5 Best Dog Beds for Chiweenies (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Chiweenies are hybrid small-sized dog species. Chiwees, as they are fondly called, are easy to care for, but require special pet materials different from most dog species. This goes for their food, toys, and as we’ll see, it also includes their beds.

Let’s check out the best dog bed for Chiweenies available.

Best Dog Beds for Chiweenies

Here are our Chiweenie dog bed reviews.

1. The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

The Original Elevated Pet Bed By Coolaroo

This Original Elevated Pet Bed from Coolaroo is a great cool spot for active Chiweenies. It allows maximal aeration, with minimal pressure on dog joints. A great piece for outdoor or backyard use.

  • The high-density polyethylene make has a cooling effect on the fur
  • Material is resistant to insects like fleas
  • The steel frame is light and durable

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2. Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogbed4less Memory Foam Dog Bed Pressure Relief Orthopedic, Internal Waterproof Case And 2 Washabl

An orthopedic bed made from memory foam. The Dogbed4less dog bed is a great pressure relieving option for Chiweenies. This product comes with a waterproof liner.

  • The eternal case is made from microsuede
  • Its cover has a strong zipper and extra stitching
  • Comes with an extra microfibre cover
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3. MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

Midwest Bolster Pet Bed Dog Beds Ideal For Metal Dog Crates Machine Wash & Dry (1)

A perfect Chiweenie bed with a very soft exterior. The Midwest Bolster soothes your dog to calm and regulate their body temperature. It can also be used to pad dog carriers.

  • The whole bed is machine washable
  • The bolster is padded with polyester to offer better support
  • Can also be machine dried

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4. Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave

Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed For Cats And Small Dogs Attractive, Durable, Comfort

This cave bed from Ethical Pets is a perfect dog bed for Chiweenies with anxiety. It offers great covering and a sense of security. The well-padded interior is good for dog joints.

  • The exterior is made from Faux suede
  • It has a sturdy feel, made to last
  • Easily machine washable

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5. Furrybaby Dog Bed Mat

Furrybaby Dog Bed Mat Soft Crate Mat With Anti Slip Bottom Machine Washable Pet Mattress For Dog Sl

This dog mat from Furrybaby is a premium sleep recipe for Chiweenies that like lying on the floor. The bottom is anti-slip and helps cushion the dog from rolling off. The mat has light padding for better support.

  • It is made from soft fleece material
  • Also has a thin mattress inner
  • The mat is machine washable
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Chiweenie Dog Bed Buying Guide

Chiweenies are a hybrid of Chihuahua and Dachshunds. They, however, have more Chihuahua traits. This includes them having a thin skin coat, which makes them unable to adequately regulate body temperature.

Here are a few things to look out for in choosing the best dog bed for Chiweenies.

What to Look for in Chiweenies’ Bed Materials

Sturdy exterior

The first thing you see in a dog bed is its exterior. And yes, it’s the surface your dog would sleep on directly. The best dog bed exteriors are made from tough materials like leather, double-woven silk, or cotton. This makes the bed withstand minimal chewing. The bed also has to be sturdy on the ground and won’t shift when your dog moves while sleeping.

Soft feel

Yes, it’s possible for the exterior to be sturdy and thick and yet has a soft feel on the skin. This is largely dependent on the material used. Great materials like microfiber and microsuede work just fine for Chiweenie bed exteriors. Sometimes wool is also preferred in some dog bed types.

Padded Interior

The interior determines how much your Chiwee would feel at home on the bed, just as much as the exterior. It supports the dog’s bones and body structure. Materials like memory foam and polyfill are great for Chiwees.

Good stitching, Easy to Detach

The seaming of your dog bed cover should be close, able to withstand burrowing, and constant washing. It’s best made with zippers or buttons for easy removal.

Types of Dog Bed for Chiweenies

Flat Bed

This offers the natural grip dogs love to get from lying on the ground. Flat beds help relieve pressure on your Chiweenies joints caused by sleeping on the floor.

Pillow Bed

Pillow beds are outdoor favorites for Chiweenies, to play around and rest on. The bed is made from fluffy polyfill material, which supports dog weight well. Be sure to get one with a waterproof lining and a firm grip bottom.

Orthopedic Bed

If your Chiwee has a bone-related condition or injured, then an orthopedic bed is your best bet. It offers great support with its thick padding.

Bolster Bed

A comfy bed for a little hyper dog. The upholding supports your Chiweenies’ body and neck. Great to offer a sense of security for an anxious dog.

Cave-Styled Bed

These also offer a form of protection and security for your Chiweenies. Made of the soft inner lining, cave beds allow dogs to cushion well.


The comfort of your dog should be your priority as a dog owner, especially for small dogs like Chiweenies. The best dog bed for Chiweenies is one that offers comfort, security, and still leaves them active when they wake.

Still, having difficulty getting the perfect dog bed for your Chiweenie? You can make the best choice from this quick read, or better still, consult your Veterinarian.

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