5 Best Dog Brushes for Affenpinschers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Affenpinschers are unique among small dogs in that they have both the energy and coat type of a terrier, bred to hunt vermin for the safety of their family, and a pinscher breed’s sociability among other animals. This coat of theirs is listed among some of the more hypoallergenic breeds because when it is allowed to grow long and coarse, it hardly sheds at all. Because of the various fur textures and lengths in an Affenpinschers coat, it’s important to shop carefully for the most appropriate dog brush to maintain healthy fur maintenance and development.

Here are the five best dog brushes for Affenpinschers:

Best Dog Brushes for Affenpinschers

Here are our Affenpinscher dog brush reviews.

1. Pet Neat Deshedding Small Dog Grooming Brush

Hea Gh Deshedding Brush Pet Grooming Brush For Dog 4 Inches Wide Stainless Steel Safety Blade Drama

As with other curly breeds, Affenpinschers shed infrequently, but when they do shed the dead fur and tangles may become trapped beneath the dense top layer of fur, and you need a strong brush to pierce through and remove matted clumps. Pet Neat’s Deshedding Pet Brush is made with this purpose in mind, with a strong handle that is easy to grip, and stainless steel blades that are 100 millimeters in length, sure to be extremely useful to remove stuck hair. As Affenpinschers are among the more naturally hypoallergenic dog breeds, deshedding brushes like this one can only improve their success in minimizing dog allergy symptoms.

  • Great for piercing through the dense, curly top layer of fur to reach the matted undercoat
  • It has 10-centimeter stainless steel blades for a grooming salon-level quality brushing experience
  • It costs about $14.97 per brush
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2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Small Dog Undercoat Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brus

Hertzko’s Self Cleaning Slicker Brush combines the design of most slicker brushes, with thin metal bristles which are used to brush out the undercoat and massage the skin, and the shape of a deshedding brush. With its easy-to-use handle, the Hertzko brush goes deep without hurting your Affenpinscher’s curly hair by ripping out curls and encourages the development of natural oils to produce a healthier coat. Also, it has the benefit of being a self-cleaning brush, able to remove matted hair from the bristles with a single click of the button.

  • This brush is self-cleaning, and hair can be easily removed from the bristles
  • It combines the massaging bristles of most slicker combs with the comfortable handle of a deshedder brush
  • It costs approximately $15.99 per brush
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3. DELOMO Pet Deshedding Glove

[upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove

Some dogs are uneasy around brushes of any kind and don’t tolerate being brushed with most combs that they can identify, especially small, high-strung terrier breeds like Affenpinschers. DELOMO Pet Grooming Glove is a great tool for dogs with such a personality since it is much easier to introduce a comb to your dog in a positive way when it doesn’t look much different from the regular petting they get daily. With soft rubber burrs, this gloves desheds and brushes out knots as it gives your dog a petting they can relax with.

  • One size fits all glove with an adjustable strap, combs as you pet your Affenpinscher pup
  • Because it appears to be different from regular brushes, dogs who are anxious while being groomed might have an easier time with it
  • Costs approximately $16.86 per glove
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4. SleekEZ Original Painless Deshedding Poplar Wood Grooming Tool for Dogs

Sleekez Original Deshedding Grooming Tool For Dogs, Cats & Horses

Another brush with a nonstandard look is the SleekEZ Deshedding Tool, made of a smooth wooden handle and a single row of stainless steel teeth. The wooden handle fits easier in the palm of your hand and trades an easy grip for a comfortable hold, which doesn’t yank hard on knots in your dog’s fur as you brush, but allows you more control as you brush to whatever depth or effect you feel is necessary. With its poplar wood shape and patented waved pattern, this brush specializes in brushing out shed fur with as little tugging and tangling as possible.

  • This brush’s wooden handle and minimalist stainless steel teeth make it easy for you to use and easy on your Affenpinscher
  • Patented wave pattern minimizes tugging and tangling while brushing, and it is made from high-quality materials
  • Costs approximately $19.48 per brush
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5. Burt’s Bees Double-Sided Bristle & Pin Brush for Puppies

Burt’s Bees Brush For Puppies

Burt’s Bees Double-Sided Brush is unique in its field because it comes in two sides, one for coarse hair and one for short hair, which is great for Affenpinschers who have hair of such varying length and texture, and because it is made of eco-friendly materials. The brush body is made from sustainably-sourced bamboo and recycled materials, and the brush bristles are made from hemp. With its responsible construction and durable materials, this brush is suitable for all dogs, but especially Affenpinschers, who need both pins and bristles to style and brush out their coat properly.

  • This brush is made from sustainable materials, including bamboo and hemp
  • It is durable and comes in two different brush types for all coat varieties
  • It costs about $13.99 per brush
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Affenpinscher Dog Brush Buyer’s Guide

Affenpinschers have a highly variable coat – depending on the length you prefer to have it trimmed to it might be soft or course, and it grows denser and longer around the ruff of your pup than anywhere else on its body. For this reason, shopping for brushes can be tricky, as you need a brush that can withstand the dense upper coat to de-shed the undercoat trapped underneath, and a design that is gentle enough to not tear through the curls when brushing through them, to maintain coat quality and health. With these purposes in mind, there’s a couple of specific Affenpinscher dog brush traits you’d like to search for when browsing through your options.


Because Affenpinschers are small and friendly, they don’t necessarily need the strongest brush to comb out their fur, and a brush that is too gripping may have the adverse effect of tearing out their dense curls instead of their matted undercoat. For this reason, it’s best to look for brushes with nonstandard designs, which give you more control over the strength and yield of your strokes. Rubber and wood brushes, or brushes with a self-cleaning function, are also much easier to clean after a grooming session than brushes with tightly-packed metal teeth.

Effectiveness for Affenpinscher Fur

Affenpinscher fur is dense and hypoallergenic, shaggy, and wiry without being full of dander as many other terriers are. For this reason, you’d like to search for a brush that is gentle and easy to maneuver, but isn’t necessarily a salon-level brush, as you don’t need to invest quite as much energy in making your pup hypoallergenic as you would with dog breeds which shed more often. Searching for a penetrating brush type that is accessible and not intimidating for your individual Affe is as important as getting a durable brush, which will last a long time.

Price Range

Most Affenpinscher dog brushes cost between $13.99 and $20.00, and their price does not always reflect the quality of the brush. Because almost all cost more than $10.00, you are unlikely to accidentally buy a brush of subpar quality, and all will likely be very long-lasting, though some brushes, like slicker brushes or self-cleaning brushes, tend to lose their functions over time. As far as prices go, brushes, which range lower than $15.00, may not be as long-lasting as their competitors in the higher price ranges. However, they will likely be just as handy for your Affenpinscher, and understanding whether you are looking for a brush that has a long lifespan, or an easily replaceable brush, is an important step in selecting a brush for purchase.

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