10 Best Air Fresheners for Cats [2022]

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Cat FreshnerCats demand high maintenance when it comes to grooming, and odor control is one of them.

Air fresheners have never failed to fulfill our needs when it comes to fragrance and freshness.

Below we have summed up the ten best Air Fresheners you can consider if you are a cat parent.

1. Simple Solution Cat Litter Box Deodorizer Spray Bottle


If you have a problem with dumping your cat’s litter every time it uses it, all you need is a Simple Solution Cat Litter Spray which will extend the life of litter.

To neutralize the bad odor and freshen up the surrounding area, the Simple Solution Air Freshener had surely been effective.

It contains a natural bio-based feature that absorbs all the bad odor and neutralizes the bad smell.

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2. Fresh Step Scented Cat Litter Deodorizer


The Fresh Step Air Freshener doesn’t work like other typical manual odor eliminators.

It includes a fourteen pounds box which provides 24/7 working and works continuously.

This deodorizer produces ozone and ions in the air, combining with the smelly particles and turning them into water and oxygen.

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3. Citrus Magic Pet Odor Air Freshener


The citrus air freshener is made from pure linen scent, which fills the whole room with freshness and fragrance.

It has a long-lasting effect and works continuously for twelve to fourteen weeks,

It is specially designed for homes with various pets or cats. \

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4. Febreze Air Freshener Spray


The Febreze Air Freshener is a light green scent that is produced by the concept of spring freshness.

It has the phenomenon of clearing the odor and filling the room with fragrance.

It is a natural propellant and non-flammable.

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5. Fresh Wave Odor Eliminator Spray & Air Freshener


The Fresh Wave is a 100% natural air freshener that is specially designed to clear the sharp odor of pets at home.

It has lots of water content in it, some plant-based elements (anise, clove, lime, etc.), and cedarwood.

It is made from nontoxic components and is non-GMO.

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6. Febreze Small Spaces Air Freshener


This air freshener by Febreze is a cone-shaped air freshener that you can put into places nearer cat litter or in the cat room, and it will keep your space filled with scent for at least forty days.

It can overcome 4X odors simultaneously, which means it has the capacity to eliminate various sharp smells at a time.

For better results, place the cones into the corners of the house.

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7. Smells Begone Air Freshener Odor Absorber Gel


The Smell Begone absorbs the odor and freshens ups the room.

It is a gel-based cleanser that works similarly to spray air fresheners.

It can be used in large and small living spaces.

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8. Citrus Magic Pet Odor Absorbing Solid Air Freshener


Citrus Magic is famous for being the best weapon to fight against cat odors.

The citrus bar inside this air freshener absorbs all the bad odor from the room.

It comes in an eight-ounce pack and works for up to six weeks.

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9. Air Wick Stick Ups Air Freshener for Cats


The air wick air freshener is one of the most budget-friendly ones.

It comes in three various scent-based packs, and its base sticks to any surface.

After getting attached to the surface, it works tremendously for hours eliminating every bad smell from the room.

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10. Hamilton Beach True Air Plugin Air Freshener


The Hamilton beach air freshener is a powerful freshener that eliminates all the bad odor.

It is especially used to get rid of litter box smell.

Plug it into an outlet, and you will witness fresh green fragrance filling the room.

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Cat Air Freshener Buyer’s Guide

Just like other accessories for the cat, including a cat litter box, cat food, cat leashes, etc., having a cat air freshener at home is necessary.

However, to buy the best one that eliminates all the bad odor at an affordable price, you need to consider certain aspects.


Air fresheners are bought to clear all the smell and product freshness and fragrance in the air.

The effectiveness of the air freshener is determined by its quality.

The best air fresheners contain carbon filters as they have an appealing scent and neutralize bad odor.

Safe for Cats

The health of your kitty comes first, so make sure the air freshener you use around your cat is also suitable for it.

The air freshener should contain any harsh chemical or skin allergen that can disturb your cat.


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