5 Best Dog Beds for Samoyeds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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Samoyeds are adorable bundles of pure joy and energy. If you have a Samoyed, then you know how their classic “Sammy smile” makes everyone’s heart melt. As any dog owner would, Samoyed owners are bound to go the extra mile for their pet’s comfort. This includes buying a dog bed that is perfectly suited to a Samoyed’s needs.

Best Dog Beds for Samoyeds

Here are our Samoyed dog bed reviews.

1. Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer Dog Bed

Pet Craft Supply Super Snoozer Calming Indoor Outdoor All Season Water Resistant Durable Dog Bed

A super comfortable bed to ensure that your pet Samoyed sleeps comfortably. This super durable bed is treated with UV light and is fade resistant. It is also water-resistant.

  • Extra padding for support
  • Made with chew resistant polyester
  • Machine washable
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2. JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed

Joyelf Small Orthopedic Dog Bed

Made with high-quality materials, this dog bed is perfect for your Samoyed. The bed is super comfortable and has a unique design to support your pet’s neck as well. This dog bed is quite easy to maintain, as well.

  • Excellent for dog breeds such as Samoyeds who are prone to joint issues
  • Contains solid memory foam base
  • Internal waterproof liner to protect the bed in cases of accidents
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3. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Barksbar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed Snuggly Sleeper With Solid Orthopedic Foam, Extra Comfy Cotton

BarksBar Gray Dog Bed is the perfect bed for Samoyed’s suffering from orthopedic issues. It is a highly durable bed made from high-quality materials. The bed is easy to clean and maintain with a machine washable cover as well.

  • Solid memory foam
  • Cotton padded rim cushion for extra comfort
  • Luxurious quilted design

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4. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Ergonomic Contour Lounger & Therapeutic Sofa Style Living Room Couch & Pet Be

An ergonomically designed dog bed which is perfectly suited for your pet Samoyed. Furhaven’s pet dog bed comes in a variety of excellent colors. The mattress has a faux fur coating, and soft suede bolsters for ultimate comfort.

  • Unique three bolster design for added head and neck support
  • Egg-crate foam base
  • Machine washable bed cover

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5. ANWA Dog Bed

Anwa Durable Dog Bed Machine Washable Medium Dog Bed Square, Comfortable Puppy Dog Bed Medium

An elegantly designed square dog that is excellent for Samoyeds. ANWA square dog bed is machine washable and super easy to clean. Its portable design makes it useable both indoors and outdoors as well.

  • No-Slip bottom
  • Bolstered sides for added support
  • Made from a soft and non-toxic fabric
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Samoyed Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

A Samoyed is a loyal and friendly family dog. This pup has a characteristic smile that is bound to melt your heart at any time. However, if you’re planning on keeping a Samoyed, the one thing you will need is a comfortable dog bed. Samoyeds aren’t exactly aggressive dogs, but they do require care and comfort. The best way you can provide your pup that is by investing in a good quality dog bed that meets its needs exactly. So before buying a dog bed for your precious Samoyed read through our helpful guide.


Of all the characteristics that are necessary for a Samoyed’s dog bed to have, there are a few that simply cannot be ignored. The most important one has got to be the level of comfort the bed provides. You have to ensure that the dog bed is able to adequately support the pup’s weight.

Samoyed’s often weigh around 50 to 60 pounds, so they can be classified as medium to large dogs. However, to ensure that the bed is of the right size, always look at its dimensions and the size of your dog. If the bed is too small for your dog, then there are chances that the Samoyed will simply reject it.

Durability is also of great importance when it comes to dog beds. If you are investing in a dog bed, it is necessary to get one that you know will last you for a while. Even if it costs a few extra bucks, it’s definitely better than getting a new dog bed again and again.

One often ignored feature is the design of the dog bed. There is an ongoing debate about whether bolstered or flatbeds are better for Samoyeds. In our opinion, a bolstered bed, or one that provides extra support would be better suited for your pet dog than a completely flatbed.

Dog Bed Cover

It is imperative that the dog bed cover is made of machine washable material. Ideally, it should also have water wicking properties. But in case it doesn’t, you could always use a waterproof foam liner to protect the mattress from accidents.


Samoyed’s are prone to orthopedic issues such as hip dysplasia. Therefore, getting an orthopedic foam is a good option. Such dog beds are often made from top of the line foams and include memory foams and egg crate foams as well.

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