10 Best Cat Automatic Feeders of 2022

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Dogness Wifi Camera Cat FeederWith the new inventions and evolving technology, keeping a cat is not difficult at all.

If you are concerned related to feeding your cat three times a day, all you need is to get an automatic feeder and get tension free.

Below we have summed certain marvelous cat feeders that you can consider.

1. Pet Safe Smart Feed WIFI-Enabled Automatic Cat Feeder

Pet Safe Auto Cat Feeder

If you are searching for a superior programmed feline feeder with fancy looks, look no farther as Pet Safe Smart Feed 2.0 Automatic Cat Feeder is all you are looking for.

This feline feeder takes care of your feline to another level with Wi-Fi capacity and unbeatable innovation.

Download the free cell phone application to timetable, screen effectively, and change your feline’s timetable.

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2. Cat Mate C3000 Automatic Cat Feeder

Cat Mate C3000 Auto Feeder

The Cate Mate C3000 Programmable Dry Cat Food Feeder is a simple to-utilize feeder that is fit to program up to 3 dinners daily.

The feeder can likewise be utilized manually if necessary or in a “continuous mode” for felines with exceptional dietary prerequisites.

It has a reasonable LCD screen that is easy to program and has a long battery duration of 6-9 months, and the feeder can hold twenty-six cups or 6.5 pounds of dry cat food.

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3. Pet Safe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Cat Feeder

Pet Safe 5 Meal Auto Cat Feeder

The Pet Safe Eatwell 5-Meal Automatic Cat Feeder flawlessly mixes openness with usefulness and is one of our top decisions.

The feeder has five distinct compartments for dry food, wet food, or treats that you can undoubtedly program utilizing the inherent clock.

It takes batteries that last as long as a year and permits you to put the feeder anyplace you want helpfully.

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4. ARF Pets Automatic Cat Feeder

Arf Pets Cat Feeder

This programmed feline feeder from ARF Pets is fit to take care of your feline for up to 4 feasts daily.

The LCD screen is not difficult to peruse and program and is fueled by batteries or an electrical plug.

It has a sixteen-cup limit with an attractive locking cover to hold your feline back from breaking in.

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5. Cat Mate C200 Automatic Cat Feeder

Cat Mate C200 Auto Cat Feeder

The Cat Mate C20 2-Bowl Automatic Cat Feeder is a basic yet practical feeder with two separate dishes.

The inherent ice pack keeps the food new, saving it fresher for longer.

The food bowls can hold around 4 cups of dry or wet food and are removable and dishwasher for simple cleaning.

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6. DOGNESS Automatic Cat Smart Feeder

Dogness Wifi Camera Cat Feeder

The DOGNESS Automatic Cat Smart Feeder ensures your feline gets benefited from time, with the right sum.

Using Wi-Fi and an inherent HD camera, this feeder lets you see and control how much your feline eats through a free downloadable application.

It likewise permits you to record and playback a message to additional captivate your feline to eat, and the camera has night vision and a 165-degree camera focal point to watch out for your cat while you’re away.

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7. Cat Mate Automatic Digital Pet Feeders for Cats

Cat Mate Digital Cat Feeder

This programmed feeder comprises a pivoting disc with five unique compartments, each containing a serving of food.

Whether you feed your feline crude chicken wings, prescriptions enclosed by cheddar, or dry kibble, this feeder will administer it as per a set timetable.

The feeder highlights five 11.5-ounce food compartments, one for guaranteed care, just implying that you’ll have to top off it consistently.

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8. PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

Petlibro Auto Cat Feeder

Assuming your feline eats dry food, utilizing a programmable upstanding feeder is one of the most incredible ways to guarantee that they get the perfect amount of food.

This direct feeder from Petlibro has a strong exhibit of highlights and a feline accommodating plan, making it one of the most adaptable, swarm-satisfying choices.

The unit contains 6 liters or somewhere in the range of 21 and 25.4 cups of kibble and apportions custom bits per your timetable.

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9. WOPET Automatic Cat Feeder


The WOPET Smart Feed has every one of the fundamental characteristics of an extraordinary programmable feeder with a couple of additional items.

Utilizing the clear LCD screen, the gadget is programmable for up to 4 programmed, exclusively divided feasts daily.

The feeder has a voice recorder, permitting you to set up a robotized sound message that will tell your feline of every dinner. View on Amazon View on Chewy


10. Pet Safe Simply Feed Automatic Cat Feeder

Pet Safe Simply Auto Cat Feeder

This programmed feeder is sturdily developed and, when loaded with pet food, is challenging for felines to push over.

The Pet Safe Feed is exceptionally adaptable, permitting you to calibrate your feline’s taking care timetable.

You can choose your own two times a day-to-day timetable with 12 different times.

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Automatic Cat Feeder Buyer’s Guide

You need to consider certain things while buying an automatic cat feeder.


Buy the automatic cat feeder with a large capacity as the smaller capacity feeders demand more refilling.

The ideal cat feeder is the one with twenty-five cups of capacity.


When spending this much on an automatic feeder, buy one with WIFI and app control specs as that would be more beneficial and comfortable to use.

You can send recorded messages and monitor your cat while away from home.





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