5 Best Brushes for Huskies (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Huskies are friendly, alert, strong-willed and physically strong dogs. They are widely considered one of the most beautiful breeds of dog, as well. But, any Husky owner knows that their luxurious coat can come at a cost–quite a bit of shedding! Huskies do well in cold environments, this is because they have a double coats. And, at least once a year, a Husky will shed its entire undercoat!

Double coated dogs require more maintenance than other breeds, including brushing, removing excess hair to prevent massive shedding and bathing. Grooming a Husky can seem like a massive undertaking, however, with the right brush, a Husky owner can remove excess hair, prevent shedding and keep their Husky’s coat clean and shiny.

Best Brushes for Huskies

Here are our husky dog brush reviews.

1. Pet Neat Dog Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush Effectively Reduces Shedding Byup

The Pet Neat removes up to 95% of dead hair and tangles from your huskie in under ten minutes! This brush prevents excess shedding and helps keep your home clean and allergies at bay. Whether you’re trying to remove your pet’s winter coat or just do basic upkeep, the Pet Neat’s highly rated grooming brush is a must have for Husky owners.

  • The stainless steel comb can be easily removed for cleaning with a quick-release button.
  • The ergonomic handle is environmentally sustainable, non-slip and hypoallergenic.
  • The stainless steel 4″ long rust-resistant blade, effectively reaches deep down to the undercoat.
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2. Glendan Dog Brush

Glendan Dog Brush & Cat Brush Slicker Pet Grooming Brush

The Glendan dog brush removes mats, dander and trapped dirt and is gentle on puppies and senior dogs. The simple design of this brush was constructed with a comfort-grip and anti-slip handle to  prevent hand and wrist strain. Glenan is so confident in their brush they offer a 90-day money back guarantee.

  • The massaging bristles rid your pet of excess fur and stimulate blood circulation.
  • The massaging bristles also help prevent skin buildup and skin disease.
  • The rotatable slicker brush is easy to clean.
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3. Mars Professional Grooming Brush for Dogs and Cats

Mars Professional Grooming Brush For Dogs And Cats

The Mars Professional grooming brush is German engineered to last for years. Real real black wild boar bristles distribute oil and softle clean your dog’s hair. The beechwood handle is durable and laquered to last.

  • Handle made from beech wood and stained with lacquer to ensure durability.
  • Mars Professional features a rubber cushion with pure blackboar bristles.
  • Mars features German quality engineering.
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4. Safari Bristle Brush for Dogs with Plastic Handle

Safari Bristle Brush For Dogs With Plastic Handle

The Safari Bristle brush features ergonomic comfort-grip handles. The Safari brush helps to reduce shedding, mats and tangles while promoting healthy coats for pets. The Safari brush is made by Coastal, a fifty year old Ohio-based company committed to innovation, safety and quality.

  • The ergonomic plastic handle for a comfortable and secure grip.
  • This brush helps distribute natural oils, leaving a shiny, healthy coat.
  • Safari grooming tools are easy to use for every coat type.

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5. Martha Stewart Detangling Dog Brushes and Combs For All Dogs

Martha Stewart Detangling Dog Brushes And Combs For All Dogs

The Martha Stewart detangling brush gently brushes away loose hair and dander while evenly distributing oil across your pet. This brush is ideal for more mature dogs, as it is gentle. The adjustable hand strap provides a comfortable fit for every groomer. The small brush feels more like a petting motion than a brushing movement.

  • The massaging motions stimulate natural oil production for a shiny coat.
  • The Martha Stewart dog brush is made with an adjustable hand strap.
  • This brush is made with soft natural bristles, which remove shedding hair and debris as well as follow the form of your pet’s body.

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Husky Dog Brush Buying Guide

Best Brush For Huskies Review

Huskies are born with a lot of hair! This means that Huskies who are kept in homes and outside of their native Siberia are going to shed. A lot. With frequent brushing, you can eliminate uncomfortable and odorous dander and eliminate excess dog hair from your home. When searching for a Husky brush, the quality and type of brush are important. But, there are other factors you will want to consider, for example, what will make the grooming an easier experience for both your dog and you.

Traditional or Ergonomic Handle

Some soft bristle brushes are traditionally shaped, much like a brush that a human might use in their hair. This might work fine for a dog, but for dog’s that have had negative experiences with brushes (either injury or fear of a groomer) a more ergonomic soft bristle brush might provide a more pleasant experience. Ergonomic brushes fit into the palm of your hand and mimic a gentle petting motion. These brushes are smaller than the traditional brush in that they lack a handle. This type of brush tends to minimize any fear or anxiety in the dog. The ergonomic brush handle is also more comfortable on the hand and prevents hand injury.

Bamboo, Wood or Plastic

The type of handle or material surrounding the bristles is another factor to consider. For some, the more eco-friendly bamboo brush might be preferable. A top quality bamboo brush will be made from sustainably sourced and produced bamboo. In addition to being eco friendly, many bamboo brushes are also vegan friendly. Other brushes are made of more traditional wood or plastic. If considering a plastic brush, research where it is manufactured. Some countries are more lax about their manufacturing standards. Ideally, a wood brush that is manufactured in the United States, Germany or Japan will have high quality craftsmanship.

Rubber Cushioning

High quality brushes will set their bristles in  rubber cushioning. When searching for your ideal soft bristle brush, look for one that has rubber cushioning. The rubber cushioning provides a soothing base and eliminates static electricity. This rubber base provides a softer insert for the bristles, which also helps your Husky feel like they’re having a lovely massage!

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