10 Best Cheap Dog Foods (Reviews Updated 2022)

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What is the most common question people ask when shopping for their pet’s dog food? How can I get the best quality of nutrients for a relatively cheap price, this question is asked by almost every dog owner. When shopping for your furry friend’s food you obviously want the best, but a lot of us working parents can’t afford the highest grade which leaves us with our current dilemma.

When buying cheaper food, you still need to be aware of what ingredients are being used in its production. Some ingredients are unhealthy for your dog, or in some cases even harmful to their health if eaten in excess.

Below are the top ten cheapest dog food brands that still meet your pooch’s nutrient requirements without breaking your bank account.

Best Cheap Dog Foods

Here are our reviews of the best affordable dog foods.

1. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

The Rachael Ray Nutrish forty pound bag of dog food is a great balance of quality and quantity for one low price. The main ingredients are real chicken and vegetables with no artificial flavors used to best promote your dog’s health. On top of the natural and healthy main ingredients, this dog food also has added minerals and vitamins to give your dog additional boosts to their every day health.

  • Forty pounds of food, dry not wet, for your pup’s hunger needs
  • Main ingredients are natural and healthy for good health
  • Additional vitamins and minerals give more health benefits
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2. Diamond Naturals Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Premium Dry Dog Food is a great value for your money, forty pounds of high quality dog food for one cheap price. The food is made with real meat, pasture raised beef being the main ingredient, and healthy grains to balance your dog’s diet. On top of having healthy ingredients, this dog food has great amounts of Vitamin E and selenium as well as Omega acids.

  • Good quantity versus quality to stretch your money further
  • Main ingredients are natural, pasture raised beef, and healthy grains
  • Additional vitamins and nutrients to best bolster your pup’s health
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3. Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness adult dog food is made with the best ingredients, real chicken being the main ingredient although it also comes in Salmon or Duck. Instead of grains this dog food uses sweet potatoes and peas to give additional carbohydrates to your dog’s diet. All natural or healthy ingredients with no by-product, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives.

  • Real chicken adds security in your dog’s health while coming in other flavors
  • Uses sweet potatoes and peas instead of grains for a healthier alternative
  • No by product, corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors were used
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4. Pedigree Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food

The Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food is made with your pet’s health and your wallet’s needs in mind, with roasted chicken, rice and vegetable flavoring your dog will love and no artificial flavors. The food is well balanced with Omega acids to promote good skin and fur in your pooch. On top of healthy ingredients, the food also has healthy whole grains and special fiber blend for optimal health.

  • Roasted chicken, rice and vegetable flavoring for your dog’s enjoyment
  • Well balanced, healthy food with Omega acids and no artificial flavors
  • Healthy whole grains, special fiber blend, and other healthy ingredients
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5. Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

The Taste of the Wild Dog Food is made for your dog’s best health with high protein, real and quality meat, Bison and Venison, are the main ingredients. The food is grain free for your pup’s health, while having no artificial flavors or harmful preservatives. Antioxidants and fatty acid blend to help your dog’s fur and skin stay healthy along with their immune system.

  • Real, quality meat used in food, from Venison and Bison
  • Grain free, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors for your dog’s best health
  • Antioxidants and fatty acids blend for your dog’s fur and skin health
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6. Nutro Essentials Dog Food

Nutro Essentials Dog Food

The Nutro Essentials Adult dog food is a food specifically crafted for small or toy breeds of dog, the morsels are all bite sized for your dog’s feeding ease. The ingredients are all natural with brown rice, sweet potatoe and chicken being the main ingredients, with additional Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your dog’s health. Contains Omega three and six acids for extra health boosts.

  • Dog food is made for smaller breeds, smaller chunks of food reduce choking hazard
  • Natural ingredients with brown rice, chicken and potatoes, no artificial flavoring
  • Contains additional vitamins, nutrients, and minerals alongside Omega acids
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7. Kibbles ‘n Bits Dog Food

Kibbles 'n Bits Dog Food

The Kibbles ‘n Bits dog food is made with your dog’s enjoyment and health in mind, with real beef as the main ingredients this food is a must have for your pooch. The unique crunchy outside with chewy inside on the morsels allows a pleasant and easy feeding experience for your pup. The vitamins and nutrients are all well balanced to give your dog the best quality for your money.

  • Dog food main ingredients is real beef, no harmful byproducts
  • Unique recipe allows chewy inside and crunchy outside
  • Nutrients and vitamins are all balanced for your for your dog’s health
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8. Instinct Dog Food

Instinct Dog Food

The Instinct dog food is made to best suit your dog’s everyday health while staying in an affordable range for most dog owners. The main ingredient is real beef while being grain free for the best health boosts in your pooch. The food comes in six different flavors of meat, plenty of options for those pups who are picky.

  • High quality but affordable dog food for your pooch’s health and your wallet
  • Healthy beef as main ingredients with no grains to lower health risks
  • Venison, Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb and Salmon flavored options
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9. Solimo Dog Food

Solimo Dog Food

The Solimo dog food is Amazon’s own brand and it is made from only the healthiest and best ingredients for your pup. American raised beef is the main ingredient, but it also comes in chicken flavor, with corn as another main ingredient. This food has absolutely no artificial flavors, to best reduce health risks to your pup.

  • Made from the best and healthiest beef and corn ingredients
  • Beef is American raised but available as American raised chicken as well
  • No artificial flavors, less health risks for your pup
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10. Purina Dog Chow

Purina Dog Chow

The Purina Dog Chow is made for adult dogs of any breed, with real beef as the main ingredient and twenty three vitamins and minerals packed into each bite. The food supports your dog’s immune system, is high quality, and is affordable. This food is great for dogs with digestive problems as it is made to be easily digested.

  • Made for adult dogs, healthy beef as main ingredient
  • Twenty three minerals and vitamins are packed into every bowl
  • Easily digestible for dogs with stomach problems or elderly dogs
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Affordable Dog Food Buyers’ Guide

Best Cheap Dog Food ReviewsWhen buying your dog their food you, as the loving pet owner, want the best for them. However, like most people it is entirely possible you can’t afford the high priced foods that you see everywhere. That is fine, don’t feel bad about not being able to afford pedigree foods. As long as the food you choose is careful researched before hand and covers all necessary nutrients then your dog will be fine. Below are some of the terms you have seen above that I will be explaining.

All Natural Ingredients

This is one of the single most important things to look for when you choose a dog food for your pup. There are many foods out there that, to make getting ingredients cheaper, will buy lesser quality ingredients or mix them with sometimes harmful additives. It is important that when you choose a dog food it either has no additives, or it lists the additives so you can go through and research every one carefully before purchasing.

Easily Digestible

Some dogs, elderly or just immune deficit, have trouble digesting their food. That doesn’t mean their current food is below standard, it just means that they require a more gentle dog food for constant consumption. Foods that have easily digestible in the description are great for these dogs, as they are made from ingredients that don’t sit as heavy or for as long in your dog’s stomach.

Made For Adult/Puppy

This is another thing to look for when purchasing your dog food, as some foods are made with certain nutrients that your dog won’t need as much of once they hit their adult years. Puppies require extra vitamins and lots of them for their growing, so when buying a food make sure it is made for the correct age group.

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