5 Best Dog Beds for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs (Reviews Updated 2024)

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The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs hail from Turkey and are one of the most ancient breeds, who are known to guard flocks since early ages, however, with the help of required training for these dogs, the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs can be used as pets too. Although these dogs have an independent nature, they need your attention and care like any other dog; hence when they wish to dose off, it is your responsibility to facilitate them with a soft and comfy bed to relax.

Pet owners are often too curious to know ways in which they can make the life of their Anatolian Shepherd Dog easier. Are you one of those curious owners? Do you really want to know more about some of the best dog beds in the market? We are here to answer all your queries and to facilitate you in the best way possible.

Best Dog Beds for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

Here are our dog beds for Anatolian Shepherd dogs reviews.

1. FurHaven NAP Deluxe Pillow Dog Bed

Furhaven Nap Deluxe Memory Foam Pillow Dog Bed W Removable Cover

FurHaven NAP Deluxe is the ultimate solution for your giant Anatolian Shepherd Dog’s nap. This bed features a therapeutic medical-grade memory foam that conforms to your Anatolian Shepherd Dog’s pressure points and is an excellent source of relief in muscle and joint pains.

  • Machine-washable
  • Contains a soft plush surface to provide a fluffy sleeping surface to your dog
  • Promotes a longer sleep

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2. Big Barker 7″ Headrest Pillow Dog Bed

Big Barker Headrest Pillow Dog Bed

If you were worried about how you will get a large bed that serves your giant Anatolian Shepherd Dog well, Big Barker has got your back. This 60-inch pillow dog bed provides plenty of space to a fully grown Anatolian Shepherd Dog to stretch to its fullest. The bed is covered with 100% microfiber cloth that is super-soft and provides a comfortable resting surface.

  • A handmade, durable bed that will stay in its shape for an extended period
  • Machine-washable
  • Made in the USA

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3. K&H Pet Products Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

K&h Pet Products Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

K&H Pet Products has designed a unique orthopedic dog bed for giant dogs like the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. This bed features a 3-inch high memory foam as the resting surface that is covered with ultra-soft microfleece. At the same time, the bolster is fluffed using the polyester filling and is covered with upholstery-grade, soft velvet.

  • An eco-friendly bed made using a recycled polyfill
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in various sizes

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4. KOPEKS Sofa Lounge Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

Kopeks Sofa Lounge Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed

KOPEKS has introduced another masterpiece in the form of their new Sofa Lounge Bolster Bed, which is made using a medical-grade foam that provides relief in the joint pains and muscle cramps of your Anatolian Shepherd Dog. The bed is covered using a hypoallergenic, micro-suede fabric that is ultra-soft so that your big guy can relax comfortably. 

  • Contains a removable cover
  • Can be easily washed in a machine
  • Features a waterproof lining to prevent the bed from absorbing unnecessary moisture from the floor

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5. Bessie + Barnie Signature, Extra Plush Bagel Dog Bed

Bessie + Barnie Signature Extra Plush Faux Fur Shag Bagel Dog Bed

Bessie + Barnie has designed their ultimate signature dog bed, which makes your Anatolian Shepherd Dog feeling like he is sleeping on a cloud. The bed features an ultra-plush bed with a soft faux suede finish lined with water-resistant material to ensure the bed remains dry and tidy.

  • Machine-washable
  • Dryer-friendly
  • Available in several patterns and colors

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Dog Bed for Anatolian Shepherd Dog Buyer’s Guide

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are a giant breed, who grows up to 32 inches in his adolescence.  These dogs have moderate energy levels; however, like any other dog, they also require 10-12 hours of sleep to stay happy and healthy. For this purpose, it is essential that you buy a soft, comfortable bed for them. We shared some of the best dog beds that will be an excellent choice if you plan to adopt an Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

We looked out for some aspects of making our choices. We have shared the details of those aspects in our buyer’s guide to giving you a better idea. Henceforth, it will be easier for you to buy a dog bed for your Anatolian Shepherd Dog.


Since the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are a giant breed, you have to buy a dog bed that has a size that will be large enough to provide them comfort. Typically, a bed that is between 50-60 inches in length is the best choice for these dogs, as it provides ample space to them for relaxing. Any bed that is smaller than 50-inches might end up being a source of discomfort for your fully grown Anatolian Shepherd Dog.


Typically, an orthopedic grade bed is a better option for an Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Since these dogs are a giant breed, they often suffer from disorders like hip and elbow dysplasia, which are quite painful ailments. An orthopedic bed features a medical-grade memory foam that is therapeutic. This bed provides relief in muscle cramps and joint pains of your Anatolian Shepherd Dog and is exceptionally comfortable.


The bed, for an Anatolian Shepherd Dog, can be round or rectangular. You should avoid buying elevated beds as those beds are not much comfortable. A bed with bolster is seen as a plus because it provides your Anatolian Shepherd Dog with a soft head resting surface, which is quite satisfying for these dogs. So, overall a medical-grade bolster bed will be a better choice for the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.

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