5 Best Dog Beds for Whippets (Reviews Updated 2024)

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After a long day of agility, or play, your whippet will appreciate being able to settle down some place comfortable, just as you do after a long day. Whippets have extremely short hair and can get cold easily, so it’s important that they are able to keep warm while sleeping. Many dogs have multiple beds so you might find more than one to try out.

Best Dog Beds for Whippets

Here are our reviews for the best dog beds for whippets.

1. AmazonBasics Medium Pet Cave Bed

Amazonbasics Medium Pet Cave Bed

Cave beds are popular for breeds like whippets and we chose the AmazonBasics version as it is popular amongst pet owners and is a solid brand. Having the pocket will keep your dog warm and ease anxiety. The pocket cover is removable so if your pooch prefers to stretch out that’s fine and easy to provide.

  • Outer shell is removeable and machine washable
  • Suede-like microfiber and faux Sherpa fleece exterior and sleeping surface
  • Made for indoor use only
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2. Furhaven Chaise Lounge Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Chaise Lounge Pet Dog Bed

The Furhaven Chaise Lounge allows for your dog to spread out and sleep in multiple positions comfortably. The medical-grade orthopedic foam inside soothes pressure points, relieving pain and discomfort from your whippets’ joints. The end bolster provides a head rest as well as a cuddling nook for your whippet.

  • Removable outer shell is machine washable
  • 90 warranty on material defects
  • Made in U.S.A.
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3. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

This Furhaven bed is a traditional dog mattress, and the one that we prefer most. The sleeping surface is made of a curly faux-fur fabric and is soft on paws and noses, making it more comfortable. The memory foam mattress conforms to your dog, relieving pressure points, and providing them with a better, deeper sleep.

  • Removable outer shell is machine washable
  • Comes in 35 different color and pattern options
  • Made in U.S.A.
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4. BESSIE AND BARNIE Signature Dog Bed

Bessie And Barnie Signature Dog Bed

If your whippet likes to curl up to sleep, then this is a great bed for them. Your dog will be able to burrow in this bagel-shaped bed, enabling them to have a better sleep. Each bed is filled with eco-friendly poly filler.

  • Shell is machine washable
  • Waterproof liner
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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5. Whisker Doodle Self-Warming Dog Bed

Whisker Doodle Self Warming Dog Bed

Whisker Doodle’s Self Warming dog bed is perfect for whippets so that they can contain their body heat. The high sides and faux lamb fur material is made with the same technology as Mylar space blankets and will reflect the dogs’ heat back onto them while they snuggle. This lightweight, plush bed provides comfort for your dog, and will stay in place and not scuff your floors with its no-skid bottom.

  • Overstuff bolsters provide extra head support and comfort
  • Orthopedic mattress relieves pressure points
  • Machine washable
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Whippet Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

There are several different bed types for your dog, while we can’t cover them all, our buying guide reviews the best dog beds for your whippet.


There are a lot of options for materials when it comes to dog beds, it seems like every bed is different. One thing you want to ensure for your whippet is that the material is comfortable and warm, as they don’t have a heavy coat to protect their skin or keep them warm. Another factor you want to look for is that you can wash the material easy enough, as dog beds are bound to get dirty one way or another.


There are several different styles of beds for dogs, and we didn’t cover them all here, but we did show a variety of them. The style you choose will be based on preference for you and your dog, and it might be hard to tell what your dog will like best. We’ve shown beds for dogs who like to cuddle, and who like to spread out, so watch how your dog sleeps and choose one that best suits them.


Most of the dog beds we looked at here come in various sizes so you can choose which one is best for your dog, however most whippets fall somewhere between medium and large, depending on the manufacturer. Checking out the questions, or reviews, could also help to determine if that particular bed is made larger or smaller.

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