5 Best Dog Beds for Akitas (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Akitas are big dog breeds. It can be hard to find a good dog bed for big dogs. With little dogs, it’s easier. They almost don’t need one because they can just lay on the couch. But big dogs, however, need a good bed that is comfortable on the hard ground. Here, I have found a few good dog beds for Akitas.

Best Dog Beds for Akitas

Here are our Akita dog bed reviews.

1. Furthaven Therapeutic Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Therapeutic Sofa Style

The Furthaven Therapeutic Dog bed is ideal for Akitas because of its couch-like design. It’s three bolster design allows for your dog to use the cushioned sides as a backrest or headrest. There is also plenty of room for a big dog like an Akita to sleep in the middle without using the sides if he would prefer.

  • The cushioned sides allow for headrest or backrest, also are good for snuggling
  • It comes in a variety of colors and designs to match any household
  • The cover is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning
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2. Cloudzone Large Dog Bed

Cloudzone Dog Bed Machine Washable Rectangle Breathable Soft Cotton With Nonskid Bottom Extra Large

Active dogs like Akitas will love this Cloudzone Large Dog bed because it has a non-slip bottom. This non-slip bottom will keep the bed from moving around when your dog jumps onto the bed or if your dog is taking a running start off the bed.

  • Non-slip bottom helps the bed stay in place with active Akitas
  • Machine washable coral fleece which makes it easy to clean
  • Sides are cushioned for your dog’s head
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3. Majestic Pet Dog Pillow

Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow By Majestic Pet

This Majestic Pet Dog Pillow bed is a bit different. It’s literally like a huge pillow. I know big dogs, such as Akitas, will enjoy how comfortable this dog bed is. Plus, with all the different colors and designs this bed comes in, it will match any house’s interior design.

  • Machine washable cover
  • It comes in a variety of colors and designs
  • Pillow design optimized comfort
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4. PLS Birdsong Plush Dog Bed

Pls Birdsong Sweetspot Bolster Dog Bed With Pillow, Extra Plush, Completely Removable Cover With Zip

The PLS Birdsong dog bed is extremely comfortable for Akitas because it’s all made out of plush material. It has raised sides for headrests, and it has a removable pillow. All the covers are removable and machine washable for easy cleanup.

  • Plush material allows for extra comfort
  • Lasts longer due to the suede fabric
  • Non-slip and waterproof bottom keeps the bed from getting dirty
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5. Furhaven Therapeutic Dog Mat

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Therapeutic Sofa Style

The Furhaven therapeutic dog mat is perfect for those dogs who don’t like to have the cushioned side on their bed. This mat is also extra comfortable because it’s made with memory foam. It comes in a size that is big enough to fit two large dogs.

  • It comes in a variety of designs and colors
  • The cover is removable and machine washable
  • Memory foam provides extra comfort
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Akita Dog Bed Buyers Guide

The few products I have listed above are all good options for your Akita. Now you just have to decide which is right for you and your pet. How to figure out which is best depends on your Akita, house, and preferences. I’m here to help you out with that decision by listing a few things for you to consider before buying a dog bed for your Akita. I hope it helps!

Comfort and Padding

One of the biggest considerations when buying a dog bed is, of course, comfort. A bed for a big dog breed, like an Akita, has to have enough padding so that their size and weight can be held comfortably off the ground. If there isn’t enough padding, the dog’s elbows could hurt because of all the pressure that is still being put on them. This is why dogs will choose to lay on the couch versus a blanket on the floor. Having a well-padded dog bed can help save your furniture because your Akita will now have a place to lay that’s at least as comfortable as the couch.

Non-slip Bottom

Another good thing to consider is having a non-slip bottom on your Akita’s bed. A non-slip bottom can help prevent injury. Oftentimes when excited dogs get out of their beds, they do this with speed, and if the bed doesn’t have a non-slip bottom, the dog could end up falling or injuring himself. Having a non-slip bottom could not only save you some money in vet bills but also save your Akita from getting a serious injury. However, if you have carpeted floors, this feature may not be necessary for you.

Cushioned Raised Sides

Cushioned raised sides are a good benefit because a lot of Akitas, as well as any dog, like to have a comfortable place to lay their head. Also, the sides can keep the dog from potentially falling off their bed. Another benefit of cushioned raised sides is that they provide corners which a lot of dogs like to have to snuggle into.

Machine Washable Cover

A must-have for any dog bed is a machine washable cover. If you have a dog or even a child, you know why. Akitas and other big dog breeds can be very dirty. Either because your pet came in from running around outside, or because he had an accident inside. Whatever the case may be, being able to wash the cover is invaluable.

Type of Fabric

The last consideration is the type of fabric. Certain fabrics wear down faster than others, and certain fabrics are more comfortable than others. A durable fabric such as suede will last longer, but a fabric such as plush or fleece is more comfortable. This consideration is purely subjective to what you want in a dog bed. As well as what your Akita likes best and will think is more comfortable.

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