5 Best Dog Belly Bands (Reviews Updated March 2022)

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If your male dog suffers from incontinence, leaking while being over excited, is not yet house trained, or just likes to mark his territory indoors, then you may be looking for ways to prevent messes in the house. Let’s face it, we can’t be watching our pooch every second of the day. This is where dog belly bands come in. Due to the male dog’s anatomy, it is easy to prevent messes form occurring with the use of a specialty band that goes around his belly.

Best Dog Belly Bands

Here are our dog belly band reviews.

1. Pet Parents PremiumWashable Dog Belly Bands (3 pack)

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands (3pack) Of Male Dog Diapers, Dog Marking Male Dog Wraps

The Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Band is the highest ranking on Amazon for a reason. Not only is the story of how they came to be a tear-jerker, but they are built with high standards with both the dog and owners in mind. With five sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large, you’re bound to find a size that’s a good fit for your furry friend.

  • Soft and comfortable, with no crinkly material
  • Highly absorbent pad sewn into a waterproof outer layer
  • Machine Washable

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2. Teamoy Reusable Washable Puppy Bands

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers For Male Dogs, Washable Puppy Belly Band

Teamoy’s biggest selling feature is its large, square magic tape closure so that you can ensure a great fit for your pup, no matter his size. That coupled with the fact that these washable belly bands come in 7 sizes, there’s probably not a dog on this planet these wouldn’t fit. Two layers of microfiber inside of a waterproof outer layer make these belly bands super absorbent and your house dry and clean.

  • Breathable and soft design
  • Durable and made to last through many washings
  • Elastic edges around the legs help keep band from leaking
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3. Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Belly Band (stylish Pattern) Pack Of 3 Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap, D

Dog belly bands, but make it fashion, for those who want to let their, or their dog’s, personality shine through. Just because these wraps focus on adding a little pizazz to their wraps, don’t think that they skimped on function. These high absorption wraps come in five different sizes.

  • Flexible snap closure with 3 settings
  • 2 different patterned packages of 3 to choose from
  • Tested and durable
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4. All-Absorb Male Dog Wrap

All Absorb A26 Male Dog Wrap, 50 Count, Small

Not everyone is the market for washable dog belly bands, if you’re on a long road trip you probably just want something quick and easy that you can throw away. That’s where All-Absorb comes in. These are great for travel and even have a wetness indicator to let you know when it’s time to change. The stretchy fabric will move with your dog, so even if he lifts his leg, he will be comfortable and remain dry.

  • Fur safe repositionable fasteners
  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Breathable outer layer for comfort

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5. Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wrap

Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers Male Dog (3 Pack)

Paw Legend Washable Dog Belly Wraps give you the most choices to suit you and your pup. With 7 different sizes and several solid and patterned designs, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for. You won’t have to make a choice when it comes to washing these belly bands, just toss them in your washing machine.

  • Sustainable company
  • Hook and loop closure for ease of use
  • Quick wicking surface to keep pets dry
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Dog Belly Bands Buyer’s Guide

Our buying guide reviews the best dog belly bands on the market so you can choose the right one for you and your furry friend.   The following features are included on most dog belly bands and will help you to choose which features are suitable for you and your dog.


Just like diapers for a human baby, there are generally two types of belly bands for dogs: disposable and reusable. Disposable being, once it’s been used you just throw it away. The reusable ones you either hand wash or throw in the washer machine and use again. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so really it comes down to preference and what your circumstances are.


All dog belly bands come with at least two types of material, an absorbent inner layer and a waterproof outer layer. Many of the inner layers are comprised of microfiber as it is a highly absorbent material and will help to wick away any wetness at the top. Some belly bands will have a cotton, or mesh, layer between the microfiber and the waterproof outer layer. In addition, other materials used are generally elastic and whatever material the closure is made from, which we will look at below.


When it comes to dog belly bands there really isn’t just one option for closures. You have the choice of snaps, hook and loop, sticky tape-like closures and more. All of these have been tested and held up while still allowing the dog free movement. In the ones we looked at all are repositionable as well, even the snaps as they have three layers to allow for changing size.


Size options differ depending on brand, you can have anywhere from 4 to 7 sizes. Now we understand that your dog just needs one, but the important part is knowing which size. For those with extra small, or extra-large dogs, having the choice of more specialized sizes could come in handy. To find the right size for your dog, measure around your dog’s waist. If you’re in between sizes, go up to a larger size.

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