operate at a distance of up to one mile
  • Designed to promote positive reinforcement training through blunt stimulation
  • The transmitter floats in water and will send a beeping notification if lost
  • Powered by powerful, rechargeable polymer batteries

With the E-Collar Technologies Educator Training Collar, you can train your pup to become an obedient boy even when he’s far away! This option delivers the best results for big dogs such as Dobermans, Belgian Malinois, and German shepherds and is powerful enough to train other similar breeds. It comes with a transmitter that lets you keep your eyes on your pooch at all times — plus its ergonomically designed transmitter provides the perfect bark control solution. 


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8. PATPET P650 Anti-Bark Training Collar

Patpet Dog Training Collar


  • Choose from three training modes — beep, vibration, or safe shock
  • With a dual-channel feature that allows up to 2 dogs to train simultaneously
  • These electronic collars have a range of close to 1000 feet
  • With a small, lightweight, and sleek collar that provides comfort for most dog sizes

If you’re looking for the best dog bark collar, the PATPET P650 is the most effective option for first-time fur parents and professional trainers alike. This type of collar offers an impressive 16 levels of beeps, static, or vibrations to help your pet with its barking, sitting, walking, and more. With a rechargeable lithium battery, these vibration bark collars can last between 15 days to a month with just one charge while the receiver is also 100% waterproof. 


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9. DogCare TC-System-15 Dog Training System

Dog Care Dog Training Collar


  • With a wireless range that goes up to 330 yards
  • Has adjustable sensitivity levels and 3 training modes
  • Comes with a security keypad to prevent accidents when not used
  • Made with waterproof and durable materials 

Using the DogCare TC-System-15 Dog Training System, you can correct bad behavior and teach your pup good manners through its three training modes and 99 adjustable sensitivity levels. Through it, you can choose the right option that works for your puppy and take away any unpleasant stimulus that can encourage negative reinforcement. With just one remote control, you can control as many as three receivers, giving it a place among the best ultrasonic bark control devices.


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10. Trainer Dog Waterproof & Rechargeable Collar 

Trainer Waterproof & Rechargeable Dog Collar


  • Choose from three correction modes; audible tone, Nick or Constant stimulation, or High-Performance Pager Vibration
  • Comes with everything you need such as the remote, receiver, lanyard, and batteries
  • With 127 levels of stimulation to choose from, as well as a convenient LCD
  • Avoids over-correction through a Safety Stimulation Level Lock 

When it comes to static bark collars, you can’t overlook this Rechargeable Dog Training Collar by Frisco, which helps your dog get rid of unwanted behaviors. With three modes of correction as well as 127 stimulation levels to choose from, your dog will get just the right stimulus to help improve their manners. It also comes with a lock that will keep the remote at the right level to stop any accidental corrections and with an easy-to-use LCD screen, training your pup has never been easier. 


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Is it Humane to Use Bark Collars? 

Both dog owners and veterinarians remain undecided when it comes to using bark collars on dogs as a means to train them, but some designs are safer compared to others. Anti-bark collars that emit an electric shock are the least preferred option, and many people agree that these are an uncomfortable and cruel way to teach dogs. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you to choose from but be aware that these tools weren’t designed for puppies under six weeks of age or those under 8 pounds. 


Buying Guide for the Best Bark Controller

When looking for the best bark collar, be sure to consider a few factors such as the kind of deterrent you wish to use. While static shock collars are effective when it comes to teaching dogs, not everyone will be comfortable with them — citronella bark collars or ultrasonic bark collars might be gentler for dogs. Consider these other points as well. 


An anti-bark device’s design may not directly affect the way it functions but it will come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you may want to pick an option that will suit your needs. For instance, indoor use devices will need to match your interior decoration while outdoor use devices will need to look discreet and appealing.


Safety is of utmost importance, so if you’re looking for an option that emits sound in response to barking, then be sure to get assurance from the manufacturer that it won’t harm your pup. This is important because we can’t hear these inaudible high-pitched ultrasonic collars, and if your dog is reacting to your correction with a jolt, then be sure to use a lower setting. If you’re set on purchasing a collar that uses shocks for correcting, then see if it comes with adjustable levels. 


Be sure to get the most out of your purchase by checking to see if they have other beneficial features such as: 

  • Multi-area use, indoor, or outdoor
  • Can be placed on the counter or hung on a wall
  • LED lights to indicate battery level
  • Sensory and sound levels
  • The range of coverage

Adaptive Modes

While you may have seen that some anti-barking devices come with various levels of correction, stimulation, and other settings, it’s even better to look for features that automatically adapt the strength for your dog’s needs. This is a great feature since some dogs will have better resilience than others, so doubling up the correction for your dogs could make the difference. 


How to Make Your Dog Stop Barking? 

We all know that dogs bark as part of their natural instincts but if your dog is getting so loud that neighbors can hear it, then you’ll need some kind of bark control. Before looking into options that may hurt your pup, remember that there are other ways to get your pooch to cooperate, such as distraction toys, mental stimulation, a dog whistle, and even a citronella collar. Don’t forget that dogs vocalize to communicate with you, so check to see if your dog is just trying to let you know something.