5 Best Dog Beds for Chorkies (Reviews Updated 2021)

Even though your beloved Chorkie is technically a lap dog, there may be times when you want him to sleep somewhere else.  Investing in a great dog bed or two will give him some comfortable places to relax and snooze when you are not around.  Chorkieshave a tendency to get cold, so your pup will appreciate a nice, cozy bed to curl up in, especially when your lap is not available.

Best Dog Bed for Chorkies

Here are our dog bed for Chorkies reviews.

1. AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed

Amazonbasics Warming Pet Bed For Cats Or Dogs

The AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed is a great, economical choice for your Chorkie.  Your cuddly pup will love this self-warming pet bed that retains and reflects his body heat.

  • Made with faux Sherpa fleece and corduroy
  • Non-slip bottom surface
  • Inner foil layer keeps in heat
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2. Ethical Pets Cuddle Cave

Ethical Pets Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Pet Bed For Cats And Small Dogs Attractive, Durable, Comfort

The Ethical Pets Cuddle Cave is a unique domed bed designed for small dogs like Chorkies.  Your pup will love cuddling into this super plush cave, giving him a sense of comfort and security.

  • 100% recyclable poly-fill
  • Fully machine washable
  • Faux-suede exterior is durable and stylish
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3. Blueberry Pet Embroidered Pet Bed

Blueberry Pet Heavy Duty Pet Bed Or Bed Cover, Removable & Washable Cover W Ykk Zippers, Shop A Whol

The Blueberry Pet Embroidered Pet Bed is the ultimate in style and comfort for your pampered pooch.  This bolstered pet sofa is made from a durable linen and polyester blend, embroidered with your choice of patterns to match your décor and personal style.

  • Filled with cozy, eco-friendly microfibre
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Also available in micro suede
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4. The Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler

Best Friends By Sheri Fur Donut Cuddler

The Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler from Best Friends by Sheri is perfect for your snuggly Chorkie with itsround donut design and super plush texture.  The fluffy raised rim mimics snuggling into a mother’s fur.

  • Filled with premium virgin AirLOFT fibers
  • Water and dirt-resistant bottom
  • Machine washable and dryable
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5. Pet Craft Supply Co. Soho Round Dog Bed

Pet Craft Supply Co. Soho Round Machine Washable Memory Foam Comfortable Ultra Soft All Season Self

The Pet Craft Supply Co. Soho Round Dog Bed is sure to keep your Chorkie warm and cozy, with its super soft memory foam chip cushion.This self-warming bed has a plush interior and wraparound linen walls for durability.

  • Cushion will not flatten over time
  • Deep walls provide warmth and security
  • Machine wash and dry friendly
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Dog Bed for Chorkies Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a dog bed for your Chorkie is an important decision, as it will become a secure and cozy place to sleep and relax every day.  You will not want to leave your Chorkie on your bed, as he could fall off and hurt himself, so to keep him safe, make sure he has his own bed on the floor.  Some premium beds may be more expensive than a simple cushion, but they are worth it for the luxurious comfort your Chorkie will experience in a bed made from quality materials.  These days, there are many different styles, colors and shapes to choose from, so pick one for each roomthat matches your décor, and that your Chorkie will love, too.

Our buying guide reviews the best dog beds for Chorkies on the market so you can choose the right one for your dog.  The following features should be considered and will help you to choose which features you need on dog bed for your Chorkie.

Size and Shape

No matter what dog bed you choose, be sure it is not too big for your Chorkie.  Giving him a sense of security is important for him to feel comfortable, and a large bed will not do that.  Follow the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines and measure your pup, and then add several inches to your Chorkie’s favorite sleeping position to find the right size.  Usually, a bed designed for small dogs around 18 inches in length and width will work.  Sofa-style beds with firm bolsters or high sides may be hard for your Chorkie to rest his chin on, so choose soft, plush beds that he can sink into.  If your Chorkie loves to snuggle into a small space, try a donut shape, or a tent-style bed with a plush cushion.


Materials can vary from soft, plush Sherpa or shag, to microfiber, linen or polyester.  These materials are comfortable, easy to clean and durable for long-term wear and tear.  Materials that stay warm will be helpful for your little Chorkie, who may easily get cold.  Always ensure your bed is machine-washable and has secure seams and zippers.A non-slip bottom is also helpful for use on hardwood floors.

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