5 Best Dog Beds for English Setters (Reviews Updated 2024)

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The English setter needs about 10-12 hours of sleep daily to stay healthy. They are naturally very active and would require the right bed to help them sleep better. An ageing English setter will spend more time relaxing and would need a comfortable mattress. An orthopedic bed will also be handy to help your pet deal with bone and joint pains. Thus, you need the right bed for English setters for your pet.

Best Dog Bed for English Setters

Here is our dog bed for English setter reviews.

1. Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed

Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed, Medium 30 By 42 Inch, Birch, Latte

First on the list is the Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed. The bed is ideal for adult and ageing English setters as it offers excellent comfort. The bed is durable, lightweight and comes in different sizes in case you wish to fit it in your pet’s crate.

  • Removable and washable bed cover
  • Made with quality Water-resistant materials
  • Slip-resistant undercover
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2. K&H Deluxe Round Ortho Bolster

K&h Pet Products Deluxe Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed

If you are in the market for a soft, cushion-like bed for your English setter, then you should opt for the K&H Deluxe Round Ortho Bolster. Aside from being incredibly soft and comfortable, the bed offers orthopedic comfort for your bed. K&H Deluxe Round Ortho Bolster is Ideal for English setters with bone and joint issues.

  • Made from quality microsuede material
  • Removable and washable bed covers/liners
  • Several color and size options
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3. Brindle Memory Foam Mattress

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

Brindle Memory Foam Mattress is a top-quality dog bed that offers comfort and support for young and adult English setters.  The bed is sizable enough to fit into your pet’s crate and is ideal for dogs with hypoallergenic needs.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Made with quality materials
  • Removable and machine washable bed cover
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4. Big Barker Dog Bed

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed For Large And Extra Large Breed Dogs (headrest Edition)

Big Barker is another comfortable dog bed with a fantastic design. The bed offers excellent support to adult pet and is an excellent option if you have two or more growing English setters and you want to get them a single bed.

  • Made from a 7-inch quality orthopedic form
  • Removable and machine washable microfiber cover
  • Comes with a ten years guarantee
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5. Pendleton Pet Classics Kuddler

Pendleton Pet Classics Kuddler (m, Charcoal Ombre Plaid)

Pendleton Pet Classics Kuddler is a luxurious dog bed with a soft, cushion-like structure to keep your pet warm and comfortable. While it doesn’t have the orthopedic function like the beds above, it offers terrific support.

  • Removable and washable bed cover
  • Made from the quality foam material
  • Anti-slip back cover
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Dog Bed for English Setters Buyer’s Guide

There are several factors you need to consider when buying a bed for an English setter. The English setter is a relatively big dog breed with specific sleeping requirements. Check them out!


The comfort of your pet is the first and most important consideration you have to make when buying a bed. Thus, you have to check out for beds with good quality foams. These beds have soft, comfy foam layers to make sure your pet gets the ideal rest. Also, look for reputable dog bed makers so you can be sure of the quality and materials.

Ease of Maintenance

The perfect dog bed should have removable components so you can wash and dry them. While the English setter does not have a foul body odor, washing your pet’s bed regularly will reduce the chances of skin disorders. Thus, you have to opt for a bed that is machine washable. Go for a bed that is machine washable so you won’t have to deal with cleaning your pet’s bed.


You can opt for an orthopedic bed if you have an ageing English setter. An orthopedic bed will help ease bone and joint pains in older dogs. This function comes in handy and will help your pet stretch and relax better.


The dog bed is going to sit inside your home. Thus, you need to opt for a design that complements your space. They are several dog beds with unique designs. Go for a design that suits your space.

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