5 Best Dog Beds for French Bulldogs (Reviews Updated 2021)

Your French Bulldog will love to cuddle up with you and the family. They’re happy to snuggle up in a lap or next to you on the couch. But, Frenchies also love a place of their own. Your French Bulldog will appreciate his or her own bed. The right bed for your French Bulldog will have some essential elements.

Because French Bulldogs love to cuddle, look for a bed that wraps them in comfort. And, because they love to be by their owners, a bed that is easy to transport room for room so they can relax while still staying close to their family will also be essential! Last, make sure if you crate train your Frenchie, there’s a comfortable bed in there to help your pup feel secure. Wondering what are some beds that are totally French Bulldog approved? Here’s our tops.

Best Dog Beds for French Bulldogs

Here are our French Bulldog dog bed reviews.

1. K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed Deep Den

K9 Ballistics Round Dog Bed Deep Den, Bagel, Donut, And Deep Dish Style For Cuddler, Machine Washab

The deep dog bed surrounds your French Bulldog on all sides. Perfect for inside your Frenchie’s crate or next to your feet, the K9 Ballistics provides a secure environment for your pet. And, because it’s made of durable material, it’s appropriate even for French Bulldog puppies.

  • Bagel and donut shaped dog beds offer a sense of security and comfort for dogs who love to cuddle.
  • This bagel dog bed is machine washable.
  • The proprietary RipStop Ballistic Material resists destructive behaviors such as chewing, scratching, digging, and general roughhousing.
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2. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Petfusion Ultimate Dog Bed, Certipur Us Orthopedic Memory Foam, Size Color Options, Medium Firmness (1)

The PetFusion provides support for your French Bulldog puppy, but is equally as gentle and recommended for senior pets. The bolsters that surround the bed provide neck and orthopedic support. The non-skid bottom prevents the bed from moving and causing injury.

  • A solid, 4-inch memory foam base offers superior overall comfort and reduced joint pain.
  • The cover is water and tear resistant.
  • There is no mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and ozone depleters in this bed.
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3. Pet Craft Supply Co. Soho

Pet Craft Supply Co. Soho Round Machine Washable Memory Foam Comfortable Ultra Soft All Season Self

The Pet Craft Supply is a  round orthopedic bed and is fully padded and features an ultra-plush surface and memory foam to help support your French Bulldog’s neck and head. This bed fits perfectly into your pet’s crate and can also be easily stored. The PetCraft surrounds your Frenchie in luxury to help reduce anxiety.

  • The orthopedic memory foam chip cushion helps alleviate pressure points and forms to your French Bulldog’s body.
  • The bed is easy to clean, helping to keep homes odor, fur, and dander free.
  • Pet Craft is made from durable linen and soft plush.
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4. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

Mixjoy Orthopedic Dog Bed Comfortable Donut Cuddler Round Dog Bed Ultra Soft Washable Dog And Cat Cushion Bed (23'' 30'' 36'')

The MIXJOY spoils your Frenchie with luxury.  Made of faux shag fur, the round bed is ultra soft, warm and comfortable. And, because it’s available in multiple colors, there’s a MIXJOY to fit your pet’s personality or your decor.

  • The MIXJOY bed is lightweight and portable for travel.
  • The raised rim design provides head and neck support.
  • The MixJOY is washing machine and dryer safe.
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5. AmazonBasics Round Bolster Dog Bed with Flannel Top

Amazonbasics Round Bolster Dog Bed With Flannel Top

The lightweight pet bed works well in a bedroom, living room, office, or any other comfortable living space! The raised sides add comfort and security, so this bed is especially popular for any French Bulldogs that may suffer from anxiety. And, the raised sides create a pillow surface.

  • The AmazonBasics is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • The pet bed combines plush flannel with ample fill for cushy softness.
  • This bed is lightweight and portable enough for travel.
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French Bulldog Dog Bed Buying Guide

Don’t you love to be surrounded by total comfort? Well, so does your French Bulldog. Your Frenchie is probably very happy to sit on your lap, but he or she would also enjoy snuggling in a warm bed! In fact, a dog bed can provide security and a sense of comfort for your Frenchie. If you’re looking for a new dog bed for your Frenchie, there’s a few things you might want to consider.

High surround sides

Look for beds that offer bolsters or high sides that surround your French Bulldog in warmth. In addition, high sides or bolsters can offer orthopedic support for your Frenchie. In younger dogs, the warm sides will be a place of security and safety and warmth. In older French Bulldogs, the raised sides can provide a resting place for the head or even hips.


To keep your home and your French Bulldog smelling fresh, look for a bed that offers some sort of washing, whether the whole thing can be tossed in a washing machine, or it features a removable cover. Just as you replace the sheets to keep clean, it’s important to wash up your pet’s bed every once in a while.


French Bulldogs love to be near their families, so a bed that can be carried from family room to bedroom would be ideal. A portable bed can also go into a crate, sit at the feet of your stairs, or even come with you in the car or wherever you travel.

Natural, safe materials

Beds that have natural materials are ideal; after all, your French Bulldog will be breathing in the materials day in and day out. Look for beds that are free from mercury, lead, formaldehyde, phthalates, and ozone depleters

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