10 Best Cat Toys of 2022

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Cat ToyJust like providing a high-quality diet keeps your cat healthy physically, playtime provides mental stimulation to your cat.

As domestic cats are confined to indoor activities, cat toys play a vital role in keeping your kitty happy and occupied throughout the day.

Toys not only prevent boredom but also helps in maintaining a healthy body weight for your cat, along with creating a stronger bond with your pet.

We have rounded up the ten best cat toys that will help in keeping your kitten well entertained.

1. Furry Fido Laser Cat Toy

Furry Fido Laser Cat Toy

Chasing laser light is one of the most fun activities for every cat.

The Fury Fido has a body of stainless steel and includes two modes: white flash and UV light.

It can get charged by a simpler charger that comes along and doesn’t require an additional battery.

Additionally, UV light is used to check hidden stains such as pee stain and stains on the couch or carpet.

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2. Hex Bug Nano Robotic Cat Toy

Hex Bug Nano Robotic Cat Toy

Preying and hunting are the expected instincts of cats.

To exhilarate these traits in your cat, Hex Bug Robotic toy is the best one.

The appearance of this toy resembles an insect, and its movement is based on vibrations.

The robotic toy is capable of changing directions and flipping back.

The long feathery tail at the back is appealing for the cat to chase and capture.

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3. Pet Stages Tower of Tracks Cat Toys

Pet Stages Tower Tracks Cat Toy

In adulthood, the cat tends to get physically inactive.

To stimulate activity in your cat through positive reinforcement, Tower Track Toy is the best option to choose.

The three colorful spinning balls moving through the track appeal’s the cat.

The non-skidding pads allow the balls to slide in circular movements as the cat tries to quench the ball through its claws.

The Track Tower doesn’t require batteries to operate.

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4. Our Pet Catnip 24 Karat Cat Toy

Our Pet Catnip 24 Karat Cat Toy

Some cats are sluggish by nature, and chasing toys never excite them.

If your cat is a couch potato, you need to buy it a Karat Cat Toy.

This toy is a pure and easy form of providing joy to your kitty.

It is filled with 100% pure catnip, which provides a soothing feel to your cat.

Chewing the catnip toy helps in releasing stress and anxiety in the pets.

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5. Snuggly Cat Ripple Rug Cat Activity Play Mat

Snuggly Cat Ripple Rug Cat Mat

If you have more than one cat at home, you surely need to buy this mat.

The Ripple Rig Play Mat has space for pouncing, stalking, hiding and resting.

Hiding treats in the holds can increase the level of fun your cat will have to play with the mat.

It is made from recycled plastic materials and is durable.

Having this mat at home is also beneficial because your home furniture will get safe from scratching and tearing.

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6. Pet Links Mystery Motion Concealed Electronic Cat Toy


Another toy to enhance your cat’s natural instincts will be the concealed motion electronic cat toy.

 This toy is operated through batteries and made from recycled plastic.

Beneath the toy, the fast-moving feature peeking attracts the kitty to chase.

The toy operates at four sped modes: random, fast, medium and slow.

There come attractive noises from the toy to lure the kitty’s attention.

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7. Kong Active Feature Teaser Cat Toy


The Teaser toy is the best to engage your cat with you and spend quality time together.

The flamingo attached to the one end of the rode is bright color and has appealing features to attract the cat.

It is an interactive cat toy that stimulates the mental capabilities of your kitty.

The product produces a crinkle sound

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8. Frisco Peek-a-Boo Cat Chute

Peek A Boo Cat Chute

Made from 100% wool, with no inner filling and no toxic substance, the wool ball is the safe ball for your cat to play with.

The wool balls are free from scent, chemicals or fragrance.

These wool balls were used for laundry purposes, but cats’ interest in them made them come as a cat toys.

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9. Hartz Mouse Cat Toy


Chasing mice and rats is one of the most liked activities of cats.

This play toy mouse is light in weight, fuzzy and contains a multi-colored ribbon to attract your kitty’s attention.

It comes in a twelve-pack and contains 100% pure catnip inside.

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10. Pet Stages Dental Health Cat Toys

Pet Stages Dental Health Cat Toys

Some cats chew soft things to overcome their anxiety.

If your cat is one of them, you surely need to check out Pet Stage Chew Cat Toy.

It comes in bright colors to appeal to the cat and is safer to chew with no side effects.

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Cat Toys Buyers Guide

Buying toys seems like an easy task, but trust us, it’s not, especially for pets; you need to look at certain things.


The main function of toys is to entertain your pet, but some toys help additional benefits such as build-in scratchers to maintain claws, chew toys that help in dental health, chasing toys are used to keep your cat physically active, etc.

Solo Play

Interactive toys are best when you have time to spend with your cat, but solo playing toys are the best alternative for those who don’t have enough time.

The solo toy includes the one that can keep your cat occupied when you are not at home.


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