10 Best Cat Litter Mats of 2022

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Cat Litter MatBuying the right kind of Litter Mat can save you a lot of pain and struggle in your life.

As cats use litter often, they tend to spill the litter across the litter box, and you are then responsible for cleaning it up.

Things are a little easier if you have a waterproof and easy-to-clean litter matt.

This article discusses the top litter mats available in the market and what to look for when buying a Litter Mat.

1. Frisco Rectangular Large Litter Mat

Frisco Rectangular Cat Litter Mat

This Mat from Frisco is a large-sized, grey Mat with Litter trapping technology.

This Technology traps the litter as it falls on the Mat without the risk of spilling off it.

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2. Petlinks Rubber Cat Litter Mat

Petlinks Purr Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat

Petlinks Cat Litter Mat is an amazing mat that prevents the litter from sticking to your cats’ paws and preventing it from being spilled all over your house.

It is easy to clean; you can shake the excess spilled litter off the Mat or use a brush or broom to remove the litter.

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3. Iprimio Cat Litter Mat

Iprimio Cat Litter Trapper Mat

This double-layered cat mat is ideal for trapping litter stuck on your cat’s paws and the litter that your cat spills from the litter box while using it.

The Mat is made with a plastic bottom layer, which prevents it from smelling like urine.

The upper two layers are attached on the same side, making cleaning a lot easier.

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4. Petfusion Toughgrip Cat Litter Mat


This litter mat comes with inner channels and a Raised lip which makes it great for trapping the litter.

The Mat is made with high-grade FDA-approved silicone that is Anti-microbial and water-resistant.

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5. Fresh Kitty Cat Litter Mat

Fresh Kitty Grate Cat Litter Mat

This Unique Litter mat has deep-pocketed layers that work together to trap the litter as soon as your cat steps on it after using the litter.

The Bottom Layer is made with Plastic, ensuring that the Mat doesn’t absorb any odors.

But the top layer is made with soft material to provide comfort.

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6. Petmate Flex Rubber Cat Litter Mat


This Durable and High-Quality Litter mat is made with strong materials that ensure the longevity of the mat.

It comes with tiny crevices on the mat to trap the litter.

This Mat is different from the rest as it comes in a cute paw design, so if you like to add some style to your cat’s accessories, this mat is the one.

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7. Fresh Kitty Foam Circles Litter Mat for Cats

Fresh Kitty Jumbo Foam Circle Litter Mat

Fresh Kitty Litter Mat is a large-sized mat ideal for cats that spill the litter all over the place.

It is great for trapping excess litter and keeping your home clean.

The upper layer is soft; this ensures that your kitty’s litter time is comfortable and enjoyable.

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8. Drymate Cat Litter Mat


A Drymate Litter mat is made to reduce tracking and to contain all the spilled litter.

The Mat is made with the kitty’s comfort in mind, as it has a soft material coating.

The Absorbent polyester absorbs any fluid that falls on it, making it waterproof.

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9. Frisco Half-moon Cat Litter Mat

Frisco Half Moon Cat Litter Mat

This litter mat is made for smaller spaces where the large-sized mats can’t fit.

It has all the goodness from the large-sized cat mat by Frisco but in a smaller size.

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10.  Dipperdap Cat Litter Mat


Dipperdap brings an innovative Mat design with a double-layered honeycomb design ideal for cats that spill a lot.

You can also place it under your cat’s automatic feeder or Water fountain to reduce the mess.

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Cat Litter Mat Buying Guide

Buying the Right Litter Mat is not that difficult if you keep a few things in mind.


If you want to ensure that the litter which spills from the litter box stays on the Mat, then buying mats made with waterproof materials is essential.

By preventing spilling, you can reduce the odor in your home and eliminate the need to use air fresheners and Pee Removers.

Ease of cleaning

Another important factor to consider is the ease with which you can clean the litter mat.

Some litter mats come with designs that make them really hard to clean, while others are made in a way that enables us to clean them easily.

Always go for mats that are easier to clean and preferably made with materials like silicone or rubber.


This one is important for those that have a large cat.

Larger cats tend to spill more than kittens.

So, getting a larger litter mat is essential so no litter gets spilled.


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