10 Best Scratching Posts of 2022

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Scratching PostScratching is intensely rooted psychologically and physically in the cat’s instincts.

Cats usually scratch things when they are playful, sharpen their claws, mark their terrains, and dismiss stress.

If you want to save your furniture and rug, having a scratcher at home is necessary when you own a cat.

Below we have mentioned certain appealing scratchers that your kitty will surely fall in love with.

1. Pioneer Pet SmartCat The Ultimate Scratching Post

Pioneer Pet Smart Scratching Post

The Pioneer Cat Scratcher is a unique and durable one that comes in sixteen different models.

Its base is made from solid wood, and the scratching surface is woven sisal with fiber.

It is thirty-two inches tall, making it comfortable for your kitty to reach out and stretch as much as it wants.

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2. Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

Catit Style Cat Scratcher

Do you have a lazy cat that loves to scratch?

In that case, you need a Catit Scratcher, which is designed in a couch-like shape so that your cat can lie on it and scratch for hours.

It is made of fifty-seven layers of corrugated cardboard, stubby legs, and a strong base.

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3. Pet Fusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher Lounge

The Pet Fusion Cat Scratcher is peanut-shaped; the combination of the scratcher and cat furniture goes well with any room décor.

It is shaped in such a way that it allows the cat to scratch from multiple angles.

The cardboard used for its manufacturing is claw friendly and has a reversible side to enhance its durability.

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4. Midwest Feline Nuvu Grand Forte Cat Scratching Post

Midwest Cat Scratching Post

The Mid West Scratching post is nine inches taller and the best option for active cats as they prefer vertical scratching.

The stable base of this scratching post is not only suitable for vigorous scratching but also provides easy climbing and playing.

The interior is made from sisal rope which gives easy scratching.

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5. Fat Cat Big Mama Scratchy Box

Scratchy Scratch Box

If you are looking for an affordable scratcher, you surely need to go for the fat cat scratchy box.

The good thing about this scratcher is that it is made from eco-friendly reusable cardboard, which can be used from both sides, hence increasing its durability.

The surface of the scratcher includes a catnip which is added to attract the cat towards it.

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6. K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Scratcher

Window Cat Scratcher

If you want to treat your cat with double fun, you only need a mount window scratcher.

It gets attached to any window with a suction cup and provides a comfy place for your kitty to sit and enjoy its scratching activity.

The cardboard utilized in it is replaceable, making it more long-lasting.

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7. VOUNOT Cat Tree Tower & Sisal Scratching Post


Vounot Scratching post is a whole set of joy for your pet.

It is not only used for scratching, but climbing, jumping, and hiding tree tower that your cat will surely enjoy a lot.

The solid construction of this scratching post provides stability and includes a strip attached to any wall or tree without the concern of falling down.

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8. MECOOL Cat Scratching Post


The MECOOL Cat Scratching Post includes a sisal rope coiled together and acts like an interactive cat toy that will entertain you for hours.

It is made from a superior quality base which provides spacious scratching.

The thick base ensures the sturdiness of the product and prevention from knocking over.

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9. PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post


The PEEKAB Cat Scratching Post is a 360-degree rotatable one that allows playing and scratching simultaneously.

The build-in material is of sisal and chipboard, which is cat friendly as it won’t damage the claws.

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10. Made4Pets Cat Scratching Post


The Made4pet scratching post is made from sisal rope, and along with it comes an attached pompom toy to play with.

This scratching post will keep your pet occupied for a longer time period.

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Cat Scratching Post Buyer Guide

While buying a scratcher for your cat, you need to consider the following things.

Sturdy Base

If you are planning to buy a vertical scratcher, all you need to consider are the ones with a sturdy base.

Some vertical scratchers have an attachable feature to a wall or three; that would be appropriate as you won’t have to put the knocked-over scratcher continuously at the right place and position.


The material of the scratcher matters a lot, as it can cause hurt to the claws of your kitty.

Some of the best material scratchers include sisal, seagrass, cardboard, etc.

These are soft, easy, and safe to be used by any size cat.


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