10 Best Cat Drinking Fountains of 2022

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Cat Water FountainVets recommend Cat Fountains all across the globe because the Fountain enables your cat to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Cats naturally tend to be drawn to running water instead of still water, so getting a water fountain will draw your cat in and motivate it to drink more water.

1. Pioneer Pet Cat Drinking Fountain

Pioneer Cat Drinking Fountain

This beautiful Cat Fountain is shaped like a swan but in a stylish way.

It also comes with a charcoal filter that filters all the impurities from the water.

With the capacity to hold 80 ounces of water, this Fountain is perfect for single or multiple cat homes.

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2. Petsafe Drinkwell Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Petsafe Drinkwell Cat Water Fountain

This Water Fountain by Petsafe has a water holding capacity of 50 oz, which is great for cats and dogs.

The Fountain is made from plastic and water and weighs around 2.5 pounds.

It also comes with a replaceable filter that keeps the water free from contaminants.

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3. INSTACHEW Smart Water Fountain

Instachew Smart Water Fountain

Instachew Water Fountain is THE number one water fountain for people that want to optimize their cat’s hydration.

It is app-enabled, so you get to choose when it’s turned on and off.

You can also schedule its timing according to your cat’s needs.

This will help you save electricity and cut those high bills.

On top of all of this, it is also compatible with Alexa and Google.

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4. Ciays Automatic Cat Fountain

Ciays Automatic Cat Water Fountain

Ciays Cat Water Fountain comes with a water holding capacity of up to 2.5 liters, which is great if you have multiple cats in your house.

It also comes with a 90-day guarantee to ensure your satisfaction with their product.

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5. Catit Flower Cat Fountain

Catit Flower Cat Fountain

This water fountain has three different water settings that you can select depending on your cat’s drinking habits.

It has a similar design to the Ciays Water Fountain but a vibrant flower.

The Fountain comes with a filter to keep out the dirt and debris.

It is made from BPA-free material, ensuring your cat’s health and safety.

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6. Petsafe Multi-tier Cat Water Fountain

Petsafe Multi Tier Cat Water Fountain

This Futuristic-looking water fountain by Petsafe is perfect for those that want to add some style to their cats’ water fountain.

It works with minimal noise and consumes low voltage.

The easy-to-clean design not only looks good but also makes your life easier; it is also BPA-free.

It holds up to 50 oz of water, ideal for single pet houses.

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7. Miaustore Cat and Dog Ceramic Water Fountain 

Miaustore Cat Ceramic Water Fountain

This beautifully designed water fountain is made to increase your house’s beauty and keep your cat hydrated.

It has three towers, a large base, and eight different drinking areas.

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8. Catit Mini Water Fountain

Catit Mini Cat Water Fountain

This mini version of the Catit water fountain has all the similar goodness of the classic version packed into a smaller version.

It also comes with a filter pad and a 1.5-liter water holding capacity.

It is made with a smaller base to keep the whiskers stress-free.

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9. Torus Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Torus Cat Water Fountain

This simple and elegant water fountain is our favorite when it comes to design and quality.

It comes with an FDA-approved anti-microbial technology that keeps all the pathogens away from your cat’s water.

It also comes with a low water level to avoid spilling.

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10. Veken Multi-tier Cat Water Fountain

Veken Multi Tier Water Fountain

This large-sized water fountain has a 100 oz water holding capacity, making it ideal for multi-cat houses.

It also has a double-deck design which encourages your cat to drink water as cats are attracted to flowing water.

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Cat Water Fountain Buying Guide

Buying the right water fountain is essential to keep your cat well hydrated.

You can buy any water fountain without giving it much thought and end up wasting money.

So, it is better to keep a few things in mind before buying this incredible gadget for your cat.

Water Capacity

Drinking Fountains come in various sizes that hold different amounts of water.

And you want to buy one that is the right size for your cat.

Just like giving your cat the right amount of food or using the right amount of litter, it is essential to give them the right amount of water.

Design and Filter

Getting the right design of Water Fountain that fits your home design is important.

Similar to having the right scratching postautomatic feeder, or air freshener, having the right Water fountain design makes a lot of difference.

You must also ensure that your cat’s water fountain comes with a filter.

And not just any filter, but a good filter that removes all the dirt, debris, and pathogens.


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