5 Best Collars for Rottweilers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Rottweilers are heavy, powerful working dogs and known for loyalty and gentleness with their owners. Because of their strength and weight, Rottweilers can be difficult to restrain, especially when young, and their history as a guard dog means they instinctively pursue animal threats. The right collar is essential to ensure your Rottweiler does not break a leash or a tie down.

Best Collars for Rottweilers

Here are our rottweiler dog collar reviews.

1. PET ARTIST Genuine Leather Dog Collar for Walking & Training

Pet Artist Genuine Leather Dog Collar For Walking & Training Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Handle For Medium & Large Dogs

The Pet Artist dog collar with handle is made of soft touching genuine leather which is comfortable for the Rottweiler’s neck and the owner’s hand. The handle on the collar is specially designed for confident and quick control during dog walking and training. And, the quality craftsmanship is made in the USA.

  • The zinc alloy buckle on the collar is anti-rust and durable for daily use.
  • Each side of the handle with 2 rivets to ensure it’s durable enough for heavy duty use.
  • Two different neck sizes available for a custom fit.
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2. Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar

Yunlep Adjustable Tactical Dog Collar Military Nylon Heavy Duty Metal Buckle

The Yunlep Tactical dog collar is made of high quality 1000D nylon and has a heavy duty metal buckle for  more security for your lovely dog. It is lightweight and very comfortable for your dog’s daily life.

  • A heavy duty nylon handle is sewn into the collar for positive control when walking or training the dog
  • The collar fastens with a heavy duty metal buckle and D-Ring for durability and security
  • There is a velcro strip on the collar to attach a tape or patch with the dog’s name.
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3. CollarDirect Reflective Dog Collar with Buckle

Collardirect Reflective Dog Collar With Buckle Adjustable Safety Nylon Collars

The CollarDirect Safety collar is made of soft nylon and comes in eight colors. The company also sells matching leashes!  Reflective dog collar is made out of strong, flexible, and soft nylon webbing.  The vivid colors do not fade over time and are both washable and durable.

  • Side release buckle is made out of quality eco-friendly plastic with safety lock
  • Carbon plated D-ring allows to attach dog leash easily
  • The collar is easy to wash and clean and is perfect for daily use
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4. Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar

Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Dog Collar With Handle Ballistic Nylon Heavy Duty Collar

The Tuff Pupper Heavy Duty Collar is made equally for positive control and style. It comes in six colors, is made of strong ballistic nylon, and comes with a 100% stainless hardware–including a belt style buckle that secures to metal eyelets for total security.

  • Innovative bungee handle on collar snaps back to avoid snagging when not in use
  • Soft neoprene and mesh padding along the inner collar offers maximum breathability for vigorous activity on warm days
  • The dual reflective stitched trim helps you keep an eye on your Rottweiler, even in low-light
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5. ROGZ Utility Extra Large 1-Inch Reflective Lumberjack Obedience Half-Check Dog Collar

Rogz Utility Extra Large 1 Inch Reflective Lumberjack Obedience Half Check Dog Collar

The ROGZ Utility Lumberjack Obedience dog collar combines a limited choke chain with high grade nylon webbing. Woven reflective threads are stitched into the webbing (not painted or screen printed on) to ensure extreme durability over the life of your Rottweiler. Also, matching leashes and harnesses are available.

  • The nylon/chain hybrid design is kinder and gentler than standard obedience collars but has the same functionality
  • The obedience feature means there is no buckle, so there is no risk of a buckle breaking
  • The collar is reversible–turn it inside out and the reflective bands are invisible for “stealth” mode at night
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Collar for Rottweilers Buying Guide

Best Collars For Rottweilers Review

Rottweilers are heavy and powerful, so it is essential that the collar you choose be strong enough to restrain the dog if it pulls against it, and have a wide enough band to avoid injury.  Also, because the weakest part of a collar is the buckle, you should make sure the buckle won’t unlatch or break if your Rottweiler lunges. You should also carefully choose the materials in your collar, as metal buckles and leash rings will rust and fail quickly if exposed to salt water. If you plan to train a younger Rottweiler, you may want a handle on the collar for more positive control. And don’t forget to put the dog’s name on the collar!

Look for a strong collar

A strong collar is essential for restraining a Rottweiler if they pull against a leash. Nylon, a common material for collars, is extremely strong–it sometimes exceeds the material strength of a chain! Leather is another typically strong material, but only if the collar is wide enough. Narrow leather belt-style collars and narrow nylon collars may snap unexpectedly under strain from a Rottweiler. Look for a collar at least 0.75in or 2cm wide. A wider collar is more comfortable and safe for your dog, as narrower collars may cause injury or even strangulation.

Also, look for a strong buckle

Many collars come with plastic locking tabs, which have the benefit of not jingling and being easy to snap on and off.  Unfortunately, in the case of heavy and powerful dogs like a Rottweiler, these buckles may unlock suddenly when the dog lunges forcefully, or may actually break entirely. For a Rottweiler, a plastic buckle should be rated to at least 300lbs.  Metal, belt-style buckles are a safer bet in the absence of a load rating, but a powerful dog may bend or break a single tang–look for a double tang buckle for added security.

Choose the right collar, buckle, and ring for your environment

As working dogs, Rottweilers love to be outside and sometimes enjoy swimming.  If your dog swims often, or even occasionally swims in the ocean, avoid metal buckles.  Most steel will rust quickly when exposed to salt water, and even an anti-rust buckle or leash ring will corrode if constantly exposed to water.  A heavy-duty plastic buckle is a better option if your Rottweiler spends a lot of time outside and is exposed to rain or water bodies. Some specific metals, like brass, do not rust easily and will withstand water exposure.  When it comes to collar materials, leather, will degrade quickly when repeatedly soaked and dried, so if your Rottweiler likes the water then a nylon collar is your best bet.

Personalization Options

Many dog owners prefer Rottweilers for their strength and loyalty, and take great pride in owning one, and being able to display it’s name is a definite bonus.  Collars often offer personalization options where the name of the dog is stitched on to the collar itself. Others will allow you to etch a name and address or phone number on the buckle. These are handy options because the kind of tags that attach to large collar can make a lot of jingle noise! Some collars are even wide enough to allow you to sew patches on–a great way to remember your adventures with your Rottweiler!

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