5 Best Dog Brushes for Afghan Hounds (Reviews Updated 2024)

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As a low shedding dog breed due to only having one coat, the Afghan Hound doesn’t shed as heavily as most dogs. An Afghan Hound will need several products in their grooming routine to maintain their sleek, beautiful coat. One of the most important of these products is the brush, so here are the top brushes available online for you to consider for your loyal companion.

Best Dog Brushes for Afghan Hounds

Here are our Afghan Hound dog brush reviews.

1. Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush

Afghan Hounds need their coats brushed frequently to keep it looking its best. This oval pin brush is the perfect tool for this process. Working similar to a salon brush, it untangles the top coat easily in under ten minutes.

  • 81/2 inch body length makes for easy handling
  • With high-quality steel pins and an ergonomic handle, brush your Hound in 10 minutes or less
  • Reduce excess shed and dander while maintaining a healthy coat
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2. Millers Forge Vista Pet Ball Pin Brush

Millers Forge Vista Pet Ball Pin Brush

This brush has a flexible rubber insert with rounded pins, making it a great choice for those super tangled spots. This brush extracts the trapped fur from shedding with minimal effort. The ergonomic handle shape reduces joint pain and keeps your grip secure.

  • Rounded metal pins protect your pet’s skin during brushing
  • A utility hole makes it easy to store
  • Its flexible rubber insert allows the brush pins to flex with the dog’s fur, ensuring a comfortable, pain-free grooming experience
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3. Kruuse Buster Pin Brush

Kruuse Buster Pin Brush

This Buster brush is made specifically with long-haired dogs in mind. An easy-to-clean and simple brush like this reduces skin inflammation and subsequent hair loss. Its lightweight design ensures a comfortable brushing experience for the owner and dog.

  • Made from high-quality plastic this brush is durable and simple to clean
  • Its pins are designed to help naturally and evenly distribute your Hound’s skin oils across the surface
  • The rubber handle ensures you maintain a steady grip
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4. Safari Wire Pin Dog Brush Bamboo

Safari Wire Pin Dog Brush Bamboo

Hand stripping is the preferred method of grooming an Afghan Hound, and this brush is designed specifically for that purpose. With rounded pins and even spacing, you can easily detangle is a great benefit to this brush. With longer strokes from head to tail, the brush helps distribute your Hound’s skin oils evenly across the body, adding shine to the entire coat.

  • Bamboo handle is eco-friendly
  • Stainless steel pins provide durability and comfort
  • This brush is designed for versatility and can be used on short-haired breeds as well
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5. Andis Premium Pin Brush

Andis Premium Pin Brush

Afghan Hounds may not often shed, but when they do, having the right brush to remove that excess hair reduces skin irritation and matting. This brush is designed with this larger breed in mind. Because it doesn’t require a lot of effort to use, it makes the grooming experience stress-free and fun for your Hound.

  • Large handle and body design for a secure grip and easy grooming
  • Plastic rounded pins gently massage the skin as they remove excess shed
  • Its lightweight and ergonomic design mean less time and effort brushing while getting salon-worthy results
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Afghan Hound Dog Brush Buyer’s Guide

The Afghan Hound is a larger dog breed and was originally bred for use in hunting large prey in the mountains and deserts of Afghanistan. This environment required the need for the thick coat of the Afghan Hound to keep it warm in the cold weather. If properly groomed, the Afghan coat is a beautiful sight to see. Similar to human hair, their fur is fine in texture as well as thick and silky. On their heads, they have a long and silky topknot. Their entire body is covered in hair, including the ears and feet. In mature Afghans, the hair on their back and saddle area is close, short, and smooth.

Grooming for Afghan Hounds

For Afghan Hounds, grooming is non-negotiable and cannot be neglected. Not only are their coats beautiful, but the fine hair moves and, because of this, tends to tangle easily. Along with frequent bathing, this breed requires daily combing and brushing to maintain their long coat appropriately. Many owners, especially newbies, choose to have a professional groomer take care of this difficult and time consuming task. Over time though, most owners begin to get comfortable with the routine and can maintain their Afghan Hound’s fur on their own.


Being a breed with hair that moves means lots of tangles! Needless to say, any brush that you use will need to have metal bristles, as those that do not have this will not be strong enough to brush through the coat of an Afghan Hound easily or withstand the constant use. While brushing the fur itself does not require much strength or force, if the fur is tangled, the tool must be strong enough to get through those pesky knots. It is recommended that in addition to the right brush, owners of this breed also use a wire slicker and a good steel comb to finish off the job. The best choice in tools will have bristles made of stainless steel and have bristles that are sharp enough to gently massage the skin underneath their coats without any harm.

Cleaning your grooming brushes

Because Afghan Hounds shed so infrequently, the tools needed for grooming will need to be cleaned frequently. For pin brushes, it is recommended to use a brush cleaning tool dipped in clean soapy water to clean the brush. When completed, rinse the cleaning tool and run it through the brush again to rinse off all of the remaining soap. Be sure to dry the brushes with a blow dryer for proper storage.

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