5 Best Dog Beds for Basset Hounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Basset hounds have short legs and often huge trunk. The build means that excessive weight would rest on the legs, and this makes them prone to arthritis. In this condition, the dog won’t need a bed that wears down as it would worsen the situation. The best answer to this is to get a sturdy bed for basset hounds.

Best Dog Beds for Basset Hounds

Here is our dog bed for basset hound review.

1. Dogbed4less Memory Orthopedic Mattress Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Premium Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Memory Orthopedic Mattress Dog Bed provides full support for overweight basset hounds. It offers incredible therapeutic comfort and on a cold surface, guaranteeing the dog a fantastic rest time. With Dogbed4less Memory Orthopedic Mattress Dog Bed, the material reduces the chances of chewing. The bed has the materials of the highest quality.

  • Orthopedic support relieves back and joint pains
  • Nylon cover ensures it is water-resistant
  • The removable and washable cover takes out odor
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2. MyPillow Dog Beds

Mypillow Dog Beds

MyPillow dog beds are available for all sizes of basset hounds. The bed will keep the dog calm and comfortable on a solid surface, ensuring absolute comfort for the pup. MyPillow Dog Beds can last up to decade serving the basset hound to best of its ability. Its paw print side is perfect for chronic chewers as it’s robust and rough.

  • Machine washable and odor resistant
  • Double-sided outer shell for many purposes
  • Moisture and tear-resistant

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3. Memory Foam Dog Pet Bed Mattress

Memory Foam Dog Pet Bed Mattress Core With Gel, Medium Size L27xw35xh5 Inches Made In Usa

Memory Foam Dog Pet Bed Mattress comes with a gel to provide a cool resting place for a basset hound. It guarantees best comfort while providing a soothing surface for joint and back pains. The bed expels the pressures on the joints with its soft gel, increasing the desire to rest in basset hounds.

  • Foam gel helps to distribute weight preventing pains
  • Packaged in the US with PURGreen certification
  • Best for Large dogs, suitable for puppies
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4. LAZY BUDDY Dog Bed, Memory Foam Dog Bed

Lazy Buddy Dog Bed, Memory Foam Dog Bed With Waterproof Cover, Removable And Washable Cover For Sma

LAZY BUDDY Dog Bed, Memory Foam Dog Bed features a detachable cover for odor and dirt removal. It dons the YKK brand zipper that ensures zipper durability and easy cover removal all contributing to longer use of the bed. LAZY BUDDY dog bed is perfect for the lazy basset hounds with a whole lot of belly mass.

  • Quality materials for better health and good rest
  • The water-resistant inner sheet prevents the dog’s excrement leakage
  • Chosen components best for longer use
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5. Laifug Orthopedic Memory Dog Foam

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Foam Extra Large Dog Bed

Laifug Orthopedic Memory Dog Foam features the dual-end pillow for easy rest and most comfort. The design features a four-inch and two and a half-inch pillow at the head for increased security. The bed is water-resistant and has a tear-resistant cover.

Extra-large bed favorite for basset hounds

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Easy to maintain

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Dog Beds for Basset Hound Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the perfect dog bed for a basset hound is challenging for so many reasons. This is why every dog owner should be meticulous in the selection process. Listed below are some of the essential features you need to look for when buying a dog bed for basset hounds.

Odor Resistance

Basset hounds have a high tendency to become obese due to lack of adequate exercise. Obesity comes with frequent flatulence while lying down, an act that is not bed friendly. If the dog bed does not have the odor resistance effect, the dog corner, as well as the dog, will have a foul odor. To avoid this, ensure the bed is odor resistant before buying it for a basset hound.

Water Resistance

When they get older and bigger, basset hounds tend to slobber a lot and may make a mess of themselves and the bed. A water-resistant bed would make it easy to clean and avoid be odor as obese basset hounds have odoriferous saliva. Also, when they are overweight and older, they are prone to suffer incontinence, a condition where they can’t control peeing. So, getting a water-resistant bed for the basset hound would ease the maintenance stress.

Large Foam Base

Basset hounds are prone to excess weight in older ages. This means they will need a bed with a large foam base for enough cushion and comfort. Furthermore, a large foam base can guard against their destructive chewing tendencies. Get a bed with the support of at least four-inch thickness.

Orthopedic Bed

This is an important feature in a dog bed for basset hounds to avoid huge periods of discomfort. Basset hounds are prone to back and joint pains due to their short legs and large body. Getting an orthopedic dog bed would do a long way to ease their pain and guarantee them a good night rest.

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